Ransom Stoddard Quotes in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)


Ransom Stoddard Quotes:

  • Ransom Stoddard: You're not going to use the story, Mr. Scott?

    Maxwell Scott: No, sir. This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

  • Tom Doniphon: [Valance has tripped Rance in the diner, causing him to spill a tray of food] That's *my* steak, Valance.

    Liberty Valance: [laughing] You heard him, Dude. Pick it up.

    Ransom Stoddard: No!

    Tom Doniphon: Pilgrim, hold it. I said you, Valance; *you* pick it up.

    Liberty Valance: Three against one, Doniphon.

    Tom Doniphon: My boy, Pompey; kitchen door.

    [Valance looks and sees Pompey at the door holding a rifle]

    Floyd: I'll get it, Liberty!

    [Doniphon kicks Floyd in the face as he bends down to retrieve the tray]

  • Ransom Stoddard: [looking into Doniphon's coffin, angrily] Where are his boots?

    Undertaker: Well, I thought... well, they was an awful nice pair of boots, almost brand new, and I thought...

    Ransom Stoddard: Put his boots on, Clute. And his gun belt, and his spurs.

  • Ransom Stoddard: Marshal, I was wrong the other day. But I was reading up on territorial law, and there it is, right there. Now, I'll draw up the complaint, take care of all the legal details - but you *do* have jurisdiction. Says so right there. So next time he sets foot in this town, you'll arrest him.

    Link Appleyard: Anything you say, Mr. Stoddard. I'll be tickled to... death... *what* was that? Arrest *who*?

    Ransom Stoddard: Liberty Valance.

    Link Appleyard: Arrest Liberty Val... you mean Liberty Valance? Just as I was startin' to get my appetite back.

  • Hallie: Rance, do you think I could... I mean, grown up and all... do you think I could learn to read?

    Ransom Stoddard: Why, sure you can, Hallie. Why, there's nothing to it. It'd be... it'd be easy. Can you learn how to read? Why, I can... I can teach you. A smart girl like you? Of course you can learn how to read. Now, do you want to try?

    Hallie: It's awful worrisome not knowing how. I know the Good Book from preacher talk; but it'd be a soul comfort if I could read the words myself.

  • Ransom Stoddard: [in Stoddard's classroom] How you feeling this morning?

    Link Appleyard: Just fine, fine, fine.

    Ransom Stoddard: Your head cold?

    Link Appleyard: Uh, no, no. I uh.

    [sheepishly removes hat]

  • Amos Carruthers: [bringing his truant son Herbert to school] Ain't you goin' to give him a whoppin'?

    Ransom Stoddard: No, he's too big.

  • Ransom Stoddard: I don't want to kill him, I just want to put him in jail!

    Tom Doniphon: Ohhh...

  • Link Appleyard: As long as he behaves himself in this town, I ain't got no, ah...

    Ransom Stoddard: Jurisdiction.

    Link Appleyard: What he said is right. I ain't got none of it.

  • Liberty Valance: [shouting] Hashslinger; you out here?

    High Pockets: I'd say that was Liberty Valance there now; wouldn't you?

    Ransom Stoddard: Yes, I would.

    Kaintuck: W-w-we'll be seein' you, Mr. Stoddard.

  • High Pockets: Well, Mr. Professor. I thought you left town. What are you doin' out here?

    Ransom Stoddard: I'm waiting for Liberty Valance. Why doesn't he come out?

    Kaintuck: Well, th-th-that's n-n-none of our b-b-b-business.

  • [first lines]

    Ransom Stoddard: [descending from railway carriage and consulting pocket watch] Thanks, Jason. On time.

  • Pompey: It was writ by Mr. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.

    Ransom Stoddard: Was written, Pompey.

    Pompey: Written by Mr. Thomas Jefferson. And he called the Constitution.

    Ransom Stoddard: Declaration of Independence.

    Pompey: It begun with the words... "We hold these truths to be..." uhh...

    Charlie - A Classmate: Self-evident.

    Ransom Stoddard: Let him alone, Charlie.

    Pompey: "Self-evident, that..." uhh... that...

    Ransom Stoddard: "That all men are created equal." That's fine, Pompey.

    Pompey: I knew that, Mr. Rance, but I just plumb forgot it.

    Ransom Stoddard: Oh, it's all right, Pompey. A lot of people forget that part of it. You did just fine, Pompey.

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