Roger Bannister Quotes in The Stepford Wives (2004)


Roger Bannister Quotes:

  • Roger Bannister: She's drunk

    Bobbie Markowitz: She's blonde.

  • Joanna Eberhard: If you're in Manhattan, what do you do if you find out you're neighbour is sick?

    Roger Bannister: Call her...

    Bobbi Markowitz: -To see if she is going to die...

    Roger Bannister: -So we could rent the apartment.

  • Roger Bannister: Oh, I feel like Nancy Drew in the mystery of the mid-life crisis.

  • Joanna Eberhart: How do I look?

    Bobbi Markowitz: Can I be perfectly honest?

    Joanna Eberhart: Mm-hmmm.

    Bobbi Markowitz: You kind of look like Betty Crocker.

    Joanna Eberhart: I know.

    Roger Bannister: At Betty Ford.

  • [after he's de-Stepfordized]

    Roger Bannister: What am I wearing?

  • Joanna Eberhard: But, she had sparks coming out of her ears.

    Roger Bannister: That's the first sign.

    Joanna Eberhard: Of what?

    Roger Bannister: Cheap jewelery.

  • Bobbi Markowitz: My psychiatrist says I need creative chaos.

    Roger Bannister: My shrink says I need boundaries.

    Joanna Eberhart: My doctor says I need enough electricity to jumpstart Vegas.

  • Claire Wellington: [at the Stepford Bookclub, Claire is discussing a book on Christmas] Now Bobbi. We all realize you're probably feeling a bit uncomfortable with this weeks book because...


    Claire Wellington: what's the word I'm looking for

    Additional Stepford Wife: New?

    Sarah Sunderson: Scared?

    Roger Bannister: Cranky?

    Claire Wellington: [remembering] Jewish.

    Bobbi Markowitz: [smiling] Same thing.

    Claire Wellington: [to all] But the Heritage Hills series is very inclusive. In fact there is a whole chapter,

    [to Bobbi]

    Claire Wellington: about Chanukah

  • Claire Wellington: I'm the only decent person left

    Joanna Eberhart: In Stepford?

    Claire Wellington: In the world!

    Roger Bannister: [gasps] She's fabulous!

  • Roger Bannister: [Excited] Jerry... Jerry, its a bakesale! An actual bakesale! It's like some heavenly diorama at the Smithsonian in the Hall of Homemakers.

    Roger Bannister: Oh, no. No, stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. That is not cobbler!

    Jerry Harmon: Roger... could we - could we reel it in a couple hundred yards?

    Roger Bannister: [to the Stepford Wives at bakesale] How do you ladies keep your figures? Is there just a huge vat of cobbler vomit somewhere?... But worth it?

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