Rose Hathaway Quotes in Vampire Academy (2014)


Rose Hathaway Quotes:

  • Novice Punk Nick: Dimitri is a god. I hear he tracked them down to Oregon, and when Rose tried to put up a fight, he handed her ass.

    Mason: And what was left of that ass got chewed up by headmistress Kirova...

    Rose Hathaway: [Arriving to the conversation and interrupting Mason] Ooh, surely you have something more interesting to discuss than my ass.

    Mason: Your boobies?

  • [from trailer]

    Kirova: Rose Hathaway is wild, dangerous...

    Dimitri Belikov: Insubordinate.

    Rose Hathaway: [waves hands in front of her] Right here, folks. Right here.

  • Rose Hathaway: [Tries to tackle Dimitri but fails] What did I do wrong? I had you.

    Dimitri Belikov: The battle cry was your first mistake.

    Rose Hathaway: I like your laugh. Singular, not plural. It's the first time I've heard it.

  • Guardian Gabriela: Have you cleared this with Kirova?

    Dimitri Belikov: Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

    Rose Hathaway: Yeah, and I put a sedative in her ass.

  • Rose Hathaway: It's funny. Your reasons for not loving me just... make me love you more.

  • Rose Hathaway: [Wakes up and finds herself handcuffed inside a car]

    [to Dimitri]

    Rose Hathaway: Handcuffs? There's gotta be a compliment there somewhere.

  • Rose Hathaway: My seventeen-year-old silliness, that was the past.

    Dimitri Belikov: That was an hour ago. Are you trying to tell me you're suddenly mature and responsible?

    Rose Hathaway: I'm trying to tell you that I want to be. I have to be. Teach me something more than doing laps. I know enough about running away. The next time we meet, teach me how to fight.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: [after punching Mia in the face] Everyone saw that I tried to take the high road. Sort of.

  • Rose Hathaway: I lied, Lissa doesn't think that you're a creepy stalker, she actually likes you.

    Christian Ozera: Then why did you-?

    Rose Hathaway: Because I think that you're a creepy stalker and I actually don't like you.

  • Lissa Dragomir: That's your dress. That's the dress you were born to wear.

    Rose Hathaway: Lissa, we have more important things to do than sh-

    [looks at the dress]

    Rose Hathaway: That is my dress.

    Lissa Dragomir: And that is your necklace.

    Rose Hathaway: That is my necklace.

    Lissa Dragomir: [Sees the price] Oh, that's not your necklace.

    Rose Hathaway: So not my necklace.

  • Rose Hathaway: Comrade Belikov, they ran me ragged. What do you say we go easy today? Perhaps discuss a bit of theory?

    Dimitri Belikov: Of course, Rose. I understand.

    [flips Rose onto the mat]

    Rose Hathaway: How do you say "what a dick" in Russian?

  • Rose Hathaway: Is that Jesse? The hot get hotter.

    Natalie: Yeah, Jesse's still the academy's number one wet dream boat.

    Lissa Dragomir: [scoffs] He has a terrible personality.

    Rose Hathaway: Jesse has a personality? I didn't know. Don't judge a book by its content.

    Lissa Dragomir: You know this is a church, right?

  • Rose Hathaway: I want to see the day six footage. I've had a rough night. Don't make me crawl through a ventilator shaft and lower myself down into the security center on a wire.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: How's that 'under the radar' plan working out, Highness?

    Lissa Dragomir: Not so much.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: I don't know what's going to happen tonight. At this point, I can't remember who loves us and who hates us. Let's make tonight our bitch.

  • Rose Hathaway: God, the female - especially one who lives off of blood and magic - is going to have her mood swings. It is never the girl's fault, even when it is the girl's fault. No one ever explained that to you?

    Christian Ozera: You know, if you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang out with.

    Rose Hathaway: Same to you creep.

  • Jesse: We're sorry.

    Ray: We didn't do anything with you that we said we did.

    Rose Hathaway: You're telling me something that never happened actually never happened? Thanks.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: I don't know about you, but my school can get a little insane. Most of us stay up all night. And all of us think that we'll live forever... if we survive graduation, that is.

  • Rose Hathaway: Damn, back to vampire academy.

    Lissa Dragomir: Please don't say vampire academy, you know how I feel about the "V" word.

    Rose Hathaway: Sorry, It's not like the drinking of blood is your main source of sustenance. Oh wait, that's exactly what it is.

  • Rose Hathaway: [flips Dimitri onto ground] "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?"

  • Rose Hathaway: Why can't you be like a normal teenage girl and dream about hot naked guys on unicorns?

    Lissa Dragomir: Does it have to be unicorns?

    Rose Hathaway: Of course not. It could be jet skis, mechanical bulls, or... Why do you have a scary poster of an American ex-president?

    Lissa Dragomir: Well, you told me I needed to blend more into Oregano society.

    Rose Hathaway: We're in Oregon. You know you're completely hopeless as a human being, right?

    Lissa Dragomir: I'm still adjusting.

  • Victor Dashkov: Don't take this the wrong way Rose, but I probably should have killed you.

    Rose Hathaway: There's a compliment in there, somewhere.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: Are you nuts? What are you thinking? Trust me, you do not want to get a nose job in Montana!

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: You should know by now, with us, weird doesn't begin to cover it.

  • Rose Hathaway: Around fourth period, we Dhampir go off and learn fun new ways to maim and kill, while for the Moroi, it's magic time.

  • [from trailer]

    Lissa Dragomir: Um... thanks!

    Rose Hathaway: What are friends for?

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: I should probably point out that my bet friend, Lissa Dragomir, is a royal member of an ancient race. And, yeah, like most creatures with fangs, they live off blood. My name is Rose Hathaway and I've been sworn to protect the royal blood line with my life.

  • [from trailer]

    Rose Hathaway: When was the last time you ate?

    Lissa Dragomir: Are you sure about this?

    Rose Hathaway: Bon appetit.

  • [first lines]

    Lissa Dragomir: [about a song on the radio] Oh, Father, turn it up.

    Rose Hathaway: Please, Mr. Dragomir, I love this song.

    Andre: This song is sick... the traditional "vomit" definition of the word.

    Lissa Dragomir: Shut up, Andre. Me and Rose want to hear it.

    Lissa's Mom: "Rose and I," Lissa, "Rose and I."

    Lissa's Dad: I think the tune is rather catchy.

    [reaches for the radio just as an oncoming car crosses the center line]

  • Dimitri Belikov: My father was a Moroi. He liked to hit my mother. When I was old enough, I liked to hit him. He stopped visiting.

    Rose Hathaway: How old is old enough?

    Dimitri Belikov: Ten.

  • Rose Hathaway: I hate mysteries. Honestly, I would prefer a good Strigoi attack at this point. At least we know what those homicidal bloodsuckers want.

  • Dimitri Belikov: Enough. Your training of late has been quite... fine.

    Rose Hathaway: Fine? That's it?

    Dimitri Belikov: What do you want me to say? That you are a remarkable quick study? That you bring originality to classic moves?

    Rose Hathaway: Yeah. I want you to say all of those things.

    Dimitri Belikov: Good night, Rose.

  • Rose Hathaway: Do you really thinking beating me up is going to help me face a live Strigoi?

    Dimitri Belikov: After your performance last night, if you see a Strigoi I recommend running.

  • Lissa Dragomir: Mr. Meisner, you're being used as a tool to broadcast Mia's vile propaganda.

    Mr. Meisner: Are you calling me a tool?

    Rose Hathaway: If she's not, I will.

  • Natalie: Don't be absurd.

    Rose Hathaway: Said the girl licking the wall.

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