Robert Clayton Dean Quotes in Enemy of the State (1998)


Robert Clayton Dean Quotes:

  • Robert Clayton Dean: What the hell is happening?

    Brill: I blew up the building.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Why?

    Brill: Because you made a phone call.

  • Brill: Do they know me?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Who's them?

    Brill: Do they know me?

    Robert Clayton Dean: I don't know what you're talking about.

    Brill: You're either very smart... or incredibly stupid.

  • Brill: In guerrilla warfare, you try to use your weaknesses as strengths.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Such as?

    Brill: Well, if they're big and you're small, then you're mobile and they're slow. You're hidden and they're exposed. You only fight battles you know you can win. That's the way the Vietcong did it. You capture their weapons and you use them against them the next time.

  • Brill: You're blowing my whole life.

    Robert Clayton Dean: What life? You live in a fucking jar so the world can't touch you. And Rachel, you didn't give a shit about Rachel. Just some package under seat number 32 to you.

    [Brill punches Dean, who then points the gun at Brill]

    Brill: Come on. Do you have a problem? Do it. Go on, do it.

    Robert Clayton Dean: I'm all you've got. And you're all I've got.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: I'm sick of this, you either shoot me, or tell me what the fuck is going on!

    Brill: You have something they want!

    Robert Clayton Dean: I don't have anything!

    Brill: Maybe you do, but you don't know it! Stay off the phone. Stay away from me and Rachel, you come near any one of us, I'm gonna kill you.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Actually, I believe the term "shyster" is reserved for attorneys of the Jewish persuasion. I believe the proper term for me is "eggplant".

  • Robert Clayton Dean: You're the only woman for me. You and Janet Jackson.

  • Silverberg: Bob. We we're told to look back on your files as far as the electrician strike. We believe that you helped a man named Sam Velotti form a company called Zurich.

    Blake: We also found out about your connection with the Peitzo family.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Well, that's true.

    Silverberg: You're admitting to it?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Sure. Everything except forming a company called Zurich, or knowing anybody who is named Sam Velotti, or having any connection, whatsoever to the Peitzo family. This is Ridiculous.

    Silverberg: Bob we're trying...

    Robert Clayton Dean: [Interrupting] Wait, wait. This is Pintero, he's coming after me. You give me 1 week, 1 week and 4 people from litigation, and I can guarantee you, we can have this guy begging us...

    Blake: [Interrupting] Tell us abut Rachael Banks.

    Robert Clayton Dean: I'll tell you what. Rachael, was my girlfriend in my second year of law school, we still remain in close contact, and we swap information from time to time.

    Blake: Did you have an affair with her 4 years ago?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Ever beat off in the shower, Brian? Ever had any homosexual thoughts?

    Silverberg: Bob, that's...

    Robert Clayton Dean: [Interrupting] None of my fuckin' business. You're damn right it's not. I love my wife and I love my son, "absolutely" with no equivocations, and that's none of your fuckin' business either.

    Silverberg: Bob, we believe that you should take a leave of abscence on this, until we straighten this out.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Are you firing me?

    Silverberg: I think you just fired yourself.

  • Congressman Sam Albert: [on TV] We knew that we had to monitor our enemies. We've also come to realise that we need to monitor the people who are monitoring them...

    Carla Dean: Well, who's gonna monitor the monitors of the monitors?

    Robert Clayton Dean: I wouldn't mind doing a little *monitoring* myself.

    Carla Dean: Yes, and you've got lots and lots of *monitoring* to do.

    Eric Dean: Are you guys talking about sex?

  • Eric Dean: So, who won the fight?

    Robert Clayton Dean: This is your dad, Eric. You know, when I put my foot down, that's it.

    Eric Dean: My mom won.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: I was shopping for some lingerie. That's still legal, isn't it?

    David Pratt: Were you buying that for your wife?

    Robert Clayton Dean: No I was picking something up for myself, I do a little cross dressing on the weekends. You know, you'd be surprised how a nice pair of edible panties can make a guy feel sexy.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Steve? I thought you said his name was Bill.

    Brill: No, *you're* Bill!

    Robert Clayton Dean: If I'm Bill, you're going to have to let me *know* that I'm Bill!

    Brill: I just did.

  • Brill: In your phone was a GPS sat-tracker. Pulses at 24 gigahertz.

    Robert Clayton Dean: I don't know what that means.

    Brill: It's like a LoJack, only two generations better than what the police have.

    Robert Clayton Dean: And what does that mean?

    Brill: You speak English?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Obviously not that well.

    Brill: Kind of a jerk, aren't you?

  • [Watching a surveillance tape with Congressman Albert having sex with his female assistant]

    Brill: I think you're a little young to watch this part.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yeah, so's she.

  • Brill: What? That's my best aloha shirt.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yeah, well say "aloha" to it.

  • Carla Dean: Hello?

    Robert Clayton Dean: [calling from a payphone] Carla, don't hang up.

    Carla Dean: Robert, you know what I'm looking at? Pictures of you and Rachel taken today.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Where did you get those photographs?

    Carla Dean: My messager Robert, my messager.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Listen honey, I think something's going on and I'm...

    Carla Dean: Robert, I went to the store today, and my money and credit cards didn't work. I couldn't buy food.

    Robert Clayton Dean: [looking at Brill, who mouths "Fuck you" to Robert] Yeah, mine too. I gotta go.

    Carla Dean: What do you mean you gotta go?

    Robert Clayton Dean: I, I gotta go.

    [hangs up]

  • Brill: I need sugar. I'm getting cranky.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Getting?

  • Brill: You wanna take a poke at me?

    Robert Clayton Dean: I don't hit senior citizens.

  • Brill: You're the threat now. Just like I was.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Threat to whom? To them?

    Brill: No. To your family, your friends, everybody you know, everybody you meet. That's why I went away and didn't come back. You've got to go away, Robert.

    Robert Clayton Dean: No, I don't think so. This is my life, I worked hard for it and I want it back. I grew up without a father, I know what that is. And I will not allow my family to go through that.

  • Thomas Reynolds: [talking to Brill] So tell me what was on that tape.

    Robert Clayton Dean: [Watching from afar] Your ugly-ass face, that's what.

  • Brill: You're transmitting. Get rid of your watch.

    Robert Clayton Dean: My wife gave me this watch.

    Brill: Then keep it.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Hey, I'll be back to get my blender.

    John Bingham: Yeah, I'll have it gift-wrapped.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: You were right, I was wrong, but this is not the time for the 'I told you so' speech.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Listen. Now, we can go get a warrant and come back with the FBI, take anything we want, arrest anybody that we want. Just give the man the video tape!

    Pintero: Hey, the only one who's gonna get arrested here is YOU, for felonious COCK sucking with an attempt to swallow the evidence. So SHUT your mouth!

  • [Carla is furious about the Privacy Bill being discussed on TV to Robert]

    Carla Dean: Don't you think you should be taking this a little more seriously?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Honey, I think you're taking it seriously enough for both of us, and half the block.

  • Pintero: Now listen to me, you fuckin' eggplant, this videotape may save your clients's asses. But you can be goddamn sure it ain't gonna save yours. Now who made the fuckin' videotape?

    Robert Clayton Dean: I don't know.

    Pintero: [shrugging and raising his arms up] How'd you get it?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Through an acquaintance.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Why are they after me?

    Brill: I don't know and I don't wanna know

    Brill: You're transmitting. They still got a signal on you. Get rid of your cloths all of them

    Robert Clayton Dean: Then what am I supposed to do?

    Brill: Nothing. You live another day I'll be very impressed. You have something they want.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Look, I don't have anything

    Brill: Maybe you do and you don't know it

  • David Pratt: We believe Mr. Zavitz may have passed sensitive materials to you.

    Robert Clayton Dean: What sort of materials?

    David Pratt: Sensitive, sir.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: I have been a law abiding citizen my whole life, and one day with you, I'm shooting... and breaking...

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Planning a quick getaway?

    Brill: Yeah. Ever since I met you.

  • Rachel F. Banks: How do you like the trout?

    Robert Clayton Dean: It tastes like fish.

    Rachel F. Banks: It is fish.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yeah, but it tastes like every other fish I've ever eaten.

  • Eric Dean: I missed you too, Dad. Where did you go?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Oh, they've been keeping me really busy on this case. They're trying to work me to death out there.

  • Brill: You're either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid.

    Robert Clayton Dean: We'll see in a minute. Watch out for the FBI.

    [winks to Brill]

  • Robert Clayton Dean: He said his name was Brill.

    Brill: He said it, or you said it and he picked up on it?

    Robert Clayton Dean: [pause] Oh shit, I said it.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Conspiracy theorists of the world unite.

    Brill: It's more than a theory with me. I'm a former conspirer.

  • Carla Dean: [while reading the newspaper] Robert, how could you let me find out like this?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Honey, *I* found out like this. These are all lies, okay, none of this stuff is true.

    Carla Dean: Did you see her?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yes, we had lunch together, she is the contact for the investigator, Brill. You're right about this, they got this from the security camera from the restaurant.

    Carla Dean: I thought you said she's not an issue.

    Robert Clayton Dean: She's not, I have to see her for business.

    Carla Dean: They said you had an affair with her, Robert. An affair. We went to marriage counseling for a year, and now, you're standing here lying about seeing her, you make me sick.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Carla, I am "smeared" all over the newspaper today for money-laundering schemes, mob ties, I lost my job. I am telling you, I am telling you is, trust me, on this Rachel Banks thing right now.

    Carla Dean: How in god's name can I trust you? Bobbie, I want you to leave.

    Robert Clayton Dean: Carla, I'm telling you, this is all bullshit!

    Carla Dean: I want you to leave, I cannot think with you in my face. I want you to leave!

    Robert Clayton Dean: [yelling over Carla] Carla, how can you expect me to do this when you believe in this bullshit?

    Carla Dean: Just leave so I can think! Just go Bobbie, go! Go.

  • Lingerie Salesgirl: [Robert Clayton Dean is buying lingerie] What size?

    Robert Clayton Dean: What? Oh, my wife?

    [a girl walks past, Dean watches and points at her]

    Lingerie Salesgirl: A six?

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yeah, a six.

    Lingerie Salesgirl: And what about cup size?

    [she points at her own breasts]

    Robert Clayton Dean: Oh no, she's much bigger than that.

  • [Dean and Brill were trying to make Reynolds confess, but they were captured by him]

    Brill: [to Dean] Asshole!

    Robert Clayton Dean: Great plan!

  • Robert Clayton Dean: Baby, I love you and only you. That is it... And I love your family... except for your dad.

  • Robert Clayton Dean: [Watching himself on TV and realizing it's a video Brill has sent him] Brill you are one SICK man.

    [an image of a wave on the beach showing the words "Wish you were here" appears]

    Robert Clayton Dean: Yeah, me too.

    [another image of Brill's legs near the waves appears]

    Robert Clayton Dean: Oo. You're gonna need a tan on those things!

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