Rollins Quotes in Goodbye Lover (1998)


Rollins Quotes:

  • Rollins: They were having an affair?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: No, they were celebrating Earth Day, you fucking mook.

  • Rollins: Why are you so cynical?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Because someone killed Bambi's mother.

  • Sergeant Rita Pompano: What the Hell's wrong with you?

    Rollins: I'm just tired of people shirking responsibility for their actions.

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Newsflash: The world is shit, people are bad, we're all gonna die, deal with it.

  • Sergeant Rita Pompano: Girl's got a good right hook.

    Rollins: I hate funerals. They're an undeniable reminder of man's mortality...

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Are you gay?

    Rollins: No. No, I'm not gay.

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Just curious...

    Rollins: Why'd you ask me if I was gay?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: No reason.

    Rollins: Then why'd you ask?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Let's get lunch. Ya hungry?

    Rollins: What makes you think I'm gay?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: What are ya in the mood for? Tacos? Burgers? Quiche?

  • Sergeant Rita Pompano: At least he used a clean needle.

    Rollins: I can't imagine how terrified she must have been.

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: I can... I was married to a dentist.

  • Rollins: If you're insinuating that a person can't be spiritual and still...

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Relax, John Paul. If we're gonna work together we're gonna have to let a little more shit roll off our backs.

    [about Sandra]

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: I don't like it. I don't trust anyone over ten who listens to the Sound of Music.

  • Peggy Blane: [to Sergeant Rita Pompano] I thought it was an accident. Why are you asking me all these weird questions?

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: [to Rollins] Are my questions weird, Detective Rollins?

    Rollins: [to Peggy] Rude, maybe, but not weird.

  • Rollins: Do you wanted to kill yourself?

    Jake Dunmore: [faking cry] Sort of...

    Sandra Dunmore: [also faking cry] Jake's through a hard time lately...

    Jake Dunmore: Yes... I'm a... I'm an alcoholic.

    Sergeant Rita Pompano: Hey! Welcome to the club.

  • Rollins: Born with all the gifts, but you just gave up. Oh yeah, I'd say you owe plenty. If you ever plan on giving anything back, you better start right now. You can't do anything about your mom or Nutso, but you can about Kyle. It's all there for him, Shep, and he's blowing it.

    Shep: Well, he won't be the first.

  • Rollins: You forgot about your team.

    Kyle-Lee: I had 22 points and 8 rebounds.

    Rollins: And we lost.

    Kyle-Lee: Then maybe the entire team should be here instead of just me. It's not like anybody else had a good game.

    Rollins: You didn't give them a chance to. And that's just the sort of thing recruiters look at.

    Kyle-Lee: Come on coach, we both know there's more to making it than what happens on the court.

    Rollins: What is that supposed to mean?

    Kyle-Lee: Nothing.

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