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Ricky Quotes:

  • Kelly O'Brien: It doesn't make any sense. Gilliam Circle is right in the center of town. We'll be surrounded by those things.

    Dallas: Wait a second... what are you saying?

    Kelly O'Brien: I think the colonel was lying.

    Darcy Benson: That's crazy. The government doesn't lie to people.

    Kelly O'Brien: The army thinks about containment first. They can't risk this getting any worse.

    Morales: Help is a few miles down that road and they're waiting for us. Now, it you won't drive us there, I will.

    Dallas: Eddie, if she's right, the only thing down that road are more of those things.

    Morales: You're not seriously considering this.

    Dallas: I'm considering whatever keeps us alive.

    Kelly O'Brien: Which means getting out of this town.

    Darcy Benson: There are only two helicopters in town, but one's in the airport.

    Dallas: No, it's too far. We'll never make it.

    Ricky: The other one's at the hospital.

    Morales: The people at the hospital probably used it to get out.

    Kelly O'Brien: That's a chance we have to take.

    Morales: If you're wrong and the helicopter's gone, we're all dead.

    Kelly O'Brien: If I'm right, they're dead if they follow you.

  • Ricky: Give me my keys.

    Dale: [throws Ricky's key into the sewer drain] If you can find 'em in less then 30 minutes, asshole.

  • Dallas: Why don't we just climb down from where they threw your keys?

    Ricky: So Jesse can see me climb out covered in shit? No thanks.

    Dallas: Wait a second. We're gonna be covered in shit?

  • Jesse: [about Dale] I'm sorry. He can be such an asshole.

    Ricky: Yeah, well... you've always known how to pick 'em, Jess.

    Jesse: Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm getting ready to fire him.

    Ricky: Fire him.

  • Ricky: Your friend's a real dirtbag, kid.

    [throws dirt at him]

    Max Kenton: He's my father!

    [looks at Charlie]

    Ricky: Well, looks like a little less than an inch of your life. Right, buddy?

  • [Ambush is being destroyed by the bull Black Thunder]

    Charlie Kenton: Ricky, enough! Enough!

    Ricky: I can't hear you from the sound of your robot being destroyed.

  • [preparing to launch]

    Matuzak: She's a little shaky.

    Ricky: Blood pressure's gonna loosen her teeth and her pulse is pushing 140.

    Matuzak: If she farts she'll get ahead of the pod.

  • Matuzak: [after catching Ricky with virtual reality porn] Damn it, Ricky, I catch you fucking this machine again, I'll break your neck.

    Ricky: Sorry, chief.

    Walker: Looks like safe sex to me.

  • Ricky: There's a lot of crazy shit in these woods.

  • Ricky: Hey, I happen to have a healthy respect for profanity. They're just not happy words and they don't make me happy to hear them. To use something over and over until it has no meaning. Hell hell hell hell hell.

  • Theo: What would your old man say if he knew what you were doing in here last night?

    Ricky: I wasn't doing anything thanks to you. What do you want?

  • Jo Jo: A butterfly is pretty. But when it farts, it farts the same as as you or I.

    Ricky: How philosophical!

  • Tweasel: [scared] I'm getting weird vibes, man...

    Ricky: [staring down on him] What kind of vibes?

    Tweasel: I'm thinkin' you wanna hurt me...

    Ricky: I'm not gunna hurt you, Tweasel...

    Tweasel: [relieved] You're not?

    Ricky: No. I'm gunna kill you.

  • [after first stabbing Tweasel]

    Ricky: Say you love Satan. Go on.

    Tweasel: No. I love my mom.

    Ricky: [stabs again] Say it. Say you love Satan.

  • Ricky: Come on, you guys. Blow out your candle and say you love Satan.

  • Ricky: I didn't have to kill Tweasel... I wanted to.

  • [about rehab]

    Wiley: What kinda drugs they give ya in there? Lithium right?

    Ricky: No, I think it was like Haldon.

    Wiley: Haldon?


    Wiley: Haldon... Haldon... fuck, I usually know my drugs.


    Wiley: Ohhh... you're a little schizo, huh?

  • Marina Osorio: You want to fuck me, right? Get it over with.

    Ricky: Relax. We'll fuck when the time comes.

  • Ricky: I have nothing, so I have nothing to lose.

  • Ricky: I didn't mean to hurt you, but you started to scream.

  • Ricky: I had to kidnap you so you'd get to know me. I'm sure you'll get to love me as I love you.

  • Ricky: I'm 23 years old, I have 50,000 pesetas, and I'm alone in the world. I'll try to be a good husband to you and a good father to your children.

  • Directora psiquiátrico: What will you do?

    Ricky: Get a job, start a family. Like any normal person.

    Directora psiquiátrico: You're not a normal person.

  • Anciano psiquiátrico: Running away, eh?

    Ricky: No, this time the judge says I can go. I'm fit to join society.

    Anciano psiquiátrico: Society! I belonged to a society once too. It was a gourmet society. But one day they poisoned me. I'd be careful if I were you.

  • Ricky: We met once a year ago at a bar name Lulu's. Remember? I'd just escaped from the institution. We met by chance at Lulu's. We went to your place and fucked. You don't remember? I promised to come back and protect you.

    Marina Osorio: Lots of men have said that!

    Ricky: But I'm here to prove it.

  • Ricky: I don't like tying you up.

    Marina Osorio: Then don't.

  • Marina Osorio: Will you help me?

    Ricky: You don't mind if I see you naked?

    Marina Osorio: Not anymore.

  • Marina Osorio: Now I remember.

    Ricky: What?

    Marina Osorio: I remember you now.

    Ricky: I don't follow.

    Marina Osorio: You said we'd screwed before, and I said I didn't remember. Well, now I remember, perfectly.

  • Ricky: I'd escape now and then, but I always went back.

    Marina Osorio: Why?

    Ricky: I had no where to go, and the Director lady liked me.

    Marina Osorio: That's why you're such a good lay.

    Ricky: With them it was different.

    Marina Osorio: Were there lots of directors?

    Ricky: No, only one director. The others were nurses.

  • Ricky: Will you run away if I don't tie you up?

    Marina Osorio: I don't know. You'd better tie me up. Tie me up.

  • Ricky: Ya know, did you ever see the movie "The Sentinel," Mr Peterson? It's about the old guy who owns the apartment which is kinda like the, uh, gateway to hell.

    Ray Peterson: No, I, I didn't see that.

    Ricky: Well, I was doin' some thinkin' and you know, being that their last house burned down and all, it's like maybe, somebody left the gate open.

  • Ricky: We don't need reparations! We need restraint!

    Billy: "Restraint"?

    Ricky: "Restraint"! Some discipline! Don't go out and buy a Range Rover when you livin' with your mama! And pay your mama some rent! And can we please, please, *please* try and teach our kids something other than the "Chronic" album? And *please*, Black people, try and be on time for something other than free before eleven at the club!

  • Ricky: So, uh, what sort of dog do you two have? I heard him howling last night. Sounds like a big fellow.

    John: Oh, we don't have a dog. That was just some really violent sex.

  • Carla: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

    Ricky: What exactly wouldn't you do?

    Carla: Him!

    [points to Darnell]

  • Ricky: For once I wish she was the one eating

    [holds up Kat's tattoo unknown that he has been eating it]

    Ricky: sloppy seconds.

  • Ricky: [to Issac] Man, you cut hair like a bitch! Cuttin' little "I"'s in the back of people's heads an' shit!

  • Ricky: Once a trailer park boy, always a trailer park boy.

  • Ricky: Fuck this court. Fuck Jim Lahey. Fuck Randy. Fuck those two idiot cops right there. Fuck suit dummies; as a matter of fact fuck legal aid. Fuck Danny and Terry's Buffalo Chicken Wings. Fuck all the old wood in here. Fuck the moon, fuck corn on the cob, fuck squirrels. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything!

  • Ricky: Fuck you, Lahey!

  • Bubbles: Ricky, I think you might have hurt Corey and Trevor's feelings there!

    Ricky: Bubbles, look at them. They're the stupidest fuck-giraffes in the dumb-dumb salad.

    Bubbles: Fuck giraffes?

  • [from trailer]

    Bubbles: We're going to have to play ourselves boys. I'm going have to be to be Bubbles in the movie.

    Julian: These people are terrible.

    Ricky: What if I want to be Bubbles?

    Julian: You're going to play yourself. Think, okay. You're going to be Ricky.

    Bubbles: Now you're being a dick right now. You do just that.

  • Lucy: Ricky, I don't love Sonny.

    Ricky: I don't love him either. I think he's a fucking dick.

  • Ricky: I knew it. You're attracted to Julian.

    Donny: I'm not attracted to Julian, I'm attracted to his-

    [stops himself, clears throat]

    Donny: I'm not attracted to Julian.

  • Ricky: You just gotta make sure the cops don't get your prescription, cause once they have your prescription, you're fucked!

  • Bubbles: [afer smelling a kitty that spent the night in ricky's car] Ricky! Smell him! He smells like cigarettes!

    Ricky: [Smells kitty] Yeah he does smells like cigarettes a bit I guess.

    Bubbles: Kitties aren't supposed to smell like cigareets, they're supposed to smell like kitties!

  • Ricky: Suck it Donny!

    Donny: You suck it Ricky, MORE!

    Ricky: What the fuck kind of comeback was that? You said the same thing thing that I said, but you just added 'more' to it.

    Donny: No! More! You suck it more!

    Ricky: You're a fuckin' dick!

  • Minister: We are gathered here today to witness the holy matrimony of two people, Richard and Lucy, who have decided to write their own vows.

    Ricky: Thank you, your honor.

  • Ricky: Do you want to take it to Fucktown Lahey? Cause that's where this is headed: Downtown Fucktown!

    Bubbles: No Mr. Lahey, PLEASE, we don't want to go to Fucktown!

  • Ricky: Can I please go to jail for a week to play hockey?

  • Ricky: [from trailer] What kind of English is that?

    Bubbles: He's speaking Spanish Ricky.

    Ricky: Boy here let's clear something up. Is it galapeno or halapeno?

    Hispanic Auditionee: It's jalapeño.

    Ricky: No, it's galapeno. Next.

  • Lady Divine: Go fix yourself a sandwich!

    Ricky: Is there any bologna in there?

    Lady Divine: And some cheese. Anything you want, just, you know, go ahead and fix yourself a sandwich!

  • Ricky: Look, Mister fag-man, you didn't hire me and you're not gonna fire me!

  • Adult Lady 1: God, the high school in this town, who can survive it?

    [Adult lady 1 and adult lady 2 laugh]

    Adult Lady 2: Isn't that the truth? I was fat.

    Adult Lady 1: I had terrible acne.

    Ricky: And I was a boy, so that sucked.

  • Francesca: I'm curious, I mean, does this... does this make me gay?

    Ricky: I don't think so.

    Francesca: Bi-curious?

    Ricky: I don't know.

    Francesca: Well, it has to make me somethin'.

    Ricky: Human?

  • Ricky: Is it tight like an asshole...

    Robby: Okay! Okay, google time.

    Ricky: Robby!

    Robby: No, no, no, no, no. Confused gay chat rooms or something. Seriously.

  • Ricky: Anyway, I hear it's very, um... it's very complicated. You know, the... vaj... with all its various fluids flowing at different times. There's... theres the period, the wetness during sex, so, uh... okay, so like, I mean, does it start out wet, or-or do I have to get it wet? Well, wait, does SHE get it... wait... How's it get wet?

    Robby: Are you fuckin' retarded right now?

    Ricky: Robby! It's not easy for me to talk about these things. Just tell me.

  • Ricky: Only gay boys watch those girl shows.

    Robby: Oh, yeah, 'cuz what straight guy would wanna watch hot sisters or best friends mess around with each other half naked and then makin' full-on porn tapes? That is... that is so gay.

  • Robby: Hey, I am knowledgeable in the arts of various sexual arenas.

    Ricky: Oh, please. You thank God for "Glee" every day. You'd still think scissoring was a mixed martial arts tap-out hold.

  • Ricky: But, uh, I swear to you, Robby Riley, if you smell like fish, I will vomit on you.

  • Robby: Sometimes likin' someone isn't enough and you gotta break up. Kinda quickly. But it doesn't make me a bad guy.

    Ricky: No, just a guy.

  • Sam Jones: I'm not weird because I'm a boy and I like to have my maine guys rescue your barbie dolls and not the other way around?

    Ricky: We girls always have to do the rescuing, regardless of the how it looks but, that's a lesson for another day.

  • Francesca: Oh, you're so soft. Just like...

    Ricky: A girl?

    Francesca: Yeah.

    [Francesca puts her hand between Ricky's legs]

    Francesca: And it's so hard, just like a...

    Ricky: A boy?

    Francesca: Yeah.

  • Robby: Okay, uh, what do you... What do you wanna know?

    Ricky: Okay, so, you know the, um, the...

    Robby: Dick?

    Ricky: On a genetic girl!

    Robby: Oh, the va-jay-jay.

    Ricky: Oh, my God, you do not watch the Kardashians?

    Robby: Loves it.

  • Francesca: Oh, god, men. The very thing they want most is the very thing they're most afraid of.

    Ricky: Ain't that the truth.

    Francesca: Commitment.

    Ricky: Dick. Oh, well, I mean that too, but it's a distant second.

    Francesca: I'm sorry. Did you say what I think you just said?

    Ricky: Mmm, that... commitment's a distant second?

    Francesca: No, before that.

    Ricky: That men want dick but are afraid of it.

    Francesca: Okay, apparently you did.

  • Ricky: Maybe if one thing leads to another...

    Robby: Yeah.

    Ricky: What's it like? I mean, like, okay, so... what would you, um... what-what would I... well, uh... what's one supposed to do?

  • Ricky: I have a simple theory - if you're not with the girl that you love, love the girl that you're with.

  • Ricky: Maybe that's why I like you so much... you don't tempt easy.

  • Ricky: Do you ever get your head where it just won't shut up and it's talking to itself, 'yap yap yap'. Fuck! What is that?

    Bubbles: Thinkin', Ricky. You're thinkin'!

    Ricky: That's all that is?

  • Ricky: [dumps the contents of a garbage bin onto Jim Lahey and his car] Aw, I'm sorry Jim. I thought you were the garbage!

  • Peggy Lou: More to life than us?

    [Ricky stares at some guys]

    Peggy Lou: Ricky Patrick O'Reilly, you're doing it again!

    Ricky: Doing what?

    Peggy Lou: You're looking away!

  • Ricky: Hey D, why don't you go to the store for me.

    Doughboy: Nigga, I ain't the one she told to go get it, its yo wife.

    Ricky: Look man, she ain't my wife.

    Doughboy: She may as well be, Y'all got a family and all.

  • Ricky: [scratching lotto ticket] damn, nothin.

    Tre Styles: what?

    Ricky: Nothin, I said I didn't win nothin.

    Tre Styles: You gotta be mexican to win that shit.

  • Tre Styles: Man, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Ricky: What?

    Tre Styles: You're slamming my door like some kind of gorilla on a football field!

    Ricky: Damn, nigga! What's wrong with you?

    Tre Styles: Nothing.

  • Ferris: Fuck you looking at, nigga?

    Ricky: I'm still trying to find out,


    Ricky: Nigga!

    Doughboy: What? We got a problem here?

    [shows gun]

    Doughboy: We got a problem?

  • Narrator: [Tyler steers the car into the opposite lane and accelerates] What are you doing?

    Tyler Durden: Guys, what would you wish you'd done before you died?

    Ricky: Paint a self-portrait.

    The Mechanic: Build a house.

    Tyler Durden: [to Narrator] And you?

    Narrator: I don't know. Turn the wheel now, come on!

    Tyler Durden: You have to know the answer to this question! If you died right now, how would you feel about your life?

    Narrator: I don't know, I wouldn't feel anything good about my life, is that what you want to hear me say? Fine. Come on!

    Tyler Durden: Not good enough.

  • Ricky: [to Bob, while interviewing for applicants] You're too old, fat man.

    [to Angel Face]

    Ricky: And you, you are too fucking... *blonde*!

  • Ricky: I can't believe he's still standing.

    Thomas: One tough motherfucker.

  • Riley: [as one of Riley's parolees is clawing at her skin] Ricky! Ricky!

    Ricky: [Ricky comes in the office to see the parolee clawing at her skin] Aw Hell Naw

  • Billy: Eat shit and die, Ricky!

    Ricky: Eat shit and live, Bill.

  • Rachel: [Rachel has just discovered her car completely flipped over] What the Fuck!... MY FUCKING CAR!

    Ricky: I guess that's what the bottom of a car looks like.

    Rachel: I don't think that's funny.

  • Ricky: [Grabs Tammy's bra strap] So tell me, is this synthetic leather?

    Tammy: We got it at Lacey's in Baton Rouge.

    Patty: No, *you* go it at Lacey's. I was in Barnes & Noble flipping through Janes. Do not make me a part of your felony.

    Ricky: You stole it?

    Tammy: Well, I wasn't gonna buy it! It was too ugly! And I felt bad taking a nice one. I *have* a conscience.

    Patty: You're still a crook.

    Tammy: [Pulls her shirt down] Yeah, a crook with a nice rack.

    [to Ricky]

    Tammy: Don't you think?

    Ricky: [Looks at Ray in his truck, watching them] You may not wanna pull those out too often.

  • Ricky: [Sees a painting] Check this out!

    Rachel: What is it supposed to be?

    Ricky: I don't know.

    Cece: It's a milking ceremony. It's an old Haitian ritual. The Mambo is saving the man's soul, clensing him of evil. It's his last rites. The snakes are charmed by the Mamboto suck out the man's evil, so that his soul may pass on.

  • Tammy: Some people are just born rotten.

    Patty: Or gay!

    Ricky: Or bitchy?

    Patty: Or bitchy!

  • Ricky: [Walking in Cece's house] Mambo woman meant business, huh?

  • Sean: Are you fucking kidding me?

    Ricky: I swer to god. I am not making this up!

    Eden Sinclair: You guys, what's going on?

    Ricky: The town is upside down! Deputy Turner, and Terry Parker, who works at the morgue are both missing! And here's the really fucked up part. So is Ray Sawyer!

    Eric: Ray's dead, Ricky.

    Ricky: Yeah. That's the really fucked up part! His *body's* missing!

  • Ricky: [looking under the hood of Tom and Lisa's car] Hey, Alex I found it. The alternator wire's loose.

    Alex: [sarcastic] Wonderful, Ricky. Wonderful!

    Ricky: I'll have it fixed in a minute.

    Alex: Take your time. Take your time.

    Ricky: Why?

    Alex: [serious tone] Why not? It's too late to go boogying anyway.

    Ricky: Too late? No, come on. What are we going to do? The night's still young.

    Alex: Well... I hear there's a party. You up for a party?

    Lisa: I told you, it's not a party.

    Alex: Well, when we get there, we'll make it one.

    Lisa: You want me to dance with you at the party?

    Alex: Oh... you'll dance all right.

  • Ricky: I made a real royal straight!

  • Ricky: And you, Howard?

  • Ricky: Earlier, while you were out, the police showed up here. It was Turner. That crud that's always snooping around. He was looking for a stolen black Lincoln. By the time he got here, the car was already gone. Pretty lucky, huh?

    Alex: It's not hard to be lucky. For example, you go down to the corner bar for a drink and that particular cop happens to be there. So you start telling a story to the barman or the person sitting next to you about this guy who snooped around too much. And in order to get even with him, the guys he was investigating took it out on his family. And you tell it loud enough so the cop can hear.

    Ricky: So what does he do?

    Alex: He doesn't do anything. He drinks his beer and he leaves. You see he's got two girls at home. 15 years old.

    Ricky: [laughs] Shit, you can really handle things, Alex. I've never had a friend like you.

  • Ricky: Alex, will you lend me 20 bucks? I need to be covered.

    [Alex looks at Ricky's cards and lends him a $20 bill]

    Ricky: [lays down his cards] Three aces.

    Tom: [lays down his cards] Not good enough. Flush. Want to play another hand?

    Ricky: I'm clean. You guys cleaned me out.

    Alex: [hands Ricky a $100 bill] Here. Let's play one more hand. Be careful, Ricky. They're taking you for a ride. These bastards wouldn't know a straight game even if they followed one home.

    Glenda: What did you say?

    Alex: You heard me, twat! You don't get a full house or a royal flush four times in a row unless you're cheating.

    Tom: You shouldn't say those things. People like us could take it the wrong way.

    Alex: Deal the cards, mister... where I can see 'em!

  • [last lines]

    Ricky: [as Hazard Jack lifts, then lights a makeshift flamethrower to face Ricky] It's YOU who's gonna burn!

  • Sean: [15 minutes after taking LSD] I thought I felt something, but it went away.

    Ricky: Sounds like love.

  • Ricky: Between me and you, I've always wondered what all the fuss is about. What makes him so crazy about you?

    Wade: Well, between me and you, I've always wondered what the fuss was about you. How come nobody ever turns you down? Not even Arturo.

    Ricky: Yeah?

    Wade: Yeah.

    [they kiss]

  • Ricky: I love you. Not as a friend or as a girlfriend, more than that. And every guy I meet pales in comparison, they're just bodies. I love you. And the words burn to my mouth because I know you don't love me.

    Noah: Ricky...

    Ricky: Not that way, I know. It's my burden and I'm sorry if it sometimes makes me act like a jerk. But I know one thing.

    Noah: What?

    Ricky: I will always have your back. Always. And I know something else. You love Wade.

  • Brandon: Wade was in a car accident?

    Ricky: Noah nursed him back to health.

    Brandon: That's so romantic.

    Ricky: Except what lead to the crash was a fight between Wade and his boyfriend, after he caught Wade and Noah gettin' busy.

    Brandon: Sounds like a soap opera.

    Ricky: Which is exactly why it won't work. Life is not a soap opera.

  • Noah: So we release them, and then?

    Brandon: They fly away?

    Wade: This time of year, wouldn't they just freeze to death?

    Ricky: The perfect metaphor for the joys of marriage.

  • Ricky: Fucking hockey-whore!

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