Rasputin Quotes in Anastasia (1997)


Rasputin Quotes:

  • Rasputin: Bartok, get me a comb, find some cologne. I want to look my best!

    Bartok: That might take some work, sir.

    Rasputin: We're going to a party!

    Bartok: A party? Ooh, I could teach you the latest dance step. It starts with, like, a "whoa." And then you get really crazy with the hips, sir. It's fun!

    Rasputin: We'll let the Grand Duchess Anastasia have her moment.

    Bartok: [dancing] Aah, who cares?

    Rasputin: And then we'll kill her!

    Bartok: Right. Kill... kill her? Sir, what happened to the party idea?

    Rasputin: That's where I will kill her.

    [laughs and tears up newspaper]

    Rasputin: Crush her at the height of her glory.

    Bartok: And we're back to the crushing. Sir, I'm begging you, please, please forget the girl and get a life!

    Rasputin: Oh, I'll get a life, Bartok. Hers!

  • Rasputin: Say your prayers, Anastasia! No one can save you!

    Dimitri: Wanna bet?

  • Rasputin: [singing] In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning / And the nightmare I had was as dark as can be / It scared me out of my wits / A corpse falling to bits / Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!

  • Rasputin: [sneering] Long Live the Romanovs!

    Anastasia: All right! I couldn't have said it better myself!

    [tackles him]

  • Rasputin: See that you remember, you incompetent rodent!

    [Throws Bartok across the room]

    Bartok: Oh sure, blame the bat. What the heck? We're easy targets.

  • Rasputin: You dare to banish the great Rasputin? By the unholy powers vested in me, I banish *you*, with a curse! Mark my words: you and your family will die within a fortnight! I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov line forever!

  • Bartok: Master! You're alive?

    Rasputin: In a matter of speaking!

    [Rasputin's eyeball pops out, Bartok catches it]

    Bartok: Whoa, that fell right out there, sir!

  • Anastasia: I'm not afraid of you!

    Rasputin: I can fix that! Care for a little swim under the ice?

  • Rasputin: Something is happening, Bartok. I could feel the dark forces stirring.

    Bartok: I'm not surprised, sir. It's Anastasia. I saw her.

    Rasputin: Anastasia, alive?

    [His mouth falls out]

    Bartok: Ah, sir? Your lips, they're...

    Rasputin: That Romanov brat!

    Bartok: Ain't that a kick in the head. I guess a curse isn't what it used to be.

  • Rasputin: I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear what so ever.

  • Czar Nicholas: [upon Rasputin crashing the celebration] How dare you return to the palace!

    Rasputin: But... I am your confident.

    Czar Nicholas: Confidant? HA! You are a traitor! GET OUT!

    Rasputin: You think you can banish the great Rasputin? Impossible!

    [He holds up his reliquary]

    Rasputin: By the unholy powers vested in me, I banish *you*, with a curse!

    [Everyone present gasps in horror]

    Rasputin: Mark my words: you and your family will die within a fortnight! I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov line forever!

    [Rasputin then uses his reliquary to shoot down the chandelier]

  • [seeing a young girl]

    Rasputin: So, you'd like to be an opera singer? Yes, you have the chest for it.

  • Rasputin: I see blood when I shut my eyes. A lot of blood. I saw blood once before, when I was in Jerusalem. And then my father died. In Kazan, there is an ivory Christ whose wounds bleed. Someone told me in Karkoff, there is a Madonna that sheds real tears. Matushka, I see things. I have power. I cure the sick. Holy men kneel to me and kiss my hands. I am a vessel of the Lord. I have spoken with God. It must be so, how else can I do these things? I save souls and bring peace. God leads me. He brought me here. He speaks through me. I am the voice of God. It is His will. I have been sent to do great things.

  • Rasputin: I was 20 when the vision came. We peasants get them all the time. The Virgin comes and tells them when to sell their sheep if they want to make a profit. She told me to become a pilgrim. So I started to walk. I waited for her to tell me when to stop, but she didn't. I walked 2000 miles, and when I got to Greece, I couldn't walk any longer. So I stopped. I spent 2 years in a monastery, and then I walked home again. Sometimes people say to me, "what do I need to become a starets?" and I say, "good feet."

  • Rasputin: All saints were sinners once. God loves sinners.

  • Rasputin: We had a man in Pokrovskoe. He didn't wash or work. He lied, stole, cheated, drank, chased all the women. He was a sinner. Why, out of all men, did the Virgin come to him?

    Tsarina Alexandra: Perhaps he lied. You said he was a liar...

    Rasputin: No. She came. I saw her. I know all there is to know about sin. Pray with me, Matushka. God is here.

  • [as a wagon of peasant girls rides by]

    Nun: Good day, and the Lord be with you.

    [Rasputin rises naked out of the wagon with a bottle of vodka]

    Rasputin: And the Lord be with you! Ha ha!

  • Rasputin: I don't hate anyone. And yet, so many enemies. I'm not rich, what I get, I give away, I take no vengeance on the men I remove from office. When you fall, I won't abuse you.

  • Rasputin: I can't leave. I want to serve Batushka and Matushka. I want peace, and food for peasants everywhere. I want that girl you you saw. And all the girls I haven't seen. I want to sleep, but can't sleep unless I'm drunk. I want to die and go to heaven. I want music. I want God to love me and I want to see YOU dance. Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

  • [drunk on opium]

    Rasputin: I'm going to die soon, my friends. I've made my will. I won't live to see the new year. And it makes me angry.


    Rasputin: It's good to enjoy yourself with your friends, eh? I don't want to die.

  • [after being poisoned heavily by Prince Yusopov, Rasputin still lives]

    Rasputin: I've been poisoned... you tried to kill me... you all have. You silly fools... I thought I could trust you... you silly fools... you can't even KILL properly. You're too small to destroy me.

    [grabs Prince Yusupov]

    Rasputin: Get up, prince. Get up! Try. Let's see you try to kill me.

  • Rasputin: I begged Batushka not to start this war. I know who dies. You don't die, the people die. The wise old men, the generals, the ministers, the ones who say "Do this!" "Go there!" No mud on THEIR boots. No bullets in THEIR bellies. Where's YOUR rifle, prince, hmm? Why aren't you at the front where the blood is? I'm not a German. I come from the Russian soil. And you fools will never destroy me. Thank God Russia has sons like me, and isn't at the mercy of scum like you.

  • Rasputin: [to Alexandra] The child will die, if you don't get down on your knees and beg for his life.

  • Rasputin: Whose in charge of the boy, you or me?

    German-Language Teacher: I am in charge of his highness' German lessons.

    Rasputin: Clear out!

    German-Language Teacher: I shall report this to her Majesty.

    Rasputin: Get out, you kraut-head! You dried up sausage!

  • The Czarina: Paul!

    Prince Chegodieff: Majesty! Your lordship, look at him!

    The Czarina: What's the matter with him?

    Rasputin: Why, he's frightened, naturally. It's alright my boy, go to your mother. Don't be afraid. He won't hurt me.

    Prince Chegodieff: Look at his eyes!

    The Czarina: What's the matter with his eyes?

    Rasputin: Is it because he wasn't glad to see you? What do you say to your mother, lordship?

    The Czarevitch: I love you mamushka.

    The Czarina: I love you darling.

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