Roy Fleming Quotes in The Reluctant Astronaut (1967)


Roy Fleming Quotes:

  • Roy Fleming: Why is Pa always trying to run my life?

    Mrs. Fleming: Well, after all, he was a corporal in World War I, and you know how bossy they were.

    Roy Fleming: But, Ma, that war's been over for ages.

    Mrs. Fleming: Not to your father. He loves that war just as much today as he did then.

  • Roy Fleming: [seaching his suit jacket pocket for his airplane ticket] I can't find my ticket!

    Mrs. Fleming: You can't find your ticket?

    [fumbles in her purse]

    Mrs. Fleming: Oh, here it is, here's your ticket!

    Roy Fleming: I was kind of hoping it was lost.

    Mrs. Fleming: Maybe you can tell the pilot not to drive the plane too high?

  • Roy Fleming: [as Mr. Spaceman, operating the Rocket Ride] We are now passing over the Hawaiian Islands. Our flight plan will carry us to the recovery area 100 miles southeast of the Bahamas. We are starting our retro-rocket countdown: five, four, three, two, one, firing retro rockets!

    [presses button making rocket sound]

    Roy Fleming: We will be touching down in twenty minutes.

    Mary: [whispering] I have to go to the bathroom.

    Roy Fleming: We have just touched down!

  • Donelli: [hands Roy a broom] Here you are. Now in the mornings you sweep all locker area and boiler room. In the afternoons, you wet down and mop. Now the top of the lockers should be kept... clean at all times. They'll be inspected by me personally daily at 1700 hours. Now in the morning when you...

    Roy Fleming: Excuse me sir, uh, is this all sorta like, uh, part of the training program?

    Donelli: What training program?

    Roy Fleming: You know...

    [imitates rocket]

    Roy Fleming: ... space.

    Roy Fleming: THIS is your space: From there, to there, and I expect you to keep it clean Fleming! Now then...

    Roy Fleming: You mean, I-I-I'm a, I'm a janitor?

    Donelli: Heheheheheheheeheh! Why of course not! My boy, you are a WB-1074 *apprentice* janitor!

  • Donelli: Fleming, you've been here two weeks now, and I don't think your mind has been on your work for one second!

    Roy Fleming: Uh, um, well to tell you the truth, sir, my heart really isn't in this.

    Donelli: We are not interested in your heart, Fleming! We want your elbow grease!

  • Roy Fleming: [kisses Ellie at the airport in front of everyone] Just good friends, Ma.

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