Roach Quotes in Point Break (1991)


Roach Quotes:

  • Bodhi: It's basic dog psychology, if you scare them and get them peeing down their leg, they submit. But if you project weakness, that promotes violence, and that's how people get hurt.

    Roach: Peace, through superior firepower.

  • Roach: [after robbing a bank disguised as Nixon quoting his famous phrase] I am not a crook!

  • Roach: [his feeling about jumping with parachutes] Sex with gods, you can't beat that!

  • Nathanial: You acted like nothing happened.

    Bodhi: Relax, Nathanial.

    Nathanial: [shouting] Don't tell me to relax Bodhi! He's a fuckin' federal agent!

    Roach: I should've shot him when I had a chance.

    Grommet: I feel like running.

    Rosie: You do and you die.

    Bodhi: Did you know that we've hit thirty banks in three years and they weren't able to touch us, and all this does is raise the stakes of the game.

    Grommet: [nervously shouting] Fuck the stakes Bodhi! The only one that thinks that this is a game is you, man. This is real. This is serious shit, and I am scared.

    Bodhi: What's the matter with you guys? This was never about the money, this was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human sprit is still alive. Don't worry about this guy, okay? I know exactly what to do with him.

  • Roach: Hey man, I'm cold. Really cold.

    Bodhi: Here's your jacket.

    [helps Roach put his jacket on]

    Bodhi: Johnny, hand me that bag of money.

    Johnny Utah: [getting the bag] You're cold because all of the blood is running out of your body, Roach. You're gonna be dead soon. I hope it was worth it.

    Bodhi: Don't listen to him, he's just scared.

    [helps Roach put his parachute pack on]

    Roach: What the fuck are you looking at?

  • Roach: [dying] I'll see you in hell, Johnny!


    Roach: [Bodhi shoves Roach out of the plane] Woahh!

  • Roach: Via con dios.

    The Collector: And a via con diablos to you, too, sir.

  • Roach: You know this "Hell on Earth" business? Big fucking deal - I've got hemmorhoids.

  • Windows: So, we're all hunky-dory? We're all copacetic?

    Roach: Well, if the word "copacetic" means I'm gonna rip off your tongue and lick your ass with it, then yeah, we're copacetic.

  • Day-Day: Fat bitches need love too, Craig!

    Roach: Fa Sho.

  • Roach: [At the Jokers house door] Knock.

    Day-Day: You want me to knock?

    Roach: Well knock.

    [Day-Day knocks at the door slightly]

    Roach: You're acting like a little bitch right now man, they're not gonna hear that, the music is playing.

    Day-Day: Excuse me partner, that was a fuckin' ghetto knock I just did.

    Roach: I'm gonna show you how to knock on a door.

    Day-Day: Hey, hey no stop.

    Baby Joker: [Inside the house when Roach is banging on their door with his feet] Yeah, rub that shit.

    Joker: [He hears Roach banging his door and get's his gun] I hear something? Fuckin' shit. Yeah I got to do everything around here, SHIT! Ruining my flow.

    Girl #1: [Talking to Lil Joker when kissing her neck] Right there.

    Joker: [When talking to his brothers] Hey you lover boys, YOU HEAR THAT SHIT!

    Day-Day: [Talking to Roach about banging the door with his feet] Motherfucker you better stop, they're gonna think we're the police in there.

    Roach: It get's results.

    Joker: [the brothers opening the door at a gunpoint] The fuck do you want?

    Day-Day: We came to borrow some sugar.

    Joker: Does this look like a fuckin' 7-Eleven to you homes? Do you see a Red-Dot on my Forehead my friend? Do you see an ATM in the corner that doesn't work? DO YOU? NO, YOU DON'T SO FUCK YOU MY FRIEND. Get the fuck outta here Day-Day, and you to, Slim Shady.

    Day-Day: No problem, we're gone.

    Roach: Hold on, just a second, hey man you've run over my skateboard. I DON'T APPRECIATE THAT, ALL RIGHT!

    Joker: What?

    Day-Day: [the Joker brothers grab him and Roach and get them inside their house] Oh no, that's that bullshit, man it ain't like...

  • Day-Day: Fat bitches need love too, Craig!

    Roach: Fa Sho.

  • Fool: [after Roach rescues him from "Daddy"] Thanks.

    Roach: [smiles and nods]

    Fool: [to Alice] He doesn't talk much, does he?

    Alice: His tongue's cut out.

    Roach: [opens his mouth and shows a severed stump]

    Alice: Mommy caught him trying to call for help one day, and Daddy had to teach him to...

    Fool: Speak no evil, right?

    Alice: [nods]

    Fool: Your father's one sick mother, you know that? Actually, your mother's one sick mother, too!

    Alice: Shhh! You're speaking evil! They'd kill you if they heard a word you just said.

  • Alice: Roach is my friend.

    Fool: Roach? I'm Poindexter.

    Roach: [tries to mumble his name]

    Fool: Everybody calls me Fool.

    Roach: Foo...?

    Fool: You sure got the names, huh?

    [notices Alice's basket of homemade dolls]

    Fool: This Leroy? You did this? Why you make these?

    Alice: To hold the souls of burglars when they died. Or salesmen, workmen, other people who saw too much.

  • Roach: Denise...

    Denise: Roach, one word - RAID!

  • Bug: I mean, you get to live out your dream everyday with the Over-Queen! Now it's time for me to live mine! Up there with the Starship Rangers.

    Roach: But... But what if I miss you Bug?

    Bug: Well... If you miss me, just look up. Because that's where I'll be.

  • Roach: Bug... she excreted her filth for you... We did it!

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