Raw Stank Quotes in Big Money Rustlas (2010)


Raw Stank Quotes:

  • Raw Stank: You platypus lookin motha fucka!

  • Dirty Sanchez: You guys look like Laurel and Hardy on crack.

    Raw Stank: Man, my hair ain't even red, bitch! That joke ain't funny!

  • Big Baby Chips: So, Mr. Stank...

    Raw Stank: Yeah.

    Big Baby Chips: You still in love with that whore?

    Raw Stank: Man, I kiss one horse, man, and y'all are still trippin'.

    Big Baby Chips: I said "whore", not "horse".

    Raw Stank: Who, Miss Angel?

    Big Baby Chips: Yeah.

    Raw Stank: Yeah, I fingered her a couple times.

    Big Baby Chips: Well, I suppose I did as well.

    Raw Stank: Huh?

  • Sheriff Fred Freckles: Of course you know there are no guns allowed within Mud Bug city limits...

    Big Baby Chips: Yeah? So?

    Raw Stank: So motherfuckin' what, man?

    Dusty Poot: Yeah, so the BUCK what?

    Sheriff Fred Freckles: Well, it's just that I'm gonna have to ask you to hand over your weapons to me.

    [entire saloon breaks out in laughter, then quiets down]

    Sheriff Fred Freckles: I'm being serious now.

    Big Baby Chips: Oh, okay, sheriff.

    [brings out his pistol for him to take]

    Big Baby Chips: Here you go.

    Sheriff Fred Freckles: Thank you.

    [as he reaches for it, Big Baby immediately flips it over and shoots Freckles' hat off his head, saloon laughs again]

    Big Baby Chips: You know, if you weren't so damn entertaining, I'd have to KILL yo' ass!

  • Raw Stank: Give him his motherfuckin' money, you platypus-lookin' motherfucker!

  • Raw Stank: Man, I hate you, motherfucker! I hate you!

  • Raw Stank: [while the two are in jail] Man, this is some straight up bullshit, man! Just wait 'til Big Baby come up in here and fuck you up, Sugar Waffle!

    Dusty Poot: Yeah, he gon' bust yo' ass!

    Raw Stank: And what's up on getting something to eat up in this bitch? I can't get no motherfuckin' rabbit? No squirrel stew? Nothin'?

    Dusty Poot: Can a killa get a hot dog? Or maybe a frog at the end of that bitch-ass stick you wieldin'?

    Raw Stank: And what's up on my motherfuckin' phone call?

    Dusty Poot: Bitch! They ain't even invented phones yet!

    Raw Stank: Not even the wind-up ones?

  • Raw Stank: MY FACE IS ON FIRE!

  • Bucky: [being held at gunpoint by Stank, Poot and Hack] Guys, what about me? Can I go? These guys are going.

    Raw Stank: No, we gon' keep yo' ass to send a motherfuckin' message to Sugar Waffle!

    Bucky: Oh, that's great news! I take good dictation!

    Dusty Poot: Good! Well, tell him we said this, bitch!

    [the three open fire]

  • Raw Stank: We'll see you in ten. Any false moves before then, you'll be dead. I mean, you dead already, motherfucker, but before they square off, you'll be dead sooner!

  • Raw Stank: [after his belt buckle is shot and his pants drop] Huh?

  • Raw Stank: Listen up, people! We got a special treat for y'all! Here, at the Mud Bug Hootenanny Hoedown!

    Dusty Poot: Playin' the twin-barrel machine guns with that sweeeeeet salsa twist...

    Raw Stank: Ya' big homie...

    Dusty Poot: The one, the only...

    Raw Stank: [in unison with Poot] ... Big Baby Chips!

    Big Baby Chips: [emerges from inside the piano with machine gun in each hand] THE WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE, MUTHAFUCKAS!

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