Red Skull Quotes in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


Red Skull Quotes:

  • Red Skull: Arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait, but I must say, you do it better than anyone. But there are limits to what even you can do, Captain, or did Erskine tell you otherwise?

    Steve Rogers: He told me you were insane.

    Red Skull: Ah. He resented my genius and tried to deny me what was rightfully mine, but he gave you everything. So, what made you so special?

    Steve Rogers: Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.

  • Red Skull: You could have the power of the gods! Yet you wear a flag on your chest and think you fight a battle of nations! I have seen the future, Captain! There are no flags!

    Captain America: Not my future!

  • [Schmidt and Zola go to the rooftop, where a one-man escape helicopter is waiting]

    Dr. Arnim Zola: What about me? Where will I sit?

    Red Skull: [hands the key to his car to Zola] Not a scratch, Doctor. Not a scratch.

  • Red Skull: You are deluded, Captain. You pretend to be a simple soldier, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Unlike you, I embrace it proudly. Without fear!

  • Hydra Soldier: [the lone survivor of an attack] Sir, we fought to the last man...

    Red Skull: Evidently not.

    [blasts the soldier]

  • Red Skull: YOU ARE FAILING! We are close to and offensive network that will shake the planet. And yet we are continually delayed, because you cannot outwit a simpleton with a shield!

  • Red Skull: You remain a poor choice, little brother.

    Captain America: Stop calling me your brother!

  • Red Skull: We are both tragedies... And now I send our tortured souls to rest!

    Captain America: Speak for yourself.

  • Red Skull: Assassination isn't worth the trouble. It took me two years to find Sirhan. Three to find Oswald. The King job alone cost me over twenty million dollars. What do we get for our pains? Saints. Martyrs to the cause.

  • Red Skull: Fifty years ago, you were Dr. Vaselli's ridiculous idea. You remain a clownish symbol that no one cares about.

    Captain America: I care.

    Red Skull: You care? Then come to me, my brother. Let us see if this heart of yours is stronger than my hate.

  • Red Skull: [on seeing Captain America for the first time] Good, an American. Just when I am needing help of my English lessons.

  • Tom Kimball: How stupid do you think we are? My people will find this place in a lot less than 24 hours.

    Red Skull: [takes a deep breath in mock surprise] Oh no... a hidden transmitter.

    [rummages for something in his pocket]

    Red Skull: Does it look something like eh, this?

    [holds it up as the President touches his cheek]

    Red Skull: Hm. Painlessly removed from a lower right molar. This one. While you were unconscious.

    [Kimball stirs in his chair]

    Red Skull: And so easily deactivated. But don't worry, next time we'll have it made in Japan.

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