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  • Rosalie: Hey, you got the elevator fixed, Frankie.

    Frank: Hey, not for you, Rosie. There's still a one-ton load limit.

  • [Avram creeps up to the home of Mr. Bender, where Avram's intended fiancee lives, to leave the Torah at the door and sneak away. The younger daughter, Rosalie, unexpectedly opens the door]

    Avram: Oy!

    [She exclaims in surprise as he tumbles to her feet, then scrambles to stand up]

    Avram: Howdy!

    Rosalie: Hello. Uh, howdy.

    Avram: [stunned by her beauty, he repeats himself] Howdy. How do? Uh, hello there.

    Rosalie: Do you want something?

    Avram: Uh, well, um, do I want - No! Well. Goldang it, ma'am, my name is Tommy Lillard, and I come from the Texas. Uh, I come from Texas! And, um, excusing me if I gave you a little startle there. I was a little startled there for a second.

    [Rosalie finds his clumsy attempts to hide his Yiddish accent rather endearing, so she plays along]

  • [Avram pretends that he is a random cowboy, delivering the Torah to the Bender family as a favor to his friend the rabbi. Rosalie Bender thinks he's cute]

    Rosalie: What do you want?

    Avram: Um, well, I came to bring this thing here

    [he pats the Torah]

    Avram: for, eh, for Mr. Bender, iffen I got the right house, an' all.

    Rosalie: You do. I'm his daughter.

    Avram: Yeah, I know that.

    [He remembers that he is not supposed to have seen her photograph before, much less carried it from Poland]

    Avram: Oh! Oh, you're the daughter! You're the Bender daughter. Oh.

    [He nods politely; he also looks her up and down surreptitiously]

    Avram: Howdy!

    Rosalie: [starting to be charmed by this awkward stranger] Would you care to come in?

    Avram: Well, I would like to, but I, ah - thanks, no, because I got a friend waitin' at the saloon and, uh, my other friend, the rabbi, asked me to bring this here to you. I mean, bring this to your father.

    Rosalie: What is it?

    Avram: This thing? I, I don't know. I think it's some kind of Torah.

    Rosalie: A Torah!

    Avram: Yeah, I think that's what he called it.

    Rosalie: [smiling] So where is he?

    Avram: Who?

    Rosalie: The rabbi!

    Avram: Where is the rabbi? Oh - where is the rabbi? The rabbi. Well, I don't rightly know, ma'am. Um, the last time I seen him, I was bustin' my britches in the cat-house. And, um, my friend the rabbi asked me, iffen I should ever come Frisco way, would I drop by this house and do him this favor.

    Rosalie: Oh.

    Avram: Anyway, it was nice to, um, make your acquaintance, ma'am, and, um, I'd, uh...

    Rosalie: Is something wrong?

    Avram: No, no, no. No. It's just I didn't know that your eyes would be so brown.

    Rosalie: [She laughs in astonishment] How would you know that?

    Avram: How would I know that? Ha ha ha! How would I know that, that's right! How would I know that? I couldn't know that. Well, I'd, uh, I'd better get going. I hate to keep my sidewinder waitin'. So, I'll just give you that to give to, uh, to give to your father, and I'll say goodbye.

    Rosalie: Just wait, wait. Papa!

    Avram: No, no, no, don't call the papa! I'd, uh, I'd really better get my ass outta here. So, thanks, and adios for everything!

  • John: Come on Rosalie, you know that I love you.

    Rosalie: If you love me so much, how come you beat the hell out of me?

    John: Rosalie, I'm gonna tell you the truth for once, okay? You need a good beating every once in a while. All women do. And you especially. Okay?

  • [at the football game]

    Brenda: Why are cheering so loud?

    Rosalie: We're in America. We have to act like the Americans do. Besides, I like it. Come on, NAVY!

  • Rosalie: I love Dick. That's why I'm crying.

  • Cushie: Funny the way the men have changed. They used to talk about what they'd do when the war was over and things like that.

    Rosalie: Yeah, now all they talk about is women.

    Babs: Yes, women. It seems to be the only thing the men are interested in. Why even the youngsters are so afraid they'll die before they've ever lived.

    Joy: Well, it makes me awfully nervous the way they always want to look at you and touch you. Why, even the doctors are getting so...

    Cushie: Well, even the doctors are human, I suppose.

  • Babs: Well, this is an idea. I think I'd make a swell nurse.

    Rosalie: Behave...

    Babs: Just think of the thrill. Holding hands all night with good-looking sick officers.

    Rosalie: And can you imagine moonlights nights at no-man's land. Oh, boy.

    Babs: Yeah, with a general on each arm.

    Rosalie: You know, with that it would have it on Paris. They've commandeered our cars and left nothing but 80-year old men on the boulevards.

    Babs: You, said it! With five million men up there, that's our place, darling.

    Rosalie: Hooray.

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