Roarke Quotes in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)


Roarke Quotes:

  • Roarke: [to Ghost Rider] You! Worst fucking deal I ever made.

  • Johnny Blaze: [voiceover] It doesn't matter how far you run, there are some demons you just can't escape. My name is Johnny Blaze, I used to ride a motorcycle for a living. I did a bare ass 360 triple back flip in front of twenty two thousand people. It's kind of funny, it's on Youtube, check it out. But when my dad got sick, I did something way crazier than that.

    Roarke: You look like you can use a little help, are you willing to make a deal, John?

    Johnny Blaze: Do it, save his life, do it!


    Johnny Blaze: Yeah that is right, I'm the guy who made a deal with the devil. Now I know what your thinking, does kid ever watch movies, does this ever work out fine? Well, let's just say good judgement wasn't exactly my forte. I was possessed by an ancient demon, in the presence of evil, I change into a monster, and I pray on the wicked, and I suck out their souls. And you don't want to be around when that happens, see there's good and bad in all of us, and maybe you're not a murderer, but you did something that you didn't want the Rider to see, a white lie, and illegal download, what about you? And you? I've tried to fight it, to hold it back, but the darkness inside me only get's stronger. That's why I had to run, halfway across the world, and I'm still running.

  • Ray Carrigan: [after Roarke turns him into Blackout] What did you do to me?

    Roarke: I gave you a second chance, you're a little less than alive, now. but also more!

    [tosses a piece of wood to Blackout which crumbles]

    Roarke: See, I've given you power. The power of decay... of darkness.

  • Roarke: [answering phone] Carrigan!

    Ray Carrigan: I got your package but the cost of doing business with me just went up.

    Roarke: I don't understand.

    Ray Carrigan: What's not to understand? I want more. You understand that?

    Roarke: We had an agreement, Carrigan. Changing the defined terms of an agreement is something we just don't do.

    Ray Carrigan: You told me to get a kid. Not a problem. I've done that with people before. And I have a history with his bitch of a mom, so there's no better guy for the job. But what you didn't tell me, is that I'd be walking into the middle of a goddamn horror movie.

    [Roarke laughs]

    Ray Carrigan: Oh, this is funny to you? Three of my guys get turned into matchsticks last night by a dude on a motorcycle with his head on fire.

    Roarke: Come again?

    Ray Carrigan: You heard me. I've seen things, weird things, bad things. But that thing last night? No. No, no, no.

    Roarke: Put the boy on the phone.

    Ray Carrigan: [holds phone to Danny's ear] Talk. Talk!

    Roarke: Danny, do you hear me? I want you to listen very closely. Listen to me.

    [whispers demonic talk into phone, Danny screams]

    Ray Carrigan: What the hell was that?

    Roarke: Think of the child as a sort of computer. You know computers, right? I just uploaded a little program. A firewall. Our friend on the motorcycle won't be able to sense him now, to track him. Of course, he still may be able to find you, so I suggest you keep moving.

    [hangs up]

  • [Carrigan is pinned under rubble of concrete]

    Roarke: You're not done, Carrigan. You were to bring me Nadya's son. I do expect you to fulfill your obligation.

    Ray Carrigan: Sorry, jackass, but I'm dead.

    Roarke: Inconvenient.

  • Roarke: You wanted to know why I look this way. Think of... a flamethrower.

    [scene of Ghost Rider urinating fire]

    Danny: [laughs]

    Roarke: Is that funny? Okay. A flamethrower made of papier-mâché. All that power. But try to use it, you burn up. This body I'm living in, it's weak, human. It's dying. It was never made to things that I can do. But you... you're only part human. You have all the power that I have inside of you. Like father, like son.

    [leans on to touch Danny, Danny shrugs him off]

    Roarke: But this corporeal form can wield the power without burning itself up.

  • Nadya: When you met the seducer, he offered you something.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah. My father's life. Shocker, he lied.

    Nadya: For me, it was only myself. It was suppose to be a big score for Carrigan, but it went bad. I made it out of the third-floor window. I was choking on my own blood. I knew I was gonna die. I could feel it. And that's when he found me.

    Roarke: [flash back] You look like you could use a little help.

    Johnny Blaze: Roarke.

    Nadya: He promised to take the pain away to save my life. But he asked for something in return.

    Johnny Blaze: A son?

    Nadya: Maybe can never understand.

    Johnny Blaze: No, I get it. You're the Devil's baby mama.

  • Roarke: I thought you were a nice guy.

    Wade: I am a nice guy. Just a different kind of nice guy.

  • [last lines]

    Policeman: What happened?

    Roarke: My mom got us down the river.

    Policeman: How about your dad? What did he do?

    Roarke: My dad? He saved our lives.

  • Roarke: How come you're on his side?

    Gail: I'm not on anybody's side, I'm on everybody's side, I'm the mother.

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