Richardson Quotes in If Looks Could Kill (1991)


Richardson Quotes:

  • Michael Corben: So basically, you want me to blaze down to Aurnberg, hang out for a while, right? And keep an eye on this Steranko guy?

    Vendetta Galante: More or less.

    Michael Corben: Uh-huh. In this car?

    Vendetta Galante: Good luck.

    Richardson: Yes. Godspeed.

    Michael Corben: So, I can drive this baby outta here right now, right? Without you guys?

    Richardson: Um... yes.

  • Richardson: Nasty business. I wonder how it happened.

    Michael Corben: The ticket. It had my name on it.

    Richardson: Of course.

    Michael Corben: I didn't wanna sit there.

    Richardson: Well, what else could you do?

    Michael Corben: Nothin'. I was just mindin' my own business, honest.

    Richardson: You're lucky to be alive. You know, if this was Spain, with their security, they'd have killed you for sure.

  • Michael Corben: Listen, I'm an American citizen and I know my rights.

    Richardson: Oh, now, Corben, don't go asking for special privileges.

    Michael Corben: I wanna speak to the American embassy.

    Richardson: Relax, they already know you're here.

    Michael Corben: What'd they say?

    Richardson: They wished you good luck.

  • Dave: Come on, Richardson, you're being a tool.

    [with a megaphone]

    Richardson: There are no tools - in *this* pool!

  • Richardson: Very few humans have seen what you've seen today. And we're determined to keep it that way. So, if you *ever* reveal our existence, we'll erase your brain. The intervention team will be sent, your emotions, your memories, your entire personality, will be expunged. Your friends and family will think you've gone crazy. You, well, you won't think anything...

  • David Norris: Who the hell are you guys?

    Richardson: We... are the people that make sure things happen according to plan.

  • Richardson: I hate downtown.

  • Richardson: You look exhausted. You should take a vacation when all this is finished. You've earned it!

    Harry Mitchell: I'm not sure the kind of tired I am can be fixed by a vacation.

    Richardson: Everyone needs a vacation... even us.

  • Richardson: It's above my pay grade.

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