Rool Quotes in Willow (1988)


Rool Quotes:

  • Rool: We'll never catch up with those horses!

    Franjean: Then we will have to track them.

    Rool: That would take forever. Besides, even if we find them, they'd only capture us, stick us in cages, torture us and finally devour us!

    Franjean: Are you suggesting we go home?

    Rool: Nah, this is more fun.

    Franjean: All right, fine then. Come on!

  • Franjean: Fine, good! Then we go that way, to the lake!

    Rool: [tapping Franjean's shoulder] *That* way.

    Franjean: You are drunk! And when you are drunk, you forget that I am in charge!

    Rool: [in unison] You are in charge. Fine, then which way do we go?

    FranjeanRool: THAT WAY!

    Madmartigan: Oh, NO! That's the way I'm going! All right, all right, you can follow me as far as the lake. But that's it!


    Madmartigan: You're not going south, are you?

  • Franjean: Oh no, where did everybody go?

    Rool: Maybe it was something we said.

  • [Upon meeting Fin Raziel, who had been transformed into a muskrat]

    Rool: That's Raziel?

    Franjean: I don't know, I expected something more grand, less...

    Rool: Fuzzy.

    Franjean: Fuzzy.

  • Madmartigan: Well, looks like I got you here.

    Franjean: You? What did you do?

    Rool: All you did was hang around and eat our eggs.

  • Willow: I found a boat. We're all set.

    Madmartigan: Good. Take these two lizards out and drown them.

    Rool: Lizards? Who you calling lizards? Grrr! Grrr! Your mother was a lizard!

  • Rool: [drunk] Excuse me, are we having a party?

  • Rool: [Seeing an attractive woman at the bar] Oooh! Look at her! I could use a love potion on her!

  • [During an intense chase, Rool feels the need to vomit]

    Rool: NO... MORE... BEER!

  • Franjean: Now, this way.

    Rool: Nooo, no, I don't think so.

    Franjean: All right, then, this way.

    Rool: Nooo, no.


    Rool: THIS way.

    Franjean: THIS way?

    Rool: That's what I SAID!

    Franjean: [to Willow] This way.

  • Rool: [to the tavern cat] You are so beautiful! Your eyes! Your whiskers! I have to kiss you!

  • Rool: Rats! Big rats!

    Franjean: What? What? Oh, Rool, you and that stupid rat dream.

  • Rool: Let me see!

    Franjean: Let *me* see!

    Rool: You always see!

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