Rashad Quotes in Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)


Rashad Quotes:

  • Rashad: I know I ain't trippin'

  • Brooklyn: Why after every sentence you call me "shawty"? "Yo shawty... shawty." I'm taller than you!

    Rashad: Okay, well, let me ask you this then: in New York City then why ya'll gotta say "yo, son" after every sentence? I'm not your kid, I'm not your child, why I gotta be your son?

    Teddy: Money...

    Rashad: B...

    Brooklyn: I call you "sun," 'cause you shine like one. Ya' feel me?

    Rashad: That was real sentimental. Thanks.

  • [from trailer]

    Rashad: [to his brother] You ain't gotta be a dope boy to have money.

  • New New: I can't even believe I'm telling you this right now. You're different, Rashad. You're special.

    Rashad: Special, huh? I don't know about that.

    New New: I wish you could see what I see.

  • Rashad: My Pops used to always say dreamin' is the luxury of children, and that I should enjoy it. And he was right.

  • Rashad: So how do I skate?

    New New: What you mean?

  • Antwone "Ant" Swann: What you hustlin'?

    Rashad: You know better than that.

  • Rashad: [chuckling] New New.

    New New: What's so funny?

    Rashad: What kind of name is New New, anyway?

    New New: I'm New New cause I always rock the new, new shit. Thank you.

    Rashad: Well, I heard you and you homegirls don't buy none of that new, new shit.

    New New: Whatever.

  • Rashad: Morning ma.

    Niema: Morning. Job hunting must've been good. So good you stayed out all night.

    Rashad: You can say that.

    Niema: Uh-uh. What you doing? You have job hunting in two hours.

    Rashad: C'mon mom. It's Saturday.

    Niema: So? Until you find a job, your job is to find a job.

  • Rashad: I think she's right Lazer.

    Lazer: Who?

    Rashad: Dinah... Maybe there shouldn't be any affirmative action. It does more to-to hold black people down. Depending on it makes us settle for mediocrity. Without it, we'll be forced to do our best. What's better than that?

  • Rashad: Also, when we get the funds, we should gather all the parents at your church, Reverend Blunton, and you give an encouraging speech before handing over the check to the principal of Stuyvesant.

    Rev. Jones: An encouraging speech.

    Rashad: Yeah. I could hear it now. Blunton giving a speech, directed at the poor black folks, denouncing further spending on depreciable products while investing more in their children's education. We'll be leading by example when handing over the check.

    Sandra: What?

    Alex: Poor black people?

    Rashad: Blunton can also encourage everyone to start celebrate black intellectual ability, not just athletes and rappers.

    Courtney: Who doesn't do that now?

    Rashad: Most black people I grew up with.

    Blunton: I'm not doing anything of the kind.

    Rashad: Why not? The dropout rate was at its highest last year at the Stuy. Education is no big deal to them.

    Sandra: Rashad. It would make Cal look like a... middle class elitist.

    Alex: An obnoxious, middle class elitist.

    Courtney: A non authentically black, obnoxious, middle class elitist.

  • Rashad: And who you going out with?

    Tamika: His name is Warren Brothers. He's a colleague of mine.

    Rashad: Damn Mika. Our engagement ain't even lukewarm in the ground yet and you're already starting with someone new.

    Tamika: I never said he was new.

  • Rashad: Where are you going?

    Tamika: To see a Broadway show.

    Rashad: Trying to get back into that?

    Tamika: I was always into it. You never wanted to go with me.

    Rashad: Damn right. The great 'white' way is too white for me.

    Tamika: Meanwhile, your favorite playwrights are Harold Pinter, William Shakespeare, Euripides...

    Rashad: Don't forget August Wilson.

  • Rashad: What you know about hip-hop's origins?

    Tyrone: It started on some cheap stuff, in New York, putting nursery rhymes on a Casio beat or something.

    Rashad: Nursery rhymes? What if I told you that true hip-hop can be traced back to poets like Ovid, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Blake...

    Tyrone: Wno? What?

    Rashad: Great poets you can find throughout history.

    Tyrone: Sound like a bunch of white people.

    Rashad: Okay. Buss it. Who's your favorite rapper?

    Tyrone: Fi'ty, Cam, Hov, Mims...

    Rashad: What about Nas?

    Tyrone: Nah man. He lyrical but... he be contradicting himself.

    Rashad: Could it be you're confusing 'contradiction' with 'complex'?

  • Rashad: Why are you reading my book Emily?

    Emily: I know you get all... whatever about your books but... I was getting curious about the brown paper covered ones.

    Rashad: I protect them with the brown paper. Haven't you ever done that?

    Emily: Yeah, like in elementary school.

    Emily: You're reading Noam Chomsky? I was expecting it to be Nelson Mandela or something.

  • Lazer: I need that. Those fuckers in there got my balls in a bear trap.

    Rashad: Sounds like they're just taking over for Emily tonight.

    Lazer: Emily? She hates them, flat leaving me for a preferable night at her dentist to get a root canal.

  • Niema: Look, forget all that cleaning stuff. You must pay rent. Four hundred a month.

    Rashad: Fo' hun'ed?

    Niema: I'm sorry. I meant six hundred.

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