Red Leary Quotes in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)


Red Leary Quotes:

  • Young Boy: [Goody, with Red along, are in a tiny ice-cream vendor's truck] You're early. You're supposed to go down the next street first, then come up here.

    Eddie Goody: Well, listen. While we're here, can I sell you anything?

    Young Boy: No, I'm waiting for Judy Ann. They have a better flavor of pistachio.

    Red Leary: Look, kid, go fuck a duck.

  • Eddie Goody: [when the Thunderbolt and Lightfoot's car goes off a cliff] What do we do now, Red?

    Red Leary: [shouting in sign to follow them] GERONIMO!

  • Red Leary: Go... fuck... a duck.

  • Red Leary: [Lightfoot shows up with the van, newly dented by the girl on the motorcycle] Where'd you get the dents?

    Lightfoot: [Nonchalantly] Progress. I dreamt about you last night.

    Red Leary: What about?

    Lightfoot: I dreamt you said hello to me.

    Red Leary: Don't you get smart with me. I'll break both your arms.

    Lightfoot: I'll keep that in mind.

    Red Leary: Remember what I said. John and me go back a long way. But you don't mean nothin' to me, understand? Nothin'!

    Lightfoot: What'd you try and kill him for then?

    Red Leary: Because we were friends.

  • Voice over Department Store PA system: All maintenance personnel off the floor. Bringing in the guard dogs now.

    Red Leary: To hell with them dogs. They treat 'em better than us. They rush us outta' here like animals.

    Janitor in Department Store: Let's not argue now, Sam. Those dogs ate up a man here once.

    Red Leary: Ate him?

    Janitor in Department Store: Yeah. Wrong man came on duty, dogs ate him up. They'll go through a plate-glass window to get at ya'. A man don't fool around with those kinda' animals.

    [Sound of barking dogs in background grows louder]

  • Lightfoot: So why did you try to kill him then?

    Red Leary: Because we were friends.

  • Red Leary: Does he know everything?

    [At the same time]

    John Doherty: No.

    Lightfoot: Yes.

  • Eddie Goody: [Looking at the stolen Buick Riviera, parked in front of a truck stop diner] You sure that's their car?

    Red Leary: That's their hearse.

  • Red Leary: What you been preachin' lately, Johnny.

    John Doherty: Survival.

  • Lightfoot: The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

    John Doherty: Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?

    Lightfoot: Books.

    Red Leary: [Mockingly] You mean you can actually read?

    Lightfoot: I read *you* loud and clear.

    Red Leary: You better believe it.

  • John Doherty: What happened to Goody?

    Red Leary: I threw that little sucker out.

    Lightfoot: You prick!

    Red Leary: [Knocks Lightfoot to the ground and kicks him savagely] Say somethin' funny now, smart-ass!

  • [repeated line]

    Red Leary: Shut up, Goody.

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