Riley Hale Quotes in Broken Arrow (1996)


Riley Hale Quotes:

  • Terry Carmichael: Just put it down, and I won't have to kill you.

    Riley Hale: This isn't a standoff. I've got the gun.

    Terry Carmichael: I never keep it loaded.

    [Hale is momentarily distacted; Terry acquires the gun and points it at him]

    Riley Hale: Thought you said it wasn't loaded?

    Terry Carmichael: [fires a shot into the air] I LIED!

  • Riley Hale: You know, these exercises are fantastic. When the day comes that we have to go to war against Utah, we're really gonna kick ass, y'know?

  • Giles Prentice: Just for the record, I'm not entirely a civilian. I was actually a lieutenant in the ROTC at Yale.

    Riley Hale: Well, good for you, Lieutenant.

  • Vic Deakins: You know, Hale, I considered bringing you in on this. You know why I didn't?

    Riley Hale: 'Cause I would have said "no"?

    Vic Deakins: Nah, if you had said no, I'd have just killed you. I was afraid you were gonna say yes. 'Cause you don't have the balls to go through with something like this, we both know that.

  • [Hale has a shotgun on Deakins, but Deakins is holding a remote for the bomb]

    Riley Hale: You lose.

    Vic Deakins: I've still got my finger on the trigger. That's the *remote* trigger. See if I push this button here


    Vic Deakins: *You lose!* But if I push this button here,


    Vic Deakins: the weapon is disarmed.

    Riley Hale: [cocks the shotgun] So why don't you disarm it then?

    Vic Deakins: I'm not in the mood.

  • Riley Hale: [crawling through a small tunnel] This seems like it doesn't go anywhere

    [drops into river below]

  • Riley Hale: You're out of your mind.

    Vic Deakins: Yeah. Ain't it cool?

    Riley Hale: I'm serious, Deak, your mind has taken a walk off the map.

    Vic Deakins: Maybe. But I'm still gonna kick your ass.

  • Riley Hale: There's no difference between you and a guy who shoots up a schoolyard. You've both got a-a head full of bad wiring.

    Vic Deakins: What was that?

    Riley Hale: You're fucked in the head, Deak.

    Vic Deakins: [Fires wildly at him] Hah.

    Riley Hale: I pissed him off.

  • Vic Deakins: Hale. Pick up. Pick up!


    Vic Deakins: C'mon buddy, pick up the 'phone.

    Riley Hale: "Buddy," huh? Son of a bitch, you tried to kill me. The friendship is over.

    Vic Deakins: Well that doesn't mean I don't like you. Hell, I'm impressed.

  • Terry: [running after Riley even though he told her to go to a phone for help] Oh, this is a bad idea.

    [jumps on the roof of the truck with Hale]

    Terry: Hi.

    Riley Hale: [Bemused] Hi.

  • Terry Carmichael: [after Hale has shot a bad guy from between Terry's legs] Wow.

    Riley Hale: That was a first for me, too.

  • Riley Hale: We were only sparring, buddy.

  • [last lines]

    Terry: You know you're still under arrest, Captain.

    Riley Hale: [holding Terry's hand] Oh, yeah? Well, I guess you better take me in.

  • Riley Hale: No, you don't understand. You see, it really *is* yours. I took it outta your wallet while you were in the shower.

  • Riley Hale: [points a gun at Baker] You can get out now.

    Baker: [points his gun at Terry] I don't know, looks like we got ourselves a stand-off.

    Riley Hale: [Hale lowers his gun and shoots Baker in the leg. Baker screams and loses control of his gun]

    [ramming Baker's head into the steering wheel]

    Riley Hale: NO-WE-DON'T!

    [Throws Baker out of the Humvee]

  • Riley Hale: Endangered dirt. That's a new one.

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