Ronald Quotes in Backdraft (1991)


Ronald Quotes:

  • Ronald: I sent away for the copy of Life magazine. The one with your picture on the front. It's a collectible.

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Who's doing this, Ronald?

    Ronald: Wrong question. Who isn't? It's not a spark because there's not enough damage. He wouldn't have had any fun. It's not an insurance scam because there isn't any profit.

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Do you know who's doing this?

    Ronald: Yes.

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Then tell me.

    Ronald: You want to know who? I want to know if this kid really wanted to be just like his dad.

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: I wanted to be him. I wanted to be him more than anything else in the world.

    Ronald: And you loved him?

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Yeah.

    Ronald: And you watched him dance with the animal. You saw your dad burn.

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: Fuck you Ronald. Who's doing this, huh?

    Ronald: Did it look at you? Did the fire look at you? It did. Whoa. Wow. Our worlds aren't that far apart after all, are they? So, whoever is doing this knows the animal well, doesn't he? He knows him real well, but he won't let him loose. He won't let him have any fun, so he does not love him. Now who doesn't love fire? And is around trychtichlorate all day long?

    Firefighter Brian McCaffrey: [realizes who it might be] Oh my God!

    Ronald: See... that wasn't such a long trip after all.

  • Ronald: You've done good on this garden - for a laundry man.

    Yang: You do good shooting - for a drunken man.

  • Ronald: If you truly love something or somebody, laundry man, you get as far away from 'em as possible. Cause we're sand, they're flowers.

  • [first lines]

    Ronald: Okay, you settled down? You got your ears open?

    [clears throat]

    Ronald: This is the story of the sad flute, a laughing baby, a weeping sword. A long long time ago, in a land far far away, there lived a warrior. A warrior with empty eyes.

  • Ronald: [narrating] The warrior learned there's a heck of a lot more pleasure making things grow, than there is in cutting them down.

  • Ronald: You can always tell a real butler. Butlers' faces are white. If they pinch the boss's port, they're red. Yours is brown.

  • John Barrington: There is somebody supposed to be looking after you, isn't there?

    Ronald: Mmm. That butler of yours.

    John Barrington: Yes. Well, would you mind going back and being looked after again?

  • Millicent: Oh, here they are now. Oh, Judge, I'm so glad.

    Ronald: I had to go down to the picture show to get him.

    Willie: Oh, it's Jean Harlow tonight, isn't it?

  • Dorothy: Millicent, dear, you simply mustn't let people see how badly you feel. Do brighten up.

    Ronald: Yes, Dorothy's right. Come on, cheer up, honey. Gay is the password!

    Millicent: I'm sorry, I meant to be gay.

  • Ronald: Tan my hide. I can't believe it.

    Reggie: I know. How cool would it be to find an alien?

    Ronald: Not an alien, you space cadet, oil. We found oil.

    Reggie: Did we?

    Ronald: See all of this growth? This is the result of heavy mineral deposits. And where there's minerals there's...

    Reggie: Aliens?

    Ronald: I blame your mother. Oil, you idiot. Where there's minerals there's oil. We're golden.

  • Ronald: Hey, it's the pirate.

    Clayton: Who was you expecting, matey? Santa Claus?

  • Ronald: Think, we need those coordinates.

    Reggie: I got it. 11-27-81.

    Ronald: That's your birthday, you idiot.

  • Reggie: Dad! An alien took the cell phone! How cool is that?

    Ronald: Did what you just say to me make any sense to you?

    Reggie: Duh, you ever hear of "phone home"?

  • Ronald: Trevor, you got to get me out of here, I don't know what's happening to me. I can't tell you who I am because my can't remember a damn thing. My mind is all fucked up in this damn puppet head, but I swear to you as God is my witness, I am not this guy's hand!

  • Ronald: See ya in the funny pages.

  • Ronald: It is the flower that most resembles the open lips of the vagina. What do you think?

    Alex Weaver: I don't know. You've probably seen more of them than I have.

  • Ronald: I don't think you have to leave anything behind. Just have a beautiful time like all the other junk litter in the universe, then say goodbye. I don't know what else to tell you. Perpetuation and all the crap that goes with it is a big hoax anyway.

  • Karen Braden: Ronald, I have something to tell you.

    Ronald: Really?

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