Rita Watson Quotes in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)


Rita Watson Quotes:

  • Rita Watson: I've got a lot of reasons I can't explain, but I have to leave the choir.

    [leaves, visibly upset, with a permission slip]

    Sister Mary Lazarus: Give us back our consent form.

    Sister Mary Clarence: Stop that!

  • Rita Watson: Mama, it was just this one time. I'm sorry, I'll never disobey you again. It was just really important to me...

    Florence Watson: Just stop! You're incredible and I'm proud of you. I'm very proud of you.

  • Sister Mary Clarence: Yes, Miss Watson?

    Rita Watson: We don't want no new way. The old way was fine for us.

    [turns to class]

    Rita Watson: Right?

    [class agrees]

    Rita Watson: So, if you're gonna fail us, you might as well just go ahead, 'cause we ain't doing nothing!

    Sister Mary Clarence: Fine. If that's the way you feel, there's the door. Don't let it hit you in the butts on the way out.

    Sketch Pinshum: Yo, yo, Sis... I can't afford to fail this class!

    Sister Mary Clarence: You better tell your friend you can't afford to fail this class!

    Tyler Chase: My parents wouldn't be pleased.

    Rita Watson: Come on, ya'll, we ain't gotta take this from her! Come on! Sketch, come on, man.

    [Sketch shakes head no]

    Rita Watson: Fran-kay?

    Frankie: Yo, Rita, you know I'm usually down for stuff like this. But, I'm gonna take care of business this time.

    Sister Mary Clarence: A little lonely on that limb by yourself, Miss Watson?

    Rita Watson: [despondent] So much for friendship!

    [storms out door]

  • Rita Watson: Sorry I don't have any cute stories or anidotes to tell.

    Ahmal James: "ANEC"...

    Rita Watson: Shut up, Ahmal, mind your business.

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