Rome Quotes in The Marine (2006)


Rome Quotes:

  • Rome: Would somebody *please* shoot this guy?

    Morgan: What does it look like we're doin'?

    Rome: Missing.

  • Bennett: This guy is like the terminator.

    Rome: [looks in the over head mirror]

  • TV Service rep: [on Rome's cell] You've been approved!

    Rome: Great! This include the premium channels and the sports package, right?

  • Rome: Morgan, see if you can go find the generator.

    Morgan: Why me?

    Rome: Why not?

    Morgan: What if there's some guy up there with a hockey mask and a hatchet? Or... or a group of country ass crackers cravin' some man-love?

    Rome: It'll be fun, like summer camp.

  • Rome: When I want your opinion, I'll rape it out of you.

  • Rome: Harry's okay.

    John: Harry talks.

    Rome: Not anymore.

  • Jeremiah: My brother's alive?

    Rome: Temporarily.

  • Mike: Look, I love you guys. This trip has been ridiculous and amazing. So please, do not make me give the whole 'it's not about how we go out there and do it, it's about getting to go out there and do it together' speech that I just gave you. What are you? You're not a fireman.

    Big Dick Richie: I'm a male entertainer.

    Mike: Oh yeah, what are we?

    Big Dick RichieSalvadorTarzan: Male entertainers

    Rome: Hey, hey, hey, hold that up. Look, it's not bro time, it's show time. Are you guys ready?

  • Rome: I've got a little treat for y'all tonight. It's the man I knew as White Chocolate. Some might know him as Magic Mike. We gonna see if he still got some magic in that Mike. You down for a little fun tonight? Have a seat. Mike?

    Mike: Come on, let's not do this.

  • Rome: Perhaps nothing can make a woman smile more sweetly than to be surprised with the gift of flowers. Flowers also have the power to evoke emotions. To heal, to appease, to surprise. And to feel real love.

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