Ross Quotes in Angry Birds (2016)


Ross Quotes:

  • [from trailer]

    Leonard: Greetings! I am a pig.

    Chuck: [whispering to Red] What's a pig?

    [the escalator suddenly stops]

    Leonard: Unbelievable.

    Ross: Not working, not working.

    [He hits a button with his head which makes the escalator go in reverse]

    Leonard: Oh, where we're going.

    Ross: Not working.

    Leonard: We practiced this a hundred times.

    Ross: Oh, man.

    Leonard: Give it to me.

    Ross: [sighs]

    Leonard: [to the birds] We're gonna come in again.

  • Ross: Come on Leonard dance!

    Leonard: Leonard can't dance. He's hatching a new plan.

  • Leonard: Greetings from my world! The world of the pigs!

    Chuck: What's a pig?

    Leonard: I am a pig! Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

    Ross: Whoops.

    Leonard: Whoa! Where we're going? Wrong way!

    Ross: Oops. Not working.

    Leonard: We've practice this a hundred times. Give it to me. We're gonna come in again!

  • Ross: Shut down all power to the main hall.

    Technician: Sir?

    Ross: Show him the way out. We'll fight him outside.

  • [as the Hulk rages around San Francisco]

    Betty Ross: Dad, let me talk to him!

    Ross: I know he's come there to find you! I'm not gonna let him get you!

    Betty Ross: Just let me try, okay, Dad? He just needs a chance to calm down!

  • Ross: [about Dr. David Banner] He gets released, and a month later your lab is destroyed. What a coincidence. So you're just not going to tell me where he is, are you?

    Bruce Banner: How many times do I have to tell you? I'd like to help you, but I just don't know.

    Ross: You know who I am, right, Banner?

    Ross: You're Betty's father. You're a high-ranking general.

    Ross: Let's cut the crap. I'm the guy who had your father tossed away, and a lot more like him, and I'll do the same with you if I feel so disposed. You understand?

    Bruce Banner: If you had him tossed away, then why are you asking me? I don't remember! I was always told my father was dead.

    Ross: Don't play with me! You were four years old when you saw it.

    Bruce Banner: When I saw what?

    Ross: You were right there! How could anyone forget a thing like that?

    Bruce Banner: [whispers] What?

    Ross: Ohh, some more repressed memories.

    Bruce Banner: Just tell me.

    Ross: I'm sorry, son. You're an even more screwed up mess than I thought you'd be. Until we get to the bottom of this, your lab has been declared a top secret military site and you're not going to get a security clearance to get back into it. Or any other lab that's doing anything more interesting than trying to figure out the next generation of herbal hair gel.

    [He leans forward threateningly]

    Ross: And one more thing: If you ever come within a thousand yards of my daughter again, I'll put you away for the rest of your natural life.

  • Ross: [They have Bruce sedated at a secret army base] Suppose he gets out? Has one of his little mood swings in a populated area?

    Betty Ross: Yes. I'm aware of the potential danger. I'm also aware that he saved my life.

    Ross: Yeah, from a mutant French poodle. I'm indebted to him for that! He also put three men in a hospital, and Talbot's barely walking!

  • Ross: One more thing, if you ever... come within a thousand yards of my daughter again, I'll put you away for the rest of your natural life.

  • Father: All right... I'll go ! You just watch me go !

    Ross: Hit it.

  • Ross: Hit it again !

  • F-22 Pilot: I think I can come back around for a gun attack.

    Ross: Acquire a clear target. Fire at will.

  • Ross: Okay, you've got him now. Take him on a ride to the top of the world. Let's see what the thin air will do for him.

  • Ross: You are cleared to fire on target, Legend.

  • Ross: Gentlemen, release.

    F-22 Pilot: Gamma charge away.

  • Ross: Tango Flight, do you have eyes on the target ?

    Comanche Pilot: Tango One, I have him in the rocks.

    Ross: Salvo all. Turn it into a parking lot.

    Comanche Pilot: T-bolt, your parking lot is ready. We're bingo for fuel and ammo. R.T.B.

  • Ross: I'm requesting national authority command override; Angry Man is unsecure. I need everything we have at my command in order to stop his movement.

    National Security Advisor: You're expecting *civilian* casualties, General?

    Ross: Not if I can help it, Ma'am.

  • Ross: [after Crazy Lee is killed by Harrigan] Whoo-ee! This is better than a hog-killing!

  • Ross: [Coming into Aqua Verde after the massacre] Whoeee! If Jess is waitin' for the buzzards to lead him to old Sykes, he's got a long wait! Looks like we got 'em all!

    Coffer: T.C.! Look! It's the Gorchs, Engstrom, and look, here's Pike. You don't look like so much now, do you Mr. Pike?

    [Turns to Thornton]

    Coffer: It's them, Mr. Thornton. Shall we load 'em up?

    T.C.: Ain't we goin' to wait on Jess?

    Coffer: No, no, no! These boys'll start goin' ripe on us before too long!

  • Ross: Enjoy your time in Vancouver.

  • DIA Commando: There's too much collateral motion, please advise!

    Ross: Call in the local PD, we'll use them for cover!

  • Robert Gant: How much time do we have?

    Ross: Based on our tests, we have 28 hours left as of now.

    Robert Gant: And then my son dies? Do whatever it takes, Ross. Get me Michael.

    Ross: You know who we're up against. You know what she wants.

    Robert Gant: Well, I can't give it to her, can I?

  • Ross: Sir, with all due respect, taking out both Sever and Ecks is an unacceptable level of exposure.

    Robert Gant: Hmm, let's see. You lost my son. You just lost my wife. You think I've lost my mind too?

    Ross: I didn't set this situation in play. You did. I warned you of the risks.

    Robert Gant: Your job is to fix my messes! It should never have gotten this far. Now... let's get this over with.

  • Julio Martin: You're sweating.

    Ross: It's been raining.

  • Ross: [about Ecks/Sever battling] Do not let them cancel each other.

  • Ross: Spoof. Dope. Crank. Creep. Bomb. Spank. Shit. Bang. Zip. Tweak. Chard. Call it what you will. It's all methamphetamine. That's what I'm here for.

  • Ross: You know what the best thing is? I'm not hooked... I could stop at any time.

  • Ross: Do you shave your balls?

  • Ross: It looks like a perfectly healthy green dog.

  • Ross: You guys should *really* open a window in here.

  • Ross: [Talking about Cooper] He made the mousetrap himself. All we did was feed him a piece of cheese.

    Brown: About this piece of cheese, sir. What's going to happen to him?

    Ross: What?

    Brown: Wouldn't it bother you to send an innocent man to his grave?

    Ross: Are you serious? We're talking about my career.

    Brown: But I'm the one who picked him, sir.

    Ross: Don't tell me you're having a guilty conscience.

    Brown: It was his shoe. I could have picked a black man with a green raincoat. There was a Japanese guy with five cameras. I could have picked him. But I preferred the guy with the red shoe.

    Ross: Brown, you're not being paid to be a philosopher. Wait until you retire. Tell Virdon and Reese to clear off and take a well-earned rest. They must be tired.

    Brown: But what am I supposed to do with the Red Shoe?

    Ross: [as the helicopter takes off] Save him for your memoirs.

  • Ross: [Closing lines] And the Man With One Red Shoe. What's going to happen to him?

    Brown: He'll be just fine.

    Ross: And the girl?

    Brown: The deal was her testimony for her freedom. I think it was a fair exchange.

    Ross: Well, I don't think so.

    Brown: [as Brown get on the helicopter] Well, since you're no longer director of CIA, and I am, it doesn't matter what you think.

    [Ross gives him a angry look as the helicopter takes off]

  • Austin: I fucking... LOVE it.

    Ross: I don't know how I feel about it.

    Austin: That's because you think with your head too much, man. Use your cock and balls like the rest of us.

  • Ross: Do we get an IMDb credit for writing a fake movie?

  • Amber: I brought a surprise for Jenny.

    Katie: What?

    Amber: A whole bag of dildos!

    Ross: No one said the script was award-worthy.

  • Ross: What's on her resume?

    Justin: [checking] Yeah, I think she's a porn star.

    Chase Lockwood: I knew it.

    Ben: How can you tell?

    Justin: She was the lead in "Fuck My Butt" 3, 4 and 5.

  • Ross: She had a lot of air upstairs.

    Austin: Yeah, I don't even think she'll know what's goin' on.

    Justin: Exactly - and she seems like the type of girl who would let me throw a piece of bologna at her base ass.

    Chase Lockwood: My balona has a first name.

  • Ross: As the poets have mournfully sung/ death takes the innocent young/ the screamingly funny,/ the rolling in money,/ and those who are very well hung.

  • Ross: You didn't recognize the man who attacked you did you?

    Jack: Of course I fucking recognized him.

    Ross: You did?

    Jack: I know a cheat when I see one... the man was a cheat.

  • A Holy Father: And when we have our naked frailties hid / That suffer in exposure, let's meet / To question this most bloody piece of work, to know it further.

    Ross: Fears and scruples shake us.

    Macduff: In the great hand of God, I stand.

    Banquo: And I. So, all.

  • Ross: I'm just saying. You just might send the wrong signal you know. He might misinterpret things, your signs.

    Sofia: So what? I'm a flirt. I flirt. Big deal.

    Ross: Why?

    Sofia: Why not? It's fun, harmless.

  • Ross: Once it gets inside, that's when the killin' starts.

  • Ross: They're smarter now. That's how they get into our bunker.

  • Ross: He's a fucking toaster!

  • Harry Palmer: I think that Vulkan is connected with this man Broum.

    Ross: Brilliant, Palmer. Vulkan *is* this man Paul Louis Broum.

  • Harry Palmer: Do you mean that Her Majesty's government employs ex-Nazis, sir?

    Ross: [referring to Palmer himself] And thieves, Palmer.

  • Ross: Well, you've bungled the rest of it. Get rid of him.

    Harry Palmer: Pardon?

    Ross: *Kill* him.

    Harry Palmer: I'm not killing anybody in cold blood.

    Ross: Then provoke him, if that's going to satisfy your scruples.

  • Ross: Before you worked for this studio, even Corman wouldn't hire you!

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