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Ramona Quotes:

  • Ramona: Russel, are you really a serial killer?

    Russel: Well, I've never really killed anyone before, but that's what I'm shooting for. That's my ambition. I know it's a hard profession, and it's a competive field and getting tougher every year. You have to kill about 20 people now before you're taken seriously, But let's face it, what other options do I have? There's not a lot of opportunities up here for social mobility. I mean you can either become a hockey player or take up a life of crime. And I have weak ankles, so there you go.

  • Ramona: Who are you again?

    Ty Cobb: I am the Georgia Peach. I have 4,191 base hits in 11,429 at bats, 920 stolen bases, 2,244 runs scored, and 93 batting records; and I want you to take off every stitch of your clothes.

    Ramona: I don't think so.

    [Cobb points a gun to her head]

    Ramona: That don't scare me, 'cause if you shoot me, I'll be dead. And you're not gonna screw a dead lady!

    Ty Cobb: [cocks gun] I might like it.

  • Ramona: Greatness is overrated.

  • Ramona: Now, I'm just going to go under the covers and take a little inventory. Promise you won't go away.

    Earl Keese: You're really wonderful!

    Ramona: That's what I've been trying to tell you. Is it so hard having your fantasies come to life?

  • Ramona: He tried to pork me.

    Earl Keese: Pork you? What?

    Ramona: You know you did.

    Earl Keese: I swear, I never touched her.

    Ramona: Well, I wasn't born with your hand in my bush.

    Earl Keese: Enid... help me.

  • Ramona: I was real friendly with a boy named Earl once - well, twice really.

  • Ramona: God, does it always shrivel up like that when you shower?

  • Ramona: I don't care about your weight or your false teeth.

    Earl Keese: I haven't got false teeth!

    Ramona: I'm sorry, I guess they just look false.

  • Ramona: You should have slipped it through the mail slot while you had the chance, Earl.

  • Ramona: What are you so nervous about, Earl? Afraid Vic will think you're up here... chewin' me?

  • Ramona: What do you teach?

    Lester: A lot of things... I'm a sub actually.

  • Ramona: Are you using my behavior with you against me?

  • Ramona: (to Lester) What would you do if I bit your face, now... suddenly?

  • Ramona: You don't even know what he does for a living.

    Grammy: Oh he's in charge of something, that one.

    Ramona: And how do you know that?

    Grammy: He's got a laser.

    Tina Littlehawk: A laser printer, Grammy.

  • Officer Paco: You shut up, it's after midnight.

    Carl Solborg: I know listen Paco I'm leaving tomorrow on a boat, and I want to say odious amigo.

    Officer Paco: I want to Hi.

    Carl Solborg: I want to say galaxies amigo things are alright, okay listen you know you Consuela.

    ConsuelaRamona: Ha ha ha ha!

    Carl Solborg: An now you know Ramona, and now were going to have a little party.

    ConsuelaRamona: Ha ha ha ha!

    Carl Solborg: Oh bigot, listen now I'm going to tell you something Paco, I mean this is a game because you are a cop, and I am a con but who is a criminal, and who is the victim ha now you got to choose ombre.

    Officer Paco: Then I choose Consuela.

    Carl SolborgConsuelaRamonaMexican Cellmates: Ha ha ha ha! Ohhhhh! Ha ha ha ha!

    Mexican Cellmates: Come on Paco open it, come on were going to get even, alright I mean it.

    Carl Solborg: Okay drink, okay.

    Carl SolborgConsuelaRamonaMexican Cellmates: Ha ha ha ha!

    Carl Solborg: Alright, your pretty feisty, hey Ralph, Ralph.

    Ralph Hollio: Yes!

    Carl Solborg: I got Paco right outside, Paco listen.

    Officer Paco: Alright!

    Carl Solborg: Hey, hey listen to me, hey you don't leave me alone shh, this is a legitimate conversation but there is only one difference this is going to be a general converse visit so what to got to know there uh hi here you go suck on it. Ha ha ha ha!

    Ralph Hollio: Hey Paco, that woman she's married to this man Paco.

    Carl Solborg: Hey that's right high your not going to let him go away say it go now.

    ConsuelaRamona: Oh no, ah.

    Ralph Hollio: Let's attend the party in here come on.

    Officer Paco: Ah no glorious.

    Carl SolborgConsuela: Ah Paco, hey come on, um hum, ha ha ha ha! You have fun dancing. Hey! Hey Paco, listen. Ah! People with all know.

    Ramona: Ah Paco!

  • ConsuelaRamona: Ha ha ha ha!

    Ralph Hollio: Mam! aw some congratulations sir.

    Consuela: Alright!

    Carl Solborg: The party starts here sure. Ha ha ha ha! Alright Rock uh good.

    Consuela: Ummm!

    Ralph Hollio: I Went to a party at the county jail.

    Carl Solborg: Come on let's go.

    Ralph Hollio: Were going to make it.

    Carl Solborg: Were going to be casting off.

    Ralph Hollio: Okay!

    George: I think we bought us some trouble Solborg's first mate is the same guy I saw busted the airport the stories right there in the paper on top of that he Captain broke him out of jail.

    Morgan Frye: So we go ourselves a convict drug felon on board ah wonderful.

    George: Do you want I to go after him.

    Sally Cantrell: You going to have a lot of trouble with Solborg, and who's going to sail your boat.

    Morgan Frye: Now we just got to make sure that we're on the docks when are ship comes in.

    Ralph Hollio: Woo wee! I looks really great huh! You know I have been watching that compass all night long, and I can't help but notice that were heading on a course straight west without changing where are we going anyway?

    Carl Solborg: Sure were going to the states.

    Ralph Hollio: What do you mean where going to the states, and how are we going there by the way of Japan.

    Carl Solborg: Why don't you go below, and find some Scotch then pull all of the charts for course in Hawaii in three weeks to Kahana Bay.

    Ralph Hollio: Kahana Bay!

    Carl Solborg: Well Hawaii is the states you know.

    Herb: Woah! Ha ha ha ha!

    Doris: You got him Herb keep him steady, and can I get you anything, a tuna fish sandwich, I got tuna, bologna, and some nice lean corn beef.

    Herb: Water, and no talk.

    Doris: Right, Herb, right. Herb, Herb!

  • Ramona: That girl was crying.

    Jep Gambardella: Nonesense! That girl earns millions!

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