Roo Quotes in Winnie the Pooh (2011)


Roo Quotes:

  • Roo: Tell us more about what Backsons do.

    Tigger: Yes, more about what Backsons do.

    Owl: More about what Backsons do? Why don't we hear some thoughts from you?

    Tigger: Maybe they make you sleep too late.

    Owl: Yes, yes! That's good, that's great!

    Eeyore: I bet they're the reason my tail is gone.

    Owl: You're on a roll. Go on, go on!

    Rabbit: They muddy up your tidy house.

    Piglet: Tney make you feel as small as a mouse.

    Roo: They break your crayons.

    Rabbit: They spill your tea!

    Kanga: They wake up babies at one and three.

    Eeyore: They made me catch the cold I caught.

    Pooh: They made me lose my train of thought.

    Tigger: They swipe your stripes.

    Piglet: They clog your pipes.

    Rabbit: They dig up your garden.

    Eeyore: They won't beg your pardon.

    Pooh: They eat your snacks.

    Piglet: They won't relax!

    Rabbit: They chip your tooth!

    Kanga: They steal your youth!

    Owl: And now you know the horrible truth!

    OwlTiggerPoohEeyoreKangaRooPiglet: The Backson! The Backson! The Backson! The Backson! Oh, nooooo!

  • Rabbit: [believing they've caught The Backson] Now that we have him. Owl, you can go and get Christopher Robin back.

    Owl: No, no I'm far to important to put myself in that predicament. Kanga, off you go.

    Kanga: Oh,no, no, no, no, no.

    Kanga: [holds up Roo] I'm with child.

    Roo: Send the pig!

  • Roo: I know. Christopher Robin has a jump rope.

    Rabbit: Wait a minute. My gracious, that's it! Piglet, go to Christopher Robin's house.

    Pooh: Oh, I see. Yes, Piglet, go and bring some honey.

    Rabbit: Yes, bring some honey... Doh! The jump rope, Piglet, the jump rope!

    Pooh: With a little honey on the side.

    Piglet: You mean all by myself? Through there?

    Owl: [Flies out of the pit to Piglet] Yes, Piglet. Through a dark wood fraught with peril, on a mission of life or death. It is a task of great complexity, but I have full confidence that you shall return victorious and rescue us from the abyss. Go forth, Piglet, and we shall await your return, for weeks if necessary.

    [Flies back down, as everyone looks astonished]

    Rabbit: Owl!

    Owl: What?

    Rabbit: I can't believe... how wonderful that speech was!

    Pooh: I can't, either.

    Eeyore: Moved me to tears.

  • Roo: [about Piglet] Do you think he's gonna be alright?

  • Winnie the Pooh: Good morning, Christopher Robin.

    Christopher Robin: Oh, good morning, Winnie the Pooh.

    OwlKangaRoo: Good morning, Pooh bear.

    Eeyore: If it is a good morning, which I doubt.

  • Kanga: Pooh, Roo has a little surprise for you.

    Roo: Flowers.

    Winnie the Pooh: Honeysuckle!

    [Pooh tries to eat flowers]

    Kanga: No, Pooh, you don't eat them. You smell them.

    Winnie the Pooh: Oh.

  • Roo: [swinging on Tigger's tail] Don't swing on a swing. / It's much too frail. / The best kind of swing / Is a Tigger's tail. Whee!

  • Roo: I bet you can climb trees, huh, Tigger?

    Tigger: Climb trees? Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Why, that's what tiggers do best! Only tiggers don't climb trees, they *bounce* 'em! Come on, let's go! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

  • Roo: [swings off Tigger's tail to another branch] What's the matter, Tigger?

    Tigger: Phew-ah, thank goodness, I was just getting seasick from...


    Tigger: seeing too much.

  • Tigger: [asking about doing the whoop de dooper loop de looper alley ooper bounce]

    Roo: You're a little on the smallish side of tiny and kinda lacking in perpendicular.

  • Roo: What is this doo-hickey?

    Tigger: Why, that's no doo-hickey. It's a thing-a-ma-bob.

  • Owl: [Reciting the letter] Dear Tigger, just a note to say:...

    Kanga: ...dress warmly...

    Winnie The Pooh: well...

    Piglet: ...stay safe and sound...

    Eeyore: ...keep smiling...

    Roo: We're always there for you.

    Owl: Signed

    Everyone: Your family.

  • Roo: [everybody's talking at once about the nightmare] I was asleep...

    Rabbit: [silencing everybody] One at a time!

    [immediate silence]

    Rabbit: Thank you. Now what is going...?

    Tigger: [interrupting] Oh, oh, me! Pick me! Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me!

    Rabbit: Er, Tigger?

    Tigger: There I was, sleeping, dreaming Tiggerish dreams.

  • Roo: 'Scuse me. What's a heffalump?

    RabbitTigger: What's a heffalump?

    Rabbit: Hem hem.


    Rabbit: Everyone knows what a heffalump's like.

    Tigger: It's gotta fiery eyes and a tail on its spike.

  • Roo: Are you sure you're a heffalump?

    Lumpy: My mummy says I am.

    Roo: Well, if you are a heffalump, then in the name of the Hundred Acre Wood, I capture you!

    Lumpy: Okay!

  • Lumpy: I think I'd better go home now.

    Roo: Why?

    Lumpy: 'Cause I'm not supposed to go in that part of the woods. Scary things live there.

    Roo: Huh? That's where I live. There aren't any scary things there.

    Lumpy: Are too. There's a stripy thing that bounces and it goes hoo hoo hoo hoo!

    Roo: Whoa! No, no, that's Tigger. You're wrong about him. He's great.

    Lumpy: And there's this little pig monster that squeals and shrieks all the time. And it will get you if you don't watch out.

    Roo: Oh no.


    Roo: You're wrong about Piglet too. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

    Lumpy: And then there's that loud thing. He's got long ears. And he yells at everybody.

    Roo: Yeah, you're kind of right about Rabbit. But he's okay, once you get to know him.

  • Roo: Lumpster?

    Lumpy: Yeah?

    Roo: You're not captured anymore.

    Lumpy: Yay!

  • Roo: H-hey everybody, look what I found!

    [Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet and Eeyore come over to look at Roo's discovery, a large a hole in the grass]

    Tigger: [pointing] It's a swimming pool.

    Eeyore: The sky has finally fallen. Always knew it would.

  • Roo: I've gotta catch a heffalump.

    Lumpy: Oh, really?

    [pounces Roo]

    Lumpy: You can catch me. I'm a heffalump.

    Roo: A heffalump.

    Lumpy: [hopping up and down, singsong] Heffalump. Heffalump. That's what I am all right. A heffalump.

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