Ron Woodroof Quotes in Dallas Buyers Club (2013)


Ron Woodroof Quotes:

  • Ron Woodroof: Let me give y'all a little news flash. There ain't nothin' out there can kill fuckin' Ron Woodroof in 30 days.

  • Richard Barkley: Mr Woodroof, I'm afraid that you're nothing more than a common drug dealer, so if you'll excuse us...

    Ron Woodroof: Oh, I'm the drug dealer? No, you're the fuckin' drug dealer. I mean, goddamn, people are dyin'. And y'all are up there afraid that we're gonna find an alternative without you.

  • Rayon: I'm Rayon.

    Ron Woodroof: Congratulations... fuck off and go back to your bed.

  • Ron Woodroof: I swear it, Ray, God sure was dressin' the wrong doll when he blessed you with a set of balls.

  • Rayon: I'm Rayon.

    Ron Woodroof: Congratulations. Now fuck off and go back to your bed.

    Rayon: Relax, I don't bite. I guess you're handsome, in a Texas, hick, white trash, dumb kind of way.

    Ron Woodroof: Get the fuck out of here, whatever you are, before I kick you in the fucking face.

  • Ron Woodroof: I like your style, doc.

  • Rayon: This guy says that the Florida Buyers Club is cheaper.

    Ron Woodroof: Well then, tell him to go back to the FUCKIN' SUNSHINE STATE!

  • Ron Woodroof: Would you stop starin' at her tits, Rayon, you're startin' to look normal.

  • Dr. Eve Saks: None of those drugs have been approved by the FDA.

    Ron Woodroof: Screw the FDA. I'm gonna be DOA.

  • Ron Woodroof: Watch what you eat and who you eat.

  • Ron Woodroof: Do you ever miss your regular life?

    Dr. Eve Saks: Regular life? What is that? It doesn't exist.

    Ron Woodroof: Yeah, I guess. No, I know, I just... I just wanna...

    Dr. Eve Saks: What?

    Ron Woodroof: Ice-cold beer, a little riding in. Well, take my woman dancing. You know? I want kids. I mean, I got one... one life, right? Mine. But sh... Fuck, I want somebody else's sometimes. Sometimes I just feel like I'm fighting for a life I just ain't got time to live. I want it to mean something.

    Dr. Eve Saks: It does.

  • Ron Woodroof: That shit is purer than a preacher daughter's pussy, right there.

  • Ron Woodroof: I don't want a nurse. I want a doctor. I want a goddamn doctor now!

    Dr. Eve Saks: Well, how can I help you?

    Ron Woodroof: You fucking deaf, lady? Hmm?

    Dr. Eve Saks: No, I'm a fucking doctor.

  • Dr. Eve Saks: We can make you comfortable.

    Ron Woodroof: What? Hook me up to the morphine drip, let me fade on out? Nah. Sorry, lady, but I prefer to die with my boots on.

  • Dr. Eve Saks: You're in the hospital. You almost died.

    Ron Woodroof: I bet that didn't surprise anybody.

  • Dr. Sevard: You don't know what the drugs are. He's got HIV...

    Tucker: [surprised] Woodruff?

    Ron Woodroof: AIDS... I got AIDS. Won't you come in, join the party.

  • Ron Woodroof: Guess who's going to Mexico, lookin' for a hot date?

    Dr. Eve Saks: Do I look like someone who takes vacations?

    Ron Woodroof: A little tequila, sunshine and tacos never hurt anybody.

  • Ron Woodroof: I got one... one life, right? Mine. But I want someone else's sometimes.

  • Ron Woodroof: Welcome to the Dallas Buyers Club!

  • Ron Woodroof: I still got HIV?

    Dr. Vass: You will always test positive for HIV. And now you've got AIDS for all the toxic shit you've put in your body. You've shut your immune system and now you've got chronic leumonia, among other things. It could cause memory loss, mood swings, aching joints.

    Ron Woodroof: So if it sucks, I got it.

  • Dr. Hiroshi: Slow drip.

    Ron Woodroof: Interferon?

    Dr. Hiroshi: Very strong.

    Ron Woodroof: Goddamn, I like your style Hiroshi.

  • Ron Woodroof: Rayon, where you fuckin' goin?

    Rayon: [inviting Ron to enter a gay bar] C'mon in, it's a fucking bore out there.

  • Ron Woodroof: These fuckers are coming at me, man, from all angles. I wanna file a restraining order.

    David Wayne: Against who?

    Ron Woodroof: Against the government and the fucking FDA, that's who.

  • Ron Woodroof: Am I fucking dreaming?

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