Ronnie Jackson Quotes in My Favorite Brunette (1947)


Ronnie Jackson Quotes:

  • Ronnie Jackson: You see, I wanted to be a detective too. It only took brains, courage, and a gun... and I had the gun.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Say, I can be a lot of help to you, Sam. Look, here's my latest invention, right here - a camera with a keyhole lens. Takes pictures right through doors. I've been kicked out of five hotels already. How about it, Sam? Can I go to work for you? Just give me a simple "yes" or "no."

    Sam McCloud: No.

    Ronnie Jackson: Aw, but that's TOO simple!

  • Ronnie Jackson: Beautiful day, isn't it? Well, maybe it isn't so beautiful. It is day, though.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Easy, cuddles! One move and you're a dead midget!

  • Carlotta Montay: Are you a man who's afraid of danger?

    Ronnie Jackson: No, you can get as close as you like.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Uh oh, her schizo's about to phrenia!

  • Carlotta Montay: I'm at my wit's end!

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, I passed there an hour ago.

  • Dr. Lundau: For the past six months, Miss Montay has been suffering from an acute form of schizophrenia, accompanied by visual aberrations and increasingly severe paranoiac delusions.

    Ronnie Jackson: Mm-HMM! And how is she mentally?

  • Carlotta Montay: You said you'd stick with me till your dying breath.

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, and I'm getting too close to it.

  • Ronnie Jackson: I figure the only way to get the inside dope is from the outside... dope!

  • Ronnie Jackson: Nutty as a fruitcake, and with all that beautiful frosting.

  • Ronnie Jackson: You can open the mailman later.

  • Carlotta Montay: He said he was safe.

    Ronnie Jackson: Oh, he's safe all right... I mean, he's safe all right.

    Carlotta Montay: But he's NOT safe! I KNOW he isn't!

    Ronnie Jackson: No, no... He's in a terrible spot.

    Carlotta Montay: But I feel he's in great danger.

    Ronnie Jackson: Yes, yes, he's in great danger... yeah, but he's safe alright. He's safe. I sound like an umpire.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Everything you touch turns to rigormortis.

  • Sam McCloud: I told you before, stick to watching the birdie and you'll die of old age.

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, but I was cut out for this kind of life. All my life I wanted to be a hardboiled detective like Humphrey Bogart or Dick Powell or even Alan Ladd.

  • Ronnie Jackson: You come one step closer and I'll... I'll break this record into a thousand pieces! Oh... wait a minute. Who's side am I on?

  • State Trooper: Keep moving! You got a long drive back to town!

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, well, let me tell YOU something!

    State Trooper: What?

    Ronnie Jackson: I like long drives.

  • Ronnie Jackson: [on Death Row] No catsup? This is the worst last meal I've ever had.

  • Ronnie Jackson: That's their racket. They're trying to make people think everybody's crazy.

    State Trooper #2: Yeah, but with you they had a head start.

    State Trooper: Come on.

    Ronnie Jackson: Wait a minute. You gotta listen to me. You gotta TRUST me, fellas. This is the biggest frame-up since "Whistler's Mother!"

  • Ronnie Jackson: You may not know this, but I wasn't always a detective. Before they pinned this murder rap on me I had one of the sweetest little set-ups in San Francisco.

    Reporter: A legitimate business?

    Ronnie Jackson: Better than legitimate. It was profitable.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Nice, cheerful place. What time they bring the mummies out?

  • Willie: Do you care if I feel YOUR muscle, too?

    Ronnie Jackson: No, go ahead. Look around. It's there someplace.

    Willie: Oh, ho, there it is.

    Ronnie Jackson: That's it.

    Willie: [surprised and disappointed] It's just like a woman's.

  • Ronnie Jackson: What kind of a sucker do you take me for? Just because you're a girl and... I'm a boy and you're... throwin' those big blue eyes at me and... you're lettin' me put my arms around you... you lemme hold you close... even closer... you think you can get me to do anything you want.

    [They kiss]

    Ronnie Jackson: [huskily] What do you want, baby?

    Carlotta Montay: Darling, the first thing we've got to do...

    Ronnie Jackson: [interrupting] We're doin' it.

  • Ronnie Jackson: An hour later we were at the Poulet d'or - one of those real swanky cafés where they eat mink for breakfast.

  • James Collins: No, you stay here, Miss Montay.

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, you stay here.

    James Collins: These men are killers.

    Ronnie Jackson: Yeah, then I'll stay here, too.

  • Ronnie Jackson: Back up, all of ya! I said BACK UP! Okay, then I'LL back up.

  • Ronnie Jackson: [soon to be executed] Remember, I'm doing this without a rehearsal.

  • Ronnie Jackson: It always looked so easy in those Tarzan pictures!

  • Ronnie Jackson: Nice cheerful place - what time do they bring the mummies out?

  • Ronnie Jackson: I don't know how much more of this I can take - you've had me in hot water so long I feel like a tea bag.

  • Bell Captain: Hey, boy, give me a hand with these bags!

    Ronnie Jackson: Well, but this ice water, there's a blonde in 14-A who's on fire.

    Bell Captain: Cut the comedy and get these bags!

    Ronnie Jackson: It's an emergency. She's sizzling hot.

  • Ronnie Jackson: [holding a gun on Montague] Hurry up, or I'll fill ya' so full of holes, you'll look like a fat clarinet!

  • Ronnie Jackson: [Finds a bottle of booze inside a chandelier] Aha! Ray Milland's been here!

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