Ray Hicks Quotes in Who'll Stop the Rain (1978)


Ray Hicks Quotes:

  • Ray Hicks: When I left the Marines I made myself a promise. Never again am I going to be fucked around by morons. The next mother who tries to make me back off is going to have to live it out with me.

  • Ray Hicks: All my life I've been taking shit from inferior people. No more.

  • Ray Hicks: When I tell you the story of my life you'll eat your heart out.

    Marge Converse: How did you turn out?

    Ray Hicks: Well, your husband once told somebody I was a psychopath.

    Marge Converse: That's the kind of thing he'd say.

    Ray Hicks: Do you think he could be right?

    Marge Converse: It's a very imprecise term.

  • Marge Converse: Why Gerald?

    Ray Hicks: Because he's a Martian! They're all Martians and I'm a loyal American who fought for my flag. Peace was fucking with me and I don't take shit from Martians.

  • Ray Hicks: They got my buddy, man. Now they're going to kill him and that pretty lady. How am I going to let them do that, huh? Did you see the way she walked to her fate? Nothing but class. she's the love of my life, no shit. Beats the hell out of all of them.

  • John Converse: [about Vietnam] Don't they say this is where everybody finds out who they are?

    Ray Hicks: Yeah? What a bummer for the gooks.

  • Ray Hicks: You can't deal with people in this outrageous fucking manner.

  • Ray Hicks: [jamming a pistol-barrel under Danskin's chin] I'll kill you quick.

  • Ray Hicks: [cleaning up his vandalized shack] Could've been worse. Could've been a body in this sleeping bag. The big ones eat the little ones up here. Welcome to L.A.

  • Ray Hicks: It belongs to whoever controls it.

  • Ray Hicks: Nobody can surprise us here. We've got the high ground. We can *win* this one.

  • Ray Hicks: [sitting in a seedy bar that appears to be populated with junkies] What a lot of shit this place is now.

    Ray Hicks: [Alex the bartender comes over] Where's the kitchen at the back of the pool tables - what the hell happened to the pool tables?

    Alex: You gotta' change with the times.

    Ray Hicks: The times are fucked. Why do I gotta' sit around looking at these poor junkies? I'd just as soon look at you out there.

    Alex: I ain't got no costume.

    Ray Hicks: You got bigger tits.

  • Ray Hicks: [about Marge Converse] She didn't even say goodbye. How about her?

  • Ray Hicks: That head guy. Who is he?

    John Converse: He's some kind of cop. He's not straight.

    Ray Hicks: No shit.

  • Ray Hicks: [shouting at the mountainous horizon] Hey, John! I got it! I got it all!... You be there for me.

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