Roberto Mariani Quotes in Il Sorpasso (1962)


Roberto Mariani Quotes:

  • Bruno Cortona: [Picks up a photo from Roberto's desk] Who's this fatty?

    Roberto Mariani: My mother.

    Bruno Cortona: Wow! Beautiful woman.

  • Bruno Cortona: [singing] I took her down to the river thinking she was a maiden, but she had a husband.


    Bruno Cortona: I know that one by heart. I played it all the way to Rome. What's it called again? "The Unfaithful Wife." By that Spaniard who's sort of that way -...

    [tugs on his ear]

    Roberto Mariani: Garcia Lorca

    Roberto Mariani: Ah, you have that record too?

  • Bruno Cortona: Put this one on. Its Modugno. Poetry doesn't do much for me. I like music. This song's really great. Mystical. Really gets you thinking. Ah, music. I really like Modugno. This song really drives me crazy. It seems so simple, but it's got everything - - loneliness, inability to communicate, and that stuff that's all the rage now - - alienation, like in Antonioni's films. Did you see "L'eclisse"?

    Roberto Mariani: Yes

    Bruno Cortona: I fell asleep. Had a nice nap. Great director, Antonioni. I saw him in his Flaminia Zagato once. I couldn't stop gawking.

  • Bruno Cortona: [Driving in his convertible] Robe', look behind you. See 'em?

    Roberto Mariani: Who?

    Bruno Cortona: Those two chicks. I'll get the 'em to pass so I can follow 'em.

    [as they pass]

    Bruno Cortona: Hi, cuties!

    [to Roberto]

    Bruno Cortona: Deutschland! Those German chicks are easy!

    Roberto Mariani: You speak German?

    Bruno Cortona: No, I just fake it.

  • Bruno Cortona: The food is great here. Do we let those two go?

    Roberto Mariani: Whatever you like. I'm not hungry.

    Bruno Cortona: Spoken like a man. The food here stinks anyway: donkey hooves and fig wine. Where'd those Germans go? Let's chase 'em.

  • Bruno Cortona: A crossroads!

    Roberto Mariani: They vanished. Which way could they have gone?

    Bruno Cortona: Let me smell.


    Bruno Cortona: That way. I'm a regular truffle hound when it comes to women.

  • Roberto Mariani: How can I commit to a girl right now? I have to finish my studies, find a job, and then...

    Bruno Cortona: So? Meanwhile you go out, you sleep together. It could be over in a month. Why do you have to commit? This isn't the Middle Ages!

  • Roberto Mariani: We had another chance to talk once, but something awkward happened. On Via Salaria, where those women, you know -...

    Bruno Cortona: Sure do! There's a brunette with a streak of white hair: Aida, 3,000 lire.

    Roberto Mariani: I'd just stopped - - that is, they stopped me. I was explaining I had no money when guess who walks by.

    Bruno Cortona: Who walks by?

    Roberto Mariani: Valeria, with her sister.

    Bruno Cortona: So? What happened? And then?

    Roberto Mariani: "And then?" She saw me!

    Bruno Cortona: It bugs you 'cause now she knows you're broke. Is that all? I was expecting some big deal. I'd understand if it turned out Valeria and her sister were hookers too.

  • Roberto Mariani: He was always hugging me.

    Bruno Cortona: I believe it. I've never seen a country queen before.

    Roberto Mariani: What?

    Bruno Cortona: Don't tell me you didn't know? It's obvious. Why you think they call him Occhiofino?

    Roberto Mariani: It's just a nickname.

    Bruno Cortona: A nickname? Occhiofino - - finocchio - faggot - .

  • Bruno Cortona: Maybe I shouldn't have gone along to see your relatives.

    Roberto Mariani: What are you talking about? It's just that we all have distorted memories of our youth. You know why we always say it was a wonderful time? We don't really remember what it was like.

  • Bruno Cortona: One day she dumped me. Maybe we just didn't click. I think she was a little jealous. It wasn't another woman. It was my Cisitalia. She said I loved that car more than her.

    Roberto Mariani: And did you?

    Bruno Cortona: A little. That thing had some pickup.

  • Bruno Cortona: You know, if I had a brother, I'd like him to be like you.

    Roberto Mariani: Well, tonight we'd be fighting.

    Bruno Cortona: You know that Jewish saying? My grandma used to use it. "Love for a woman is fickle as the moon. Brotherly love is steady as the stars." Nice, huh?

    Roberto Mariani: What about Cain?

    Bruno Cortona: What's Cain got to do with it? He was a criminal.

  • Bikini girl with the leg cast: Are you new here? Will you sign my cast? Peppino di Capri and Giulio Andreotti already signed it?

    Roberto Mariani: Where?

    Bikini girl with the leg cast: Next to Gina Lollobrigida.

  • Bruno Cortona: You got a cigarette?

    Roberto Mariani: No. I don't smoke.

    Bruno Cortona: That's not good.

  • Bruno Cortona: So you don't smoke?

    Roberto Mariani: No.

    Bruno Cortona: Careful. That can be bad for you.

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