Roy Lee Quotes in October Sky (1999)


Roy Lee Quotes:

  • Homer: Man, we should be trying to get into that science fair instead of sitting around here like a bunch of hillbillies.

    Roy Lee: Well, I got some real sad news for you Homer. We *are* a bunch of hillbillies.

  • Roy Lee: I don't know why they'd drop a bomb on this place, be a heck of a waste of a bomb.

  • Roy Lee: I'll tell you what's unbelievable... captain of the football team being jealous of you.

  • Roy Lee: Are you sure we need this nozzle thing?

    Quentin: Are you kidding? The nozzle is the most important part - it directs the flow of the hot gases!

    Roy Lee: Hey, cool it, Quentin! Man, talkin' 'bout your 'hot gases'...

  • Homer: [gunshot in background] Hey Quentin!

    [another gunshot]

    Homer: That rocket had to have gone up at least 100 feet didn't it?

    Quentin: More like two hundred.

    [another gunshot]

    Homer: Goddammit.

    Homer: [another gunshot] Will you cut it out, Roy Lee?

    Roy Lee: Die you son of a bitch!

    [fires another round into the grill of his broken down car]

  • Homer: [Reading the newspaper aloud] "The silvery cylinder burst forth in a fiery column of smoke and flame, racing the very wind as it soared into the sky, a messenger of these Rocket Boys of Big Creek.


    Homer: These boys use their brains, not brawn, who play not football, but with Apollo's fire."

    O'Dell: [Chuckles]

    Dorothy Platt: [Walks up to Homer, elated] Hi Homer.

    Homer: [Quietly] Hi Dorothy.

    Dorothy Platt: Would you please sign my newspaper?

    Homer: Sure.

    Dorothy Platt: I just know you're going to be really famous someday.

    Homer: [Stares at Dorothy, mesmerized]

    Roy Lee: H - O - M - E - R

  • Homer: Why're the jocks the only ones who get to go to college?

    Roy Lee: They're also the only ones who get the girls.

  • Roy Lee: Let them have outer space. We got rock 'n' roll.

  • Roy Lee: That thing had better fly, or you can kiss your chances of losing your virginity goodbye.

  • Homer: [jumps into Roy Lee's car to go to football tryouts] Let's go, Roy Lee! It's almost nine.

    Roy Lee: You sure are in a hurry to get yourself killed, huh, kid?

    O'Dell: There are easier ways to commit suicide, Homer.

    Homer: Would you just step on it, Roy Lee?

    Roy Lee: [frustrated with his car] I *am* stepping on it.

  • Roy Lee: That's a good idea. Four unidentifiable high school students lost their lives early this morning when their toy rocket exploded.

  • [imitating, incorrectly, Quentin's favorite saying]

    Roy Lee: Prodigenous!

  • Roy Lee: [after a rocket launch] Holy shit, it's headed for the mine.

    [beat, then runs]

  • Roy Lee: What's an auk?

    O'Dell: It's a bird that don't fly.

    Roy Lee: You mean like a parakeet?

  • O'Dell: Besides, didn't your dad say no more rockets?

    Homer: No, he said no more rockets on company property.

    O'Dell: Do you realize how far we'd have to go to be off company property?

    Homer: Yeah, we'd have to go to Snakeroot.

    Quentin: Snakeroot? That's eight miles!

    Homer: It's not *that* far. I mean we could walk if we had to...

    O'Dell: Hey, walk! Heh! That's a great idea!

    Homer: Come on let's go!

    Roy Lee: Wait the hell up, will you Homer? Now I got about as much chance of winning that science fair as you do winning a football scholarship. I know I'm gonna be a miner. I've known my entire life. What the hell's so bad about mining coal anyway?

    Homer: Nothing Roy Lee. It's great. That's why your stepdaddy is the biggest drunk in West Virginia! I mean, come on guys! You know the mine'll kill you!

    [to Quentin]

    Homer: You ever hear the story about how O'Dell's dad died?

    Roy Lee: Homer... will you forget it, man?

    O'Dell: Shutup Homer.

    Homer: Piece of slate caught him right in the neck... and it cut his head clear off.

    O'Dell: [tackles Homer] You son of a bitch!

  • HomerRoy LeeO'Dell: [after lighting their first rocket] Ten, nine, eight...

    Roy Lee: Should we get behind something?

    [it blows up and they fly back]

  • Roy Lee: Roy Lee: H-O-M-E-R.

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