Rhonda Altobello Quotes in Summer School (1987)


Rhonda Altobello Quotes:

  • Rhonda Altobello: Hi, I'd like to sign up for Lamaze classes.

    Nurse: Okay. How are Tuesday nights for you and your coach?

    Rhonda Altobello: Perfect. But, I don't have a coach.

    Nurse: Well, what about the father?

    Rhonda Altobello: Well, you see, that's sort of confusing. It's either David Lee Roth who's on tour or Sean Penn. And I'd really hate to upset Madonna.

    Nurse: [unamused] Fill this out.

  • Rhonda Altobello: Are you sure you wanna do this?

    Shoop: Absolutely. Lamaze class: great place to meet girls.

  • Ms. Robin Elizabeth Bishop: [to Chainsaw] I think you're full of bull.

    Rhonda Altobello: It's okay, you can say bullshit in here.

  • Shoop: [reading call sheet] Rhonda Altobello?

    Rhonda Altobello: Here.

    Shoop: You went from Cs to Fs, what happened?

    Rhonda Altobello: [stands up and pats her pregnant stomach] Any other questions?

    Shoop: [embarrassed] No.

  • Kevin Winchester: Uh, can Rhonda and I be excused? She's having a baby.

    Shoop: You're having a baby?

    [climbs over the desks to reach her]

    Shoop: Why didn't you say anything?

    Rhonda Altobello: I wanted to finish my test.

    [walks down the stairs towards the door]

    Shoop: Can I get you anything, hot water, a doctor?

    Rhonda Altobello: [laughs] Get out of my way.

    Shoop: Get out of your way, I can do that.

    [to school security]

    Shoop: Carmine, get out of her way!

  • Kevin Winchester: [on the beach] What's it like being pregnant?

    Rhonda Altobello: Bizarre. My body's out of control.

    Kevin Winchester: I think you look great.

    Rhonda Altobello: Sure, in the dark.

    Kevin Winchester: [shakes head] No.

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