Rayford Gibson Quotes in Life (1999)


Rayford Gibson Quotes:

  • Goldmouth: Maybe I oughta eat *your* cornbread.

    Rayford Gibson: Motherfucker, you can't have my cornbread. That's for damn sure. You try and take my cornbread, Killing Spree, Part 2 gon' begin up in here on your ass. You thinking about my cornbread, better get the taste out your mouth. That's for damn sure.

    Claude Banks: Ray, chill out...

    Rayford Gibson: No, fuck him. Fuck that, 'cause I'm from New York City, goddammit. Nobody take no cornbread from me. That goes for anyone of you motherfucking farmers who wanna start some shit. You fuck around with me, there's gonna be consequences and repercussions.

  • Claude Banks: You know, I'm finally starting to wrap my mind around this shit. We're in here for life. We're gonna die in here! We might as well go up to the cometary, picks out a plot and start digging.

    Rayford Gibson: Now, you listen to me. My daddy died in a place just like this cause of that shit you're talking about. He gave up hope and he hung hisself! And I'm not going out like that!

    Claude Banks: Well, maybe you're just a chip off the old block, Ray.

    Rayford Gibson: You take that back or we're no longer friends.

    Claude Banks: News flash, Ray! We ain't never been friends! We've just been stuck together for twelve years!

  • Rayford Gibson: [singing] The Upper Room!

  • Radio: Hey, New York, you ever been to that there Cotton Club?

    Rayford Gibson: The Cotton Club in Manhattan? Many times, man, I damn near lived in the Cotton Club. I tell you, the Cotton Club is all right. But it ain't got nothin' on The Boom Boom Room. If you ever go to New York, go to Ray's Boom Boom Room

    Willie Long: Hey there, Ray! What's that you talkin' about, the Boom-Boom Room?

    Rayford Gibson: That's my spot, Ray's Boom-Boom Room, the most happening space in all of Manhattan.

    Cookie: Ha ha, so you got your own nightclub?

    Rayford Gibson: Well, right now it's kinda in the development stage, but I'm workin' on it, I'll get it.

    Goldmouth: So it don't exist.

    Rayford Gibson: It exists in my mind, Goldmouth; that's where it starts. It starts in your brain first. You know, it got to exist up here first. "As a man think it, so then shall he get", you know, some shit like that. You know you read the Bible.

  • Rayford Gibson: We got thirty-six cases of booze. That's better than money.

  • Claude Banks: [Claude has just been punished for crossing the gun line and Ray shares the punishment, but he chuckles to himself] What' you laughin' about, Ray?

    Rayford Gibson: Ah, just thinkin' about you runnin' with them bullets flying all over the top of your head, that's something to see there, that was a sight to see.

    Claude Banks: The bullets weren't the problem, ray. The pie was too hot! Burned my damn tongue.

  • Rayford Gibson: [Jangle Leg is dancing with a girl] Come on, now, forget that, man, she don't mean nothin' to him, don't pay that no mind.

    Biscuit: To hell with him, it ain't that.

    Rayford Gibson: So what's your problem, then? Sittin' here lookin' all sad and shit; it's almost all right in here to-day, almost.

    [Biscuit hands him a letter]

    Rayford Gibson: This is a release form, man, you gettin' off this month! What are you sittin' here lookin' all sad for?

    Biscuit: What am I gonna do out there, Ray? I can't go home to my mama like this.

    Rayford Gibson: Man, that shit you talkin' is crazy, your mama gonna be happy to see you when you get home.

    Biscuit: Not like this, Ray.

    Rayford Gibson: Hey, look, world done changed a lot; it's 1945, boy.

    Biscuit: Not for me, it ain't.

    Rayford Gibson: Look, you can't stay here, that's for damn sure, and I tell you what else, anybody else in this whole place would give his right arm to be in your shoes right now, I know I would.

  • Rayford Gibson: Now that just done turned my stomach I don't even want no jello now that I done seen some old ass balls, who's gonna enjoy jello after seeing what I done seen!

  • Claude Banks: Don't touch this car.

    Rayford Gibson: 'Cause I piss on the motherfucker. I ain't gonna touch it, I piss on it.

    Claude Banks: Why you got to say nasty shit, Ray?

    Rayford Gibson: 'Cause I'm a nasty motherfucker.

  • Goldmouth: Hey, girl! You gon' eat yo' cornbread?

    Claude Banks: You talkin' to *me*?

    Rayford Gibson: Yeah, I think he's talkin' to you.

    Rayford Gibson: Uh, no. Not at all; I want you to have it. Uh, Willie, you mind passin' this down to-

    Rayford Gibson: Hey, no, don't pass your cornbread to him. That's your cornbread.

    Claude Banks: Ray, I'm a grown man, okay, I'm not gonna eat this cornbread, if he wants the cornbread, damn it, have the cornbread!

    Rayford Gibson: No no, if he wants some cornbread, let him go up to the front and get his own portion of cornbread, that's your cornbread, fuck him.

    [to Goldmouth]

    Rayford Gibson: Hey, man he gonna eat his cornbread, all right? Fuck you.

    Claude Banks: Ray, look, I don't need you to take up for me, I'm all right, I'm a grown man, I can handle this.

    Rayford Gibson: If you let have your cornbread, you're gonna be ironin' hisdrawers and clippin' his toenails.

  • Claude Banks: [Ray and Claude have just found Winston Hancock's recently murdered body] I think he's hurt pretty bad, man!

    Rayford Gibson: [feels Winston's head for signs] This guy's dead.

    Claude Banks: I ain't, I ain't never seen no dead body before, Ray.

    [Ray is now searching through Winston's pockets]

    Claude Banks: What are you doin'? The man's been dead two seconds and you're in his pockets? Don't you have any respect?

    Rayford Gibson: It ain't here!

    Claude Banks: What ain't there?

    Rayford Gibson: My daddy's watch, this is the guy that took my watch from. Motherfucker, you did fucked around with the wrong person, didn't you, didn't you?! Now look at your ass bleedin'!

  • Rayford Gibson: [after being denied pie] Look, My Name's Ray Gibson I'm from New York. Let's talk Turkey, How much will it cost for you turn two of those whites-only pies into two nigger pies

    Billy's Mama: [cocks gun] How 'bout I turn y'all into Nigger pie?

  • Pokerface: [on a break; Ray and Claude have just come in] Either one of you new fellas know how to read?

    Rayford Gibson: I know how to read, why?

    Pokerface: I've been carrying this letter for four months now

    Claude Banks: You mean to tell me none of y'all can read?

    Willie Long: Last fella what could read made parole about, what, Christmas.

    Pokerface: [about his letter] I don't even know who this come from.

    Rayford Gibson: [takes the letter] Gimme that shit.

    [turns to old inmate sitting next to him]

    Rayford Gibson: You can't read?

    [old inmate replies "no"]

    Rayford Gibson: Almost sixty years old; motherfucker can't read. Here: look, it's from, it's from your mama's neighbor, Mrs. Tadwell, you know who that is, Mrs. Tadwell; she thought you ought to know that your second cousin Bo died, Bo died, and your, and your other cousin Sally on your daddy's side, she died. Oh, and apparently your sister died, too.

    Pokerface: Jenny?

    Rayford Gibson: No, it said Marlene here, Marlene died

    [reads on]

    Rayford Gibson: ... no no no, Marlene, Jen-Jenny, Jenny died, too, Jenny and Marlene both dead. Then it goes on for a while about how the crop didn't come in on account of the frost, she finished up, there's been a big tornado in which your mama and your daddy were both killed, but don't worry because she's gonna take care of the dog, that is if he gets over the worms; dog had worms.

    Pokerface: Appreciate it.

    Rayford Gibson: Yeah, well you know, any time I can help.

  • Rayford Gibson: [the two are now old men and Ray suspects Claude of having an escape plan] I'ma go to sleep. Why for I can't sit here and look at yo' ass...and wonder what you got up your sleeve?

    Claude Banks: Yeah, I got somethin' brewin: I got a ass whuppin' brewin' for you here, Ray, if you don't stop fuckin' with me!

  • Claude Banks: You know what you probably just slow me down.

    Rayford Gibson: How I'ma slow yo slow ass down!

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