Richard III Quotes in Richard III (1955)


Richard III Quotes:

  • Richard III: Shine out, fair sun, till I have bought a glass; that I may see my shadow as I pass.

  • Richard III: A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

  • Richard III: I'll drown more sailors than the mermaid shall,/ I'll play the orator as well as Nestor,/ Deceive more slyly than Ulysses could,/ And, like a Sinon, take another Troy./ I can add colours to the chameleon, /Change shapes with Proteus for advantages, /And set the murderous Machiavel to school./ Can I do this,and cannot get a crown?/Tut, were it farther off,/ I'll pluck it down.

  • Richard III: Look how my ring encompasseth thy finger. Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart. Wear both of them, for both of them are thine.

  • Richard III: Conscience is a word that cowards use.

  • Richard III: Darest thou resolve to kill a friend of mine?

    Tyrell: Please you, but I'd rather kill two enemies.

  • Lady Anne: No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity.

    Richard III: But I know none, and therefore am no beast.

  • Queen Elizabeth: I have no more sons of the royal blood for you to slaughter.

    Richard III: You have a daughter.

  • Richard III: [to the camera] I am not made of stone.

  • Richard III: A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

  • Richard III: Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.

  • Richard III: [to the camera] Plots have I laid.

  • Richard III: Madam, mother, I do humbly crave your blessing.

    Duchess of York: God comfort you; and put meekness in your breast, love, charity, obedience and true duty!

    Richard III: Amen;


    Richard III: and make me die a good old man! That is the butt-end of a mother's blessing.

  • Queen Elizabeth: Shall I be tempted by the devil thus?

    Richard III: Yes, if the devil tempt you to do good.

  • Queen Elizabeth: But you did kill my children.

    Richard III: But in your daughter's womb, I bury them: Where, in that nest of spicery, they will breed.

  • Richard III: Conscience is but a word cowards use.

  • Lord William Hastings, Prime Minister: If she hath done this deed, my lord...

    Richard III: If! Thou protector of this damned strumpet, talk'st thou to me of if? Thou art a traitor! Off with his head. By St Paul I shall not dine until I see the same. Those who love me stand and follow me!

    James Tyrell, Richard's Chief Henchman: [to Hastings] His grace would have dinner.

  • Young Prince: I shall not sleep in quiet at the tower.

    Richard III: Why? What should you fear?

    Young Prince: My Uncle Clarence's angry ghost: My grandma told me he was murdered there.

    Prince Edward: I fear no Uncles dead.

    Richard III: Nor none who live, I hope.

  • Richard III: [to the camera] Simple, plain Clarence! I do love you so, that I shall shortly send your soul to heaven. If heaven will take the present from my hands.

  • Richard III: [to Lady Anne] Your beauty which did haunt me in my sleep could make me undertake the death of all the world.

  • Lord Rivers: To whom in all this presence speaks your grace?

    Richard III: To you, who have neither honesty, nor Grace.

  • [last lines]

    Richard III: Let us to't pell-mell, if not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.

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