Rob Salinger Quotes in Micki + Maude (1984)


Rob Salinger Quotes:

  • Rob Salinger: I don't want to divorce, Micki, I just want to marry Maude.

    Leo Brody: You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Rob Salinger: I've been with her for ten years. I can't give them up just like that. And it's have your cake and eat it too.

    Leo Brody: What do you mean?

    Rob Salinger: To have your cake, anyone can do. To eat it and still have some left, that's the trick.

    Leo Brody: Eat your cake, have your cake, who cares? You're about to get a plate of sauteed brains thrown into your face, your entire career is the toilet, and you're correcting my grammar?

  • Rob Salinger: Come on, Micki, just one child. A small one.

  • Rob Salinger: Will you marry me?

  • Nurse Mary Verbeck: [telling a spaced out Micki about Rob's infidelity] I have some bad news, Mrs. Salinger. Dr. Fibel and I... how shall I put this. Dr. Fibel and I...

    Micki Salinger: It's okay, I know.

    Nurse Mary Verbeck: You do?

    Micki Salinger: Yes.

    Nurse Mary Verbeck: And you don't mind?

    Micki Salinger: Why should I mind?

    Nurse Mary Verbeck: Frankly, I'm shocked.

    Micki Salinger: What am I supposed to do cancel surgery because my doctor's having an affair with his nurse?

    Nurse Mary Verbeck: What?

    Micki Salinger: [laughing hysterically] You're having an affair with Dr. Fibel.

    Nurse Mary Verbeck: What on earth are you talking about? I'm not that kind of woman and neither is Dr. Fibel.

    Rob Salinger: [Nurse Verbeck leaves the room in a huff and Rob steps in to find Micki laughing away] Micki, Micki, is everything all right in here?

    Micki Salinger: Oh, Rob, did you noticed that Nurse Verbeck is just a little bit menopausal?

  • Rob Salinger: [the morning after sleeping with Maude] God, I'm so hungover, my head feels like a tuning fork.

  • Maude Salinger: [at the wrestling match] Come on, Gorilla, kill that son of a bitch!

    Rob Salinger: Gorilla Muldoon, is your father?

    Maude Salinger: That's not his real name.

  • Rob Salinger: What am I supposed to say? "Micki, a decade is a long time to be intimate with another human being, but I'm..."

    Leo Brody: A little stiff. A little stiff, Rob. How about "Dear..."?

    Rob Salinger: Dear? What do you mean "dear"? I don't call her "dear", she's a lawyer.

    Leo Brody: Oh... "Councilor"? I'm just not good enough for you.

    Rob Salinger: Oh! Common, Leo... Jesus! Wait a minute. Uhm... Oh! Common, Leo... Jesus! Wait a minute. Uhm... "Sometimes in a relationship, uhm... Sometimes in a relationship things happen that neither party anticipates."

    Leo Brody: Yeah, you've got the punch, now you need the pillow.

    Rob Salinger: What do you mean?

    Leo Brody: You'll gonna knock her out with this news, you need a pillow for her to land on.

    Rob Salinger: Yeah, I suppose...

    Leo Brody: "Micki, I love you. I'll always love you."

    Rob Salinger: Yeah.

    Leo Brody: Uhm... "These years with you, I've seen you blossom from a young girl into a mature woman."

    Rob Salinger: No, no, no. I mean, she was always a mature woman, even at 25.

    Leo Brody: All right, you like the part "Micki, I love you. I'll always love you", like that, right?

    Rob Salinger: Look, Leo. It's all right, but it's not exp...

    Leo Brody: Well, "Micki, I love you. I'll always love you..."

    Rob Salinger: "And... and... I'm..."

    Leo Brody: "... and I've knocked up a girl, I'm gonna marry and I want a divorce."

    Rob Salinger: Great, where's the pillow?

    Leo Brody: "We'd like to name the baby after you."

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