Roman Pearce Quotes in The Fate of the Furious (2017)


Roman Pearce Quotes:

  • Roman Pearce: [Looks at a Lamborghini Murcielago] I'm in love.

    Eric Reisner: Again, no, no! That's a million dollar show car. The point is to not draw attention.

    Roman Pearce: That's reverse psychology. Dom will never see it coming.

    Eric Reisner: It's neon orange. The International Space Station will see it coming.

  • Mr. Nobody: Thanks to your botched Berlin job, you all made Interpol's top 10 most wanted list.

    Roman Pearce: Top 10? That's alright!

    Mr. Nobody: Well, not you Roman.

    Roman Pearce: What do you mean?

    Mr. Nobody: You just missed the cut, you're number 11. So...

    Roman Pearce: I missed? That's impossible!

    [Everyone snickers]

    Roman Pearce: What number did they come in at?

    Eric Reisner: [Points to Hobbs] 6.

    Eric Reisner: [Points to Letty] 8.

    Eric Reisner: [Points to Tej] 9.

    Eric Reisner: [Points to Ramsey] 10.

    Roman Pearce: She's 10? That's impossible, there's no way she's a 10.

    Tej Parker: Oh, she's definitely a 10.

  • Roman Pearce: [after shooting several men single handedly] Number 11 my ass!

  • [from trailer]

    Roman Pearce: Why are they shooting at me?

    Tej Parker: I don't know. Maybe because you're in a orange Lamborghini.

    Roman Pearce: Shut up, Tej!

  • Roman Pearce: Is that a torpedo?

    Hobbs: Take the wheel!

    Roman Pearce: What?

    [Hobbs gets out of vehicle, drifts torpedo into a convoy of trucks with his bare hands]

  • Tej: Aw, hell no. They really went and scraped the bottom of the barrel here, didn't they?

    Roman Pearce: Guess they did, considering your ass is here. When are you gonna give Martin Luther King his car back?

    Tej: As soon as you give Rick James his jacket back.

  • Roman Pearce: Sexy legs, baby girl. What time do they open?

    Gisele: [pulls her gun on Roman] They open at the same time I pull this trigger. Want me to open them?

  • Roman Pearce: You know, I think I make a better special agent than you ever did.

    Brian O'Conner: I guess that depends on how you define 'special'.

  • Roman Pearce: [regarding going into a police station] Who's supposed to do all that?

    [Everyone looks at Roman]

    Roman Pearce: What do you mean? Why me?

    Brian O'Conner: Cause you got the biggest mouth.

    Tej: That is for damn sure.

  • Roman Pearce: $11 million? Sounds like a whole lot of vaginal activity to me.

  • Roman Pearce: Come on, man. Hook a brother up, please?

    White Cop: No. And you're not my brother.

    Roman Pearce: Brother from another mother. You ever heard that phrase?

  • Roman Pearce: You say what? This shit just went from mission:impossible to mission: in freaking sanity! Whatever man. I ain't scared, I'm just letting you all know: going in that building it's crazy!

  • Roman Pearce: [laughs] Really!


    Roman Pearce: Where did you get that from? Papa Smurf?

  • Roman Pearce: You only live once, lets do this!

  • Tej: Oh, hell naw. I see they really scraped the bottom of the barrel, huh.

    Roman Pearce: I guess they did since your ass is here. When you gonna give Martin Luther King his car back?

    Tej: As soon as you give Rick James his jacket back.

  • [last lines]

    Brian O'Connor: Pockets ain't empty, cuz.

    Roman Pearce: And we ain't hungry no more either, brah.

  • [after Roman Pearce smashed the car window]

    Brian O'Connor: Now put your blouse back on.

    Roman Pearce: Hater.

  • Roman Pearce: What you checkin' her out for?

    Brian O'Connor: I'm not checkin' her out.

    Roman Pearce: Yes, you were.

    Brian O'Connor: No, I wasn't.

    Roman Pearce: I seen you checkin' her out man.

    Brian O'Connor: Ok, I was. Now shut up.

    Roman Pearce: You shut up. Don't tell me to shut up.

    Monica: Both you girlies shut up.

  • Roman Pearce: Don't even think about takin' the convertible. It might loosen your mousse.

    Brian O'Connor: No, that's cool. That's too much chrome for me anyways.

  • [when Brian crosses the finish line first]

    Roman Pearce: Got two new cars! That's all my man!

    Korpi: Damm!

    Roman Pearce: Y'all ain't ready, homeboy! Get to walking, Fabio.

    [as they were leaving]

    Roman Pearce: Use them bus tokens, partner!

  • Roman Pearce: The old man's gonna blow our cover before we even get started.

    Agent Markham: [holds gun at Brian and Rome] Stop right there! Hands where I can see them!

    Brian O'Connor: What's going on here?

    Agent Markham: Hold this.

    [tosses Agent Dunn his pistol]

    Agent Markham: You think you can shoot at me? I'm a goddamn federal agent!

  • Agent Markham: [Roman grabs his food] Hey, that's mine!

    Roman Pearce: So?

  • [Brian tries to use the ejection seat, but it doesn't work]

    Enrique: What is that?

    [Brian repeatedly tries the ejection seat, but it still doesn't work]

    Enrique: What is that?

    Roman Pearce: [over radio] It's Barstow, baby! It's about to get ugly!

  • [Brian, Roman, Carter, Monica, Roberto, and Enrique walk into a special room in the back of Pearl, a nightclub; Brian and Roman sees a blowtorch, a cloth, and a bucket]

    Roman Pearce: What's all that?

    Carter Verone: We're gonna have a little fun.

    [Carter pops open a champagne, then pours Monica a glass]

    Monica: Thank you.

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