Richards Quotes in The Running Man (1987)


Richards Quotes:

  • Amber Mendez: I'm warning you, I get sick. Air sick, car sick. I'm gonna throw up all over you.

    Richards: Go ahead. Won't show on this shirt.

  • Banks: [to Richards] Slasher? 'ere look at this. "Its" had a nightmare.

    [Richards inspects Carlin's wounds]

    Richards: There's more where that come from, Carlin. You just keep yer fucking mouth closed.

    [points at Carlin]

    Richards: You ain't no Daddy here.

  • Richards: You can learn a lot in here if you use your loaf.

  • Mr Sands: [grabs Richards] Who was it, Richards? Who was it? Carlin? The coon?

    Richards: I slipped, sir.

    Mr Sands: I'll give you fucking slipped.

    [throws Richards to the ground]

    Mr Sands: [to everyone] Right, on your feet! Who did this?

    [everyone mumbles, "Don't know, sir."]

    Mr Sands: Come on! Who did it?

    [everyone mumbles, "No-one, sir."]

    Mr Sands: Where's Banks?

    [everyone mumbles, "Don't know."]

  • Richards: I never have been short of birds, plenty of crumpet after me.

    Jackson: Listen to Burt Reynolds.

    Richards: Watch you mouth, Jackson.

    Jackson: The only crumpet you've had is with your fist.

  • Richards: [to Angel] Stand up, coon. Name and number. Attention when I come in. I said up!

    [Eckersley closes the door]

    Richards: [grabs Angel] He said up, didn't he?

    [Banks and Richards beats up Angel and scatter his gear on the floor. Eckersley, Banks and Richards leave]

  • [Banks wakes up Carlin and slaps him]

    Banks: Right, Carlin. I run this fuckin' gaff and yer dead if you come any of it 'ere!

    Carlin: Leave off, will ya? I don't give a fuck who the Daddy is. I don't want trouble so just piss off and let me get on with me time, all right?

    Richards: We'll give you time, ya bastard.

    [Banks punches Carlins, jumps on his bed, headbutts him and continues to punch him]

  • [Carlin walks in to the lounge and takes three snooker balls from the snooker table and puts them in an extra sock. The two people playing snooker look confused]

    Carlin: Carry on.

    [Carlin continues moving and stands at a corner. Richards is kicking Woods]

    Woods: [to Richards] Ah! Leave it out, Stripey! I ain't hurting you!

    Richards: Yer in my bleedin' way!

    Archer: Oi!

    Woods: It's all right, Ben.

    Richards: What's up with you, weirdo? You want stripin' do ya? You might get left alone 'ere, but I'll cut you to bleedin' ribbons if I get any of yer poxy lip 'ere!

    [Carlin whacks Richards with the sock containing the snooker balls. Eckersley tries to report this to Mr Sands but Carlins orders him not to]

    Carlin: Back, grass! I said, get back, shit head.

    [Eckersley backs off, Carlin kicks Richards and returns the snooker balls]

    Carlin: Yeah, well, carry on.

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