Rinda Woolley Quotes in Black Day Blue Night (1995)


Rinda Woolley Quotes:

  • Lt. John Quinn: What were you doing in Utah?

    Rinda Woolley: Leavin' it.

  • Bo Schrag: Halie, what are you doing here?

    Hallie Schrag: I'm... gonna kill you, Bo.

    Rinda Woolley: Who the fuck is that?

    Bo Schrag: How'ed you get here Hal?

    Hallie Schrag: Oh, how does it matter how I got here? I'm here!

    Rinda Woolley: How the fuck is that?

    Bo Schrag: That's... that's... my wife...

    Rinda Woolley: You what?

    Hallie Schrag: His WIFE!

    Rinda Woolley: You fuck! You said you weren't married!

    Hallie Schrag: How could you do this to me?

    Bo Schrag: She doesn't matter to me at all... the hell it wasn't even my idea... I... I was drinking... ummm... umm ya know she kinda looks like you kinda... don'tcha think? Ya know... I woke up she had my pants down!

    Rinda Woolley: You lying piece of shit, you came onto me the first time we met, we've been fooling around ever since and you know it!

    Bo Schrag: BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! That is NOT true Hal!

    Rinda Woolley: The fuck it isn't! Every Goddamn day except weekends when you had to go back and fu-. Oh, ha ha ha, go back and visit your sick sister.

    Hallie Schrag: [Cocks gun]

    Bo Schrag: Hal! Jesus Hal! *Stuttering* D-don't do anything you're gonna be sorry for Hal!

    Hallie Schrag: Bo? What are you thinking?

    Bo Schrag: What?

    Hallie Schrag: What could you possibly be thinking that your dick's still hard? What are you thinking about sticking it back in her?

    Bo Schrag: [Rinda smakes Bo's private region with the phone] Oh!

    Rinda Woolley: Not anymore he's not. Fuck.

    Rinda Woolley: Hey look, I really didn't know he was married OK?

    Hallie Schrag: What should I do with him?

    Rinda Woolley: Shoot him, for God's sakes.

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