Roosevelt Quotes in RoboCop (1987)


Roosevelt Quotes:

  • Bob Morton: How does he eat?

    Roosevelt: His digestive system is extremely simple. This processor dispenses a rudimentary paste that sustains his organic systems.

    Johnson: [Roosevelt dispenses the paste into a cup and hands it to Johnson] Tastes like baby food.

    Bob Morton: Knock yourself out.

  • Tyler: [while creating RoboCop] We were able to save the left arm.

    Bob Morton: What? I thought we agreed on total body prosthesis. Now, lose the arm, okay?

    Tyler: Jesus, Morton!

    [snaps his finger at RoboCop]

    Bob Morton: Can he understand what I'm saying?

    Roosevelt: Doesn't matter. We're gonna blank his memory anyway.

    Bob Morton: Well, I think we should lose the arm. Wha-what do you think, Johnson?

    Johnson: Well, he signed a release form when he joined the force. He's legally dead. We can do pretty much what we want to him.

    Bob Morton: Lose the arm.

    Tyler: Shut him down. Prep him for surgery.

    [looks down at RoboCop while his monitor vision shuts off]

  • Roosevelt: The entire outer skin will be like this.

    Tyler: It's titanium, laminated with kevlar.

    Roosevelt: Go ahead. Shake his hand.

    [the robotic arm extends to shake Morton's hand]

    Bob Morton: Come here often? How you doin'?

    Bob Morton: [cringes as the robot hand grips his hand hard] Ow! God! He's got a helluva grip!

    Tyler: It's 400 foot-pounds. He could crush every bone in your hand.

    Roosevelt: All right, attach it to his shoulder.

    Bob Morton: [as the robotic arm wheels out] I like that.

    Bob Morton: [Looks right into RoboCop's point of view] You are gonna be a bad motherfucker!

  • Scout Master Ward: Roosevelt, how's that lanyard coming?

    Roosevelt: Horrible.

  • Wren: Maybe you could do an explaining rap too.

    April: Wren...

    Wren: I'm E.O. Wilson and I'm a scientist, I study ants and stuff if you get the gist, I'm about as cool as a guy can get...

    Roosevelt: Think Jason Bourne with a butterfly net.

    Wren: Prang mantis, Prang mantis, the turtle, the turtle.

    April: Don't do that.

    Wren: What? Wha-what?.

    Wren: [farts April faces]

  • La Greasy Delight: What are you guys building?

    Roosevelt: Oh were building a skyyyscraper. Wanna watch it rise?

  • La Greasy Delight: May I have your order, please?

    Roosevelt: Go ahead, Dad!

    Donald: Er, let down your hair, unbutton your blouse, hike up your skirt, stick out your tongue, and a coke! And a coke!

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