Ronald Kray Quotes in Legend (2015)


Ronald Kray Quotes:

  • Ronald Kray: [on his sexuality] I'm a giver... not a receiver... I am NOT a FAGGOT

  • Ronald Kray: [on his twin stabbing Jack] Why would you do that?

    Reggie Kray: [walks up so he is pressing his forehead against his twin] Because I CAN'T KILL YOU! No matter how much I fucking want to!

  • Mike Jobber: Get someone to clean that fucking toilet, it stinks in there

    Pig & Whistle Barman: I keep telling her, but it's not my fault I can't get her to clean it for me, what are you having?

    Mike Jobber: Um

    Pig & Whistle Barman: [notices the Kray twins walk into the bar] Never mind, they just walked in

    Reggie Kray: Alright, can I have two Guinesses please?

    Pig & Whistle Barman: Hang on a minute Reg, just gonna go down and change the barrel

    [hides inside the basement anticipating a fight]

    Mike Jobber: Reg, Ron. The Richardsons were unexpectedly engaged, so we're gonna look after you

    Reggie Kray: Ah, it's alright, the landlord's gonna change the barrel for me. Don't mind if I pour myself a pint, would ya?

    Ronald Kray: [Notices a weapon held by one of the mob] What is that?

    Mike Jobber: Yeah what do you think, poof? It's a fucking tool

    Ronald Kray: No it's not it's a fucking rolling pin. What are you, Fanny Craddock? What are you doing with that? Gonna bake me a cake? Sing me a song whilst I blow out me fucking candles?

    Ronald Kray: [Lifts jacket, mimicking two guns in his pockets] I come here for a fucking shootout. A proper shootout with some proper men. Like Colonel Custer and Geronimo, you ever heard of them? No. Cause you're too busy in your pinny baking fucking fairy cakes, weren't ya?

    Ronald Kray: [Turns to Reggie] Reg. This lot are fucking nonces to a man, they're fucking nonces. Get out of me fucking way, go on, get out, go on, fuck off. Call yourself a fucking gangster.

    Ronald Kray: [Turns round angrily before walking out of the pub in a rage] A SHOOTOUT, RIGHT, IS A FUCKING SHOOTOUT! Like a western. WANKERS! Fucking embarrassing, waste of my time. FUCKING waste of my time!

    Mike Jobber: Well your brother's done a runner

    Reggie Kray: Nah he's just genuinely disappointed with you, that's all.

  • Angelo Bruno: [to Reggie] I'm glad we could make a deal.

    [to Ronnie]

    Angelo Bruno: You should come to Philly some time. You see what you want ad we'll get it for you. Any shape any size. A nice Italian girl, huh?

    [Nudges Ronnie]

    Angelo Bruno: A little spaghetti and meatballs...?

    Ronald Kray: I prefer boys.

    Angelo Bruno: Come again? I didn't get that.

    Ronald Kray: I prefer boys. Italian. Greek.

    [the room goes quiet]

    Ronald Kray: But I'm not prejudiced, I've had Negroes. I even had Tahitian once, who I bent up like a pretzel, yeah, I really fucking hurt him...

    [Am uncomfortable pause, Bruno suddenly bursts out laughing]

    Angelo Bruno: You got some fucking balls on you, kid! That takes a lot of guts to admit that. Bravo, kiddo!

    [Looking around]

    Angelo Bruno: Huh? Am I right? Bravo!

  • Ronald Kray: Me and my brother, we're gonna rule London!

  • Ronald Kray: You're not afraid of anything?

    Reggie Kray: Oh, only myself you know... and *you*

    Ronald Kray: Um.


    Ronald Kray: Yeah

  • Ronald Kray: People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones.

  • Ronald Kray: [to Frances's mum] You fuckin' sing!

  • Ronald Kray: We're talking about being gangsters, that's what we are!

  • Ronald Kray: You hit me.

    Reggie Kray: Yeah.


    Ronald Kray: Right!

    [hits back]

  • Ronald Kray: Blood is thicker than water!

  • Ronald Kray: [to Frances] Sometimes to achieve greatness, you do, you have to cut off a little piece of yourself no matter how much it hurts, in order to grow, in order to move on. It takes courage and I admire that, you know?

  • Ronald Kray: Yeah... You're not laughing now, are you?

  • Ronald Kray: ...And I'm staring at the back of this geezer's head. Drilling him with my eyes. The whole time thinking "Give Ron Kray your sausage. Give Ron your fucking sausage." Until, I'm not thinking it anymore; I'm broadcasting , through his skull and into his brain. 'Til he looks back at me and says "Ron, do you fancy my sausage? I've got no appetite this morning."

    [pauses to let it sink in]

    Ronald Kray: Interesting...

    Frances Shea: [Voice Over] When my future brother-in-law said "Interesting", it meant he had no fucking idea what he, you or anybody else was talking about.

  • Ronald Kray: [to Frances] I'm sorry, all right? Yes. I'm truly very sorry the club's very, very empty. A bit like you, really. There's fuck-all in it, apart from my brother's cock.

  • Ronald Kray: We both love him, all right? We both made the effort. So we shall just have to see what happens when we get there.

    Frances Shea: Where?

    Ronald Kray: Heaven.

  • Ronald Kray: I always liked you, Frances, I always did. 'Cause you have the ability to see into the future. You do. And that's the same as me.

  • Reggie Kray: Ron are you still taking your meds?

    Ronald Kray: FUCK MY MEDS

  • Ronald Kray: [about stabbing Jack to death] Why would you do that?

    Reggie Kray: [whispering into his ear] Because I can't kill you. No matter how much I fucking want to.

  • Leslie Payne: ...The world could be our oyster!

    Ronald Kray: Payne. You say WE a lot. You also say OUR a lot

    Leslie Payne: Do I?

    Ronald Kray: My question is, Is your last name Kray?

    Leslie Payne: You take the pearls Ron, I'm perfectly happy with the soft bits.

  • Ronald Kray: He knows too much about things. Things about us Reg, he knows too many things about us.

    Reggie Kray: He knows too many things about us. Right. Albie, do you know things about us, mate? Do you know things? Eh? About Ron, about me, about the firm, right? You know about payments, right? You know we cash bearer bonds, yeah? D'you know we pay off juries to make 'em look fucking favourably upon us, do you?

    Albert Donoghue: Yes

    Reggie Kray: You do, there's a fucking surprise. Jack! Mate, do you know anything about fraud? Anything at all? Take a punt. Do you know anything about how we pay off policemen every fucking final Thursday of the month? Do you know that?

    Jack 'The Hat' McVitie: Of course I do.

    Reggie Kray: Fucking surprise, that. So why don't we kill Jack now? Or we do Albie as well? We do the fucking lot. Or you can do me and I'll do you and we're both fucking dead! That's a genius idea! Listen to yourself, Ron! You're fucking nuts!

  • Palendri: I love London - it's so wonderfully dirty. And The Beatles - I adore The Beatles. You know The Beatles?

    Reggie Kray: No

    Ronald Kray: I believe they know us.

  • [the Kray twins have been called up for National Service in the Army]

    Drill Sergeant: You are not people any more. You are not human beings. You are part of a machine. You do not wear what you want to, think what you want to - you wear what we tell you, think what we tell you, eat when we tell you, sleep, shit and fuck when we tell you!

    [a soldier giggles]

    Drill Sergeant: Someone stick a feather up your arse, lad?

    Soldier: Sarge?

    Drill Sergeant: You're grinning like a bloody Cheshire cat!

    [Ronnie and Reggie start walking away]

    Drill Sergeant: And where do you little darlings think you're off to?

    Reggie Kray: Home, for a cup of tea with our mum.

    Drill Sergeant: Get your nasty little arses back in here!

    Reggie Kray: Look, you've got nothing to say and you're saying it too loudly. So...

    Ronald Kray: ...Bollocks!

    [the other soldiers laugh]

    Drill Sergeant: QUIET!

    [the Sergeant tries to restrain Ronnie and Reggie, so, in perfect synchrony, they both floor him with a punch]

  • Reggie Kray: So what do you think?

    Ronald Kray: Of who?

    Reggie Kray: Frances.

    Ronald Kray: Pretty. You gonna marry her?

    Reggie Kray: Yeah!

  • Ronald Kray: What are you doing with that? Are you going to bake me a cake? Gonna sing me a song and watch me blow out me fucking candles? I come here for a fucking shootout, right? A proper shootout with some proper men. Like Colonel Custer and Geronimo. Have you ever heard of them? No. Because you were too in your penny baking fucking fairy cakes weren't you?

  • [Ronnie and Reggie hold down the Italian gangster on the snooker table after he has demanded protection money]

    Ronald Kray: You go back and you tell Rutherman no-one fucks with us. This is nothing. Give me your hand. Do it!

    [Ronnie sticks a sword through the gangster's hand and twists it. Blood drips from the snooker table]

    Italian Gangster: [screams]

    Reggie Kray: Just show him this and tell him we let you off lightly. Hear me? Say "thank you".

    Ronald Kray: Say "thank you".

    Reggie Kray: Say "thank you".

    Italian Gangster: [screams] Thank you.

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