Robert L. Talbot Quotes in Come September (1961)


Robert L. Talbot Quotes:

  • Robert L. Talbot: I want that villa put up for *sale*! And if you can't *sell* it, *burn* it! I've *had* it with this country!

    Maurice Clavell: Sir, this is not time to be burning your villas behind you. She loves you. She wants to marry you!

    Robert L. Talbot: Yeah, she has a funny way of showing it!

    Maurice Clavell: Italian women are emotional. Sh- sh... she been hurt. She wants time to think.

    Robert L. Talbot: Well, I wanna go back to America... where people get married *without* thinking!

  • Robert L. Talbot: You're not making any sense!

    Lisa Helena Fellini: I don't *have* to make sense! I'm *Italian*!

  • Sandy: It must have been a terrible war.

    Robert L. Talbot: They usually are.

    Sandy: Yes well I'd like to talk to you about it sometime.

    Robert L. Talbot: About what?

    Sandy: The war.

    Robert L. Talbot: The *war*?

    Sandy: I have a feeling I can help.

    Robert L. Talbot: I doubt it. It's over.

  • Robert L. Talbot: We never spoke of marriage! We were Happy!

  • Robert L. Talbot: Lisa, believe me, no love affair can survive if the either part starts to *think*!

  • Robert L. Talbot: The bedroom is like a wedding gown; it's bad luck to let the fella see you in it before you marry him.

  • Robert L. Talbot: It's gone!

    Lisa Helena Fellini: What?

    Robert L. Talbot: There's a body missing. It's the one body I don't wanna have missing.

  • Robert L. Talbot: Lisa, I'm asking you in a nice way. Now stop being an idiot. Get off that blasted bus and marry me.

  • Robert L. Talbot: You know, man is the only animal clever enough to build the Empire State Building, and *stupid* enough to jump off it!

  • Robert L. Talbot: I can go to *jail* for what can happen to those girls!

    Lisa Helena Fellini: What can happen to them? They are four boys and six girls. That adds up to ten, and there's safety in numbers.

    Robert L. Talbot: Now there's more to mathematics than adding. Those boys look *quite capable* of dividing and multiplying!

  • Robert L. Talbot: You wouldn't think a cork this small could lay out a woman that big.

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: Robert! You have a moral streak.

    Robert L. Talbot: You know me better than that.

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: They are normal, healthy boys and normal, healthy girls, no?

    Robert L. Talbot: That can lead to a normal, unhealthy situation.

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: Robert! How could you do this? Hm?

    Robert L. Talbot: I was only following their golden rule: do unto others before they do it to you!

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: Ah! That's another thing. If you loved me, you'd have learned my language! But no, I had to do it. The weeks I spent studying... Learning to speak this... fluid English.

    Robert L. Talbot: Not "fluid." Fluent!

    Lisa Helena Fellini: Big shot! Knows all the words!

  • Robert L. Talbot: Somebody has to look after those girls.

    Lisa Helena Fellini: I think that they're parents' responsibility.

    Robert L. Talbot: You know the trouble with the American parent? They have a new gimmick. Keep your kids off the streets, send them to Europe.

  • Robert L. Talbot: Thank you, you've reaffirmed my lack of confidence in my fellow man.

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: Robert?

    Robert L. Talbot: Mhm?

    Lisa Helena Fellini: When you get to the terrace, would you do me a favour?

    Robert L. Talbot: Sure.

    Lisa Helena Fellini: Jump off.

  • Maurice Clavell: A martini for breakfast?

    Robert L. Talbot: It's great for the morning after, especially if there hasn't been a night before.

  • Robert L. Talbot: I just wanna get out of here. If there's a plane, train, or a bus, or a jackass leaving this city, get me on it!

  • Robert L. Talbot: [looking at his villa] I said, isn't that a new color?

    Maurice Clavell: [chuckles] Houses are like women; The older they get, the more paint they need.

  • Robert L. Talbot: [speaking to Lisa] Teenagers are like the H bomb. When they go off, it's much better to observe them from a distance.

  • Lisa Helena Fellini: Really, Robert, they're very nice American boys.

    Robert L. Talbot: So was the Dalton gang.

    Lisa Helena Fellini: You know the boys are very hurt; they think you don't like them.

    Robert L. Talbot: The boys are right.

  • Robert L. Talbot: Mr Clavell!

    Maurice Clavell: Sir?

    Robert L. Talbot: You are to go with them and you are not to let those girls out of your sight.

    Maurice Clavell: Sir, I can't ride a motor scooter.

    Robert L. Talbot: Then learn.

    Maurice Clavell: I have no sense of balance. I was the only child that ever had to be strapped to his tricycle.

  • Robert L. Talbot: We never even talked about the future!

    Lisa Helena Fellini: Women don't want talk, they go by intuition. And I've learned one thing: A woman's intuition is a man's best friend!

  • Robert L. Talbot: I'm like this goose; I know when I've laid an egg.

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