Richard Harwood Quotes in Year of the Comet (1992)


Richard Harwood Quotes:

  • [Sir Mason rejects Margaret's offer to send her out on a business trip. Margaret and Richard start bickering]

    Margaret Harwood: [to Richard] You are a person of very little quality.

    Sir Mason Harwood: Oh, why do you both bicker so much?

    Margaret Harwood: Because we're both jealous. Richard is jealous of everyone who is better than him, which includes every living creature. I'm jealous because I really care about wine. I love it! Yet I'm treated like a servant while he gets every opportunity that comes along!

    Sir Mason Harwood: You're not ready to be sent out yet, Margaret. When you are, naturally being totally fair, I'll send you. Remember, you are still a child.

    Margaret Harwood: Father, I'm 28 years old.

    Richard Harwood: Well, this desk is 112 years old. We're not sending it out to catalog wine!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Now, that's quite enough of that! Just be patient, your opportunity will come in due time.

    Margaret Harwood: So it's now, then?

    Sir Mason Harwood: When you're *ready,* dear!

    Margaret Harwood: That's what I thought you'd say.

    Margaret Harwood: [Puts a letter on the desk] This is my resignation.

    Richard Harwood: [Picks up the letter and starts to read it] Ooh, this *is* good news!

    Sir Mason Harwood: When your mother left, and decided to raise you in America, I accepted it. It was a decision I always suspected would haunt me. But this...

    [takes the letter from Richard and holds it up]

    Sir Mason Harwood: You stop it now. Or I shall become, I promise you, very upset.

    [holds the letter out to Margaret, which she does not take back]

    Sir Mason Harwood: I don't enjoy making threats very well.

    Margaret Harwood: Neither do I. Goodbye.

    [turns and walks out]

    Sir Mason Harwood: [throws the letter on the desk] Damn! Truly, truly, Damn!

    Richard Harwood: Father, we should celebrate her going!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Celebrate? She knows more about wine already than you'll ever learn, and she willingly does the work of four!

    Richard Harwood: But Harwood has never been represented by a *woman*!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Yes, well that's something we should consider changing.

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