Rothbart Quotes in Swan Lake (1981)


Rothbart Quotes:

  • Rothbart: Make Odette fall in love with me, I'll give you a whole planet to rule.

    Odille: We make Siegfried fall in love with someone else.

    Rothbart: But, suppose that idiotic prince won't fall in love with anyone except Odette. What do we do then?

    Odille: I'll show you, daddy.

    Rothbart: Huh? What are you... What are you doing?

    [Odille transforming into Odette]

  • Odille: [sees that Rothbart is sleeping] All he ever wants to do is sleep. It's time to wake up now, daddy. It's dark outside.

    [Rothbart's eyes open]

    Rothbart: Hmm? Huh?

    Odille: You're looking worse than usual, daddy... Is something wrong?

    Rothbart: Every single time, I turned someone into a statue. It really takes it out of me, you know. Especially, broad daylight.

    [groaning, he gets up]

    Odille: You certainly crazy about that boring Odette, Aren't you, daddy?

    [He gets out of the bed tree]

    Rothbart: Crazy? Why, let's start to work for it. She's the only thing in the world, we're feeling out of bed for.

  • Prince Siegfried: Rothbart, Fight like a man!

    Rothbart: Me? Prince Siegfried wants to fight me?

    Prince Siegfried: I'll fight to the death, if I had to!

    Rothbart: Oh, boy. Perhaps, you don't realize that standing in front of you is Rothbart the Magnificent!

  • Rothbart: So... This is what I get for loving a princess.

  • Rothbart: Why, that lousy pipsqueak! I'll turn him into a goose and I'll have him for dinner!

    [He runs out of the castle]

    Odille: Your blood pressure, daddy.

  • Rothbart: That must be chewing! Maybe, those rats again.

    Hans: Who's he calling a rat?

  • Rothbart: Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

  • Prince Derek: [after Odette has died] I made the vow for her. Do you hear? THE VOW I MADE WAS FOR HER!

    Rothbart: No need to shout!

  • Prince Derek: Don't let her die.

    Rothbart: Is that a threat?

    Prince Derek: Don't you dare let her die!

    Rothbart: Oh, it is a threat.

    Prince Derek: You're the only one with the power. Now, *do it*!

    [Rothbart throws him aside]

    Rothbart: Only if you defeat... me!

  • Rothbart: [as Derek on horseback sprints to reach a dying Odette] If you hurry, little prince, I'll let you see her one last time...

  • Odette: Every night you ask the same question. And every night I give you the same answer...

    Rothbart: DON'T!

    Odette: ...I'll die first.

    Rothbart: You know... you are really starting to bug me!

    Odette: I would think you'd be use to it by now.

  • Rothbart: Hello, little prince.

    Prince Derek: Who are you?

    Rothbart: Went and pledged your love to another, eh?

    Prince Derek: What are you talking about? This is Odette

    Rothbart: No, Odette is mine.

    Prince Derek: It's you! You have no power here. I made a vow, a vow of everlasting love.

    Rothbart: You made a vow all right. A vow of everlasting... death.

  • Rothbart: By the way, you wouldn't happen to know who this belongs to, would you?

    [Odette was shocked and Jean-Bob jumped and fell back]

    Rothbart: [as Derek] "Come to the ball. I will make a vow of everlasting love. " Thought you could fool Rothbart, did you?

    Odette: I will never be yours, you creature. I will marry prince Derek and you cannot stop me.

    Rothbart: I hate to tell you this, Odette but you won't be able to attend the big ball tomorrow night

    Odette: If you want to stop me, you'll have to kill me.

    Rothbart: No, I don't think so. You see, you've forgotten one very important thing. Tomorrow night there is no moon.

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