Richter Quotes in Total Recall (1990)


Richter Quotes:

  • Richter: I want that fucker dead!

    Helm: I don't blame you, man. I wouldn't want a guy like Quaid porkin' my old lady.

    Richter: You saying she liked it?

    Helm: Uh... no... I'm sure she hated every minute of it.

  • Immigration Officer: [to the Fat Lady] Have you brought any fruits or vegetables on the planet?

    Fat Lady: [with a big smile] Two weeks.

    Immigration Officer: Excuse me?

    Fat Lady: [ticcing with her mouth] Two weeks. Twooo weeeks! Wweeeoo...

    Richter: [walks by and looks back to the Fat Lady]

    Fat Lady: Two...

    [moving her lips with her hands, then moving her head uncontrollably]

    Richter: Quaid.


    Richter: That's Quaid!

    Everett: Where?

    Richter: That woman! Get him! Her!

    [runs to her]

    Everett: Arrest that woman!

    Richter: Get that woman!

    [a disorder in the hall]

    Fat Lady: [screaming and moving her head, touches her ear as if it is a switch, her wig fells off]

    [the masks opens and Quaids head becomes visible]

    Douglas Quaid: Catch!

    [and throws the mask to the soldiers]

    Fat Lady: Get ready for a surprise!

    [and the mask explodes in the soldiers' faces]

  • Richter: You have to make a decision, sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Kill him.

    Richter: It's about goddamn time.

  • Douglas Quaid: Come on, Cohaagen! You got what you want. Give those people air!

    Vilos Cohaagen: My friend, in five minutes, you won't give a shit about the people. Fire it up, Doc!

    Richter: Excuse me, Doctor, is he gonna remember any of this?

    Doctor: Not a thing.

    Richter: Oh, really?

    [Richter punches Quaid in his face. Quaid angrily glares back at Richter]

    Vilos Cohaagen: Oh, Quaid, I'm having a party tonight. Why don't you and Melina drop by? Remind him, Doc?

    Doctor: Sure.

    Richter: See you at the party.

  • Vilos Cohaagen: Kuato wants what's in Quaid's head, and he might be able to get it 'cause they say he's psychic; and I have a plan to keep this from happening. Do you think you could play along?

    Richter: Yes, sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Great, 'cause otherwise, I'll erase your ass!

  • Vilos Cohaagen: What the fuck is going on down there?

    Richter: I'm trying to neutralize a traitor, Sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: If I wanted him dead, you moron, I wouldn't have dumped him on Earth!

    Richter: We can't let him run around. He knows too much.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Lori says he can't remember jack shit!

    Richter: That's now. In an hour, he could have total recall.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Listen to me, Richter, I want Quaid delivered alive for re-implantation. Have you got that? I want him back in place with Lori.

  • [a door is sealed shut, causing Richter to lose Quaid]

    Richter: Open the goddamn door!

    Everett: I can't.

    Richter: Open it!

    Everett: They're all connected.

  • Richter: You wanted to see me sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Richter, you know why I'm such a happy person?

    Richter: No, sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: Because I have one of the greatest jobs in the solar system. As long as the turbinium keeps flowing, I can do anything I want. Anything!

    [gets up from his chair]

    Vilos Cohaagen: In fact, the only thing I worry about is, one day, if the rebels win, it all might end.

    [In Richter's face]

    Vilos Cohaagen: And you're FUCKING MAKING IT HAPPEN! First, you tried to kill Quaid and then you let him get away.

    Richter: He had help from our side, sir.

    Vilos Cohaagen: I know that.

    Richter: But, I thought...

    Vilos Cohaagen: [interrupting] Who told you to THINK? I don't give you enough information to THINK! You do as you're told, THAT'S WHAT YOU DO!

  • Helm: Look at that shit!

    Richter: What the hell's this?

    Everett: The Martians love Kuato. They think he's fuckin' George Washington.

    Helm: Kill the bastard!

  • [Richter and his men shoot Quaid numerous times, but he just gets up and starts laughing]

    Richter: [Realizing what's going on] Son of a bitch.

    [Quaid's image suddenly fades away and the real Quaid comes around the corner and starts shooting. Richter and several others manage to find cover]

    Richter: [Yelling out to his men] He's got a hologram!

  • Richter: If I want to hear you talk, I'll squeeze you.

  • Richter: Mom and I have one of those special relationships that transcend the usual bonds of... family.

  • Cynthia: Victor, this is my other son, Richter.

    Victor: Vic here.

    Richter: Hi, I'm the other son. You've heard all about me.

    Victor: Yes, I have.

    Richter: Thanks for redeveloping my house.

  • Richter: So, how do you like our new dad?

    Billy: I like all our dads.

  • Richter: [looking at a report] There's just been a very serious penetration into our WOPR Execution Order file.

    Lyle Watson: What the hell's he saying?

    Arthur Cabot: Let's have it in English.

    General Beringer: I'll give it to you in English - somebody broke into Mr. McKittrick's well-known system and stole the codes that'll launch our missiles. That right, Mr. McKittrick?

    John McKittrick: There's no cause for alarm. The system won't accept the launch code unless we're at DEFCON 1. I can have those codes changed in less than an hour.

    Lyle Watson: Well, who did this?

    John McKittrick: I think the kid's got to be working with somebody on the outside.

    General Beringer: I don't know what they're up to, but I sure as hell don't want our bombers on the ground when it happens. Take us to DEFCON 3 and get SAC on the line...

    [looks around for Major Daves]

    General Beringer: ... where are you?

    Major Daves: Uh, sir.

    General Beringer: Oh, uh, and get me a report on those subs. I want to know what those bastards are up to.

  • Richter: He said they'd be killed publicly.

    Robert Langdon: Yes. Revenge... for La Purga.

    Richter: La Purga?

    Robert Langdon: Oh, geez, you guys don't even read your own history, do you? 1668, the Church kidnapped four Illuminati scientists and branded each one of them on the chest with the symbol of the cross... to purge them of their sins, and they executed them. Threw their bodies out into the street as a warning to others to stop questioning Church ruling on scientific matters. They radicalized them. The Purga created a darker, more violent Illuminati, one bent on... on retribution.

  • Robert Langdon: I need access to the Vatican Archives.

    Inspector Olivetti: Professor, I don't think this is the appropriate moment.

    Richter: Your petition has been denied seven times.

    Robert Langdon: No, no. This has nothing to do with my work. The Path of Illumination is a hidden trail through Rome itself that leads to the Church of the Illumination, the place where the Illuminati would meet in secret. If I can find the Segno, the sign, that marks the beginning of that path, the four churches along it may be where he intends to murder your Cardinals. One every hour at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. Then the device explodes... at midnight. If we can figure out the first church and get there before he does, may be we can stop it. But I can't find the start of the path until I get into the Archives.

    Richter: Even if I wanted to help you, access to the Archives is only by written decree by the curator and the Board of Vatican Librarians.

    Robert Langdon: Or by papal mandate.

    Richter: Yes, but as you no doubt have heard, the Holy Father is dead.

    Robert Langdon: What about Il Carmerlengo?

    Richter: The Carmerlengo is just a priest here, the former Pope's chamberlain.

    Robert Langdon: Doesn't the power of the Holy See rest in him during Tempo Sede Vacante?

    [all the Vatican police men look at each other, with various degrees of doubt and uncertainty]

    Robert Langdon: Fellas... you called me.

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