Richard Barry Quotes in Poor Little Rich Girl (1936)


Richard Barry Quotes:

  • Margaret Allen: It seems I can't go anywhere or doing anything with Barry making trouble for me. I hate that man! He causes me more sleepless nights.

    Richard Barry: Sleepless nights? What does he do, play his trombone under your window or something?

    Margaret Allen: Everything but that. I lay awake half the night thinking up new ideas, and in the morning I find out Barry's not only beaten me to them, he's topped me in a thousand ways. I wish he'd drown in his own soap suds. But I shouldn't be boring you with my troubles.

    Richard Barry: That's all right. You in this business?

    Margaret Allen: Yes, I'm with the Peck Company. Advertising.

    Richard Barry: I see. I'm sorry you dislike this fellow Barry, though. He's really not a bad sort.

    Margaret Allen: Oh, you know him?

    Richard Barry: Slightly. My barber cuts his hair. Perhaps I could bribe him to cut his throat.

    Dan Ward: Oh, Mr. Barry, do you think she would do?

    Richard Barry: Let me see. Yes, she'll do very nicely.

    Dan Ward: Thank you, Mr. Barry. That's just what I thought.

    Margaret Allen: Well, of all the nerve! Letting me talk my head off without even telling me! Just another example of Barry's cleverness, I suppose!

    Dan Ward: What was she burning about?

    Richard Barry: I keep her awake nights.

  • Woodward: Collins just gets panicky every time the child sneezes.

    Richard Barry: Collins is right. I want every precaution taken.

    Woodward: Of course I know it's none of my business, Mr. Barry, but did you ever stop to consider that the piling up of precautions and attention was bad for the child? Why she's watched over and pampered and babied to death. If I were you, I'd send Barbara to school where she could be with other children.

    Richard Barry: Well, there may be something in that. Ring up Collins and tell her I want to speak to her.

    Barbara Barry: I know what Collins will say. Collins always says no. Daddy, why do I always have to play alone? Why can't I play with other children?

    Richard Barry: Honey, how would you like to go to school?

    Barbara Barry: Oh, goody, goody, goody!

    Richard Barry: Well, I guess that settles it.

  • Barbara Barry: You know, Daddy, this house wouldn't be so lonesome if you'd stay home once in awhile.

    Richard Barry: If I stayed home all the time, there wouldn't be any house.

  • Richard Barry: Now, Mr. Peck, I understand this place is, well, is going to pot. I'd be willing to, uh, take it off your hands for you. That is, if you'd care to sell.

    Simon Peck: Do I understand that you - ?

    Richard Barry: You understand me to say that I'll buy you out. How much?

    Simon Peck: Do you have the collosal nerve to suggest that I sell my business to you?

    Richard Barry: Well, why not? You've been losing money for the past two years You're practically broke.

    Simon Peck: Get out! Get out before I kick you out! Get out!

  • Margaret Allen: The Dolans will be on in a few minutes, and if you want to hear a radio show, it'll make yours sound sick!

    Richard Barry: All right, I'll listen. I'll tell you about it at lunch tomorrow.

  • Barbara Barry: [singing on the radio] An ordinary day becomes a holiday when I'm with you.

    Richard Barry: It can't be! Her voice is just like Barbara's! If I didn't know my child was at school... I'd swear...

    Margaret Allen: All children's voices sound a lot alike. It's just that slight difference that makes Bonnie stand out. A proud father probably wouldn't even notice that difference.

    Barbara Barry: [on the radio] Marry me, and let me be your wife!

    Richard Barry: It is Barbara! I'm telling you, it's Barbara!

    Margaret Allen: Are you losing your mind? That's Bonnie Dolan!

    Richard Barry: I tell you, it's my daughter!

    Barbara Barry: [on the radio] Even funny spinach takes like pumpkin pie when I'm with you.

    Margaret Allen: You're just making a complete idiot of yourself. I know the child and I know her parents!

    Richard Barry: But, I'm her parent!

    Jimmy Dolan: Listen, darling, tell us the truth. Do you know Mr. Barry?

    Barbara Barry: You won't be angry if I tell you?

    Jerry Dolan: No, sweetheart.

    Barbara Barry: Mr. Barry's my daddy!

    Jerry Dolan: Didn't I tell you she didn't jump out of a hat? There's only one thing to do. Take her back to the apartment, telephone Barry where she is, and then duck.

  • Richard Barry: Boss or no boss, how about a date for lunch?

    Margaret Allen: Oh, I couldn't possibly...

    Richard Barry: Oh, be a sport. You're even with me now, aren't you?

    Margaret Allen: I'm ahead of you.

    Richard Barry: When will it be?

    Margaret Allen: Oh, Friday at one?

    Richard Barry: Fine, at the Savoy?

    Radio Station Receptionist: Say, Margaret, isn't he one of our competitors?

    Margaret Allen: As far as I'm concerned, he has no competition.

  • Margaret Allen: You'll drown in your own soapsuds yet.

    Richard Barry: I'm afraid I can't afford to drown now. You know, you look very lovely tonight.

    Margaret Allen: Here, have a cocktail. It'll help sustain the illusion.

  • Margaret Allen: Why do you have to be so stubborn?

    Richard Barry: You're the one that's being stubborn. Oh, why do I have to marry a girl like you?

    Margaret Allen: Who said you had to? Who said you're going to? Why, I wouldn't marry you if...

    Richard Barry: You'll marry me if I want you to.

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