Rocco Melonchek Quotes in Brain Donors (1992)


Rocco Melonchek Quotes:

  • Rocco Melonchek: You're lying.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Of course I am, but hear me out!

  • Roland T. Flakfizer: So, do you enjoy being a cab driver?

    Rocco Melonchek: Nah. As soon as I get my driver's license, I'm quitting.

  • [the amount on a taxi meter is rising quickly]

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Aren't those numbers going by a little fast?

    Rocco Melonchek: You're probably just a speed reader.

  • Rocco Melonchek: We'll have to perform a full rectum-ology.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Fondue, an epidemic! drop those pants... Not you, the patient.

    Doctor: I thought you were cardiologists...

    Rocco Melonchek: Uh, well, they're all connected, we enter the rectum and head north.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Why do you think we have such long instruments?

  • Roland T. Flakfizer: You're not going to try and cheat me or anything.

    Rocco Melonchek: I give you my word a gentleman.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Well you had me until then.

  • Rocco Melonchek: [checking Mrs. Oglethorpe's pulse] I don't feel a thing. This woman is dead!

    Flakfizer: You're holding *his* wrist!

    Rocco Melonchek: Then this man is dead!

  • Jacques: Society's to blame.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Too much violence in the movies.

    Rocco Melonchek: It's my environment.

    Jacques: We were carrying out orders!

    Roland T. Flakfizer: It's the Japanese. They're buying up everything.

    Rocco Melonchek: Did we leave anything out?

  • Roland T. Flakfizer: You can be my chauffeur.

    Rocco Melonchek: How much?

    Roland T. Flakfizer: 200 bucks a week.

    Rocco Melonchek: 600.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: 300.

    Jacques: 400.

    Rocco Melonchek: 800.

    Jacques: 900.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Shouldn't I be in this negotiation somewhere? 350 and not a penny more.

    Rocco Melonchek: I'll take it.

    Jacques: What happened to one thousand?

    Rocco Melonchek: I allow for taxes. I want four weeks in advance.

    Jacques: Five weeks.

    Rocco Melonchek: Six weeks.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: Hold it, hold it, I'm giving you one minute to stop all this!

    Rocco Melonchek: Two minutes.

    Jacques: Five minutes.

    Rocco Melonchek: Seven minutes.

    Jacques: Nine minutes.

    Roland T. Flakfizer: I've stepped into my own private living hell...

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