Rick Riker Quotes in Superhero Movie (2008)


Rick Riker Quotes:

  • Uncle Albert: Remember, with great power comes...

    Rick Riker: Great responsibility?

    Uncle Albert: Well, I was gonna say bitches, but if you want to be a virgin for the rest of your life...

  • Rick Riker: Now I'm never gonna know the secret to becoming a superhero.

    Mrs. Xavier: You wanna know the secret? Come close.

    [smacks Rick]

    Mrs. Xavier: Make a costume, shithead!

  • Rick Riker: [opening the front door] Uncle Albert!

    [Albert turns and shoots a nail from a nail gun; Rick catches the nail]

    Uncle Albert: [amazed] How did you do that?

    Rick Riker: It's... easier than it looks.

    Uncle Albert: [shoots Trey in the hand] Nope. I don't think so.

  • Rick Riker: I'm not wearing any diamonds.

  • [after Aunt Lucille farts through Rick and Jill's conversation, Hourglass breaks through the window]

    Hourglass: Sorry to drop in uninvited.

    Rick Riker: It's okay. We were hoping someone would open a window. It was getting stuffy in here.

  • Rick Riker: [Rick sees that Lou is coughing blood] Are you okay, Mr. Landers?

    Lou Landers: Oh, I'm fine, son. This is just healthy cough-blood!

  • Dr. Whitby: So, what brings you here?

    Rick Riker: My uncle.

    Dr. Whitby: Your uncle brought you here?

    Rick Riker: No, he's gravely injured.

    Dr. Whitby: Well, he shouldn't be driving, then.

  • Uncle Albert: With great power comes... ow!

    Rick Riker: Great responsibility? Try to breathe!

    Uncle Albert: I can't. You're kneeling on my balls!

  • Rick Riker: [during a prolonged conversation with Jill while plummeting from a rooftop] This is a really tall building.

  • Rick Riker: See, you're not even in my top five!

  • Undertaker: This is gonna be difficult for you but you've got to identify the body.

    Rick Riker: This isn't my aunt.

    Undertaker: Yes. That's why it's going to be difficult.

  • Jill's Mother: [shouting from a window] You're a whore, just like your mother!

    [Jill's mother goes back inside]

    Rick Riker: Who was that?

    Jill Johnson: My mother.

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