Ram Sweeney Quotes in Heathers (1988)


Ram Sweeney Quotes:

  • Ram Sweeney: [after watching J.D. flirt with Veronica] Let's kick his ass!

    Kurt Kelly: Shit, Ram - we're seniors, man. We're too old for that kind of crap. Let's give 'im a good scare, though.

    [They walk to where J.D. is sitting]

    Ram Sweeney: [Sticking his fingers into J.D.'s lunch] You gonna eat this?

    Kurt Kelly: What did your boyfriend say when you told 'im you were movin' to Sherwood, Ohio?

    Ram Sweeney: Answer him, dick!

    Kurt Kelly: Hey Ram, doesn't this cafeteria have a "No Fags Allowed" rule?

    J.D.: Well they, uh, seem to have an open door policy for assholes though, don't they?

    Kurt Kelly: What did you say, dickhead?

    J.D.: [He sighs, stands, and pulls out a gun] I'll repeat myself.

    [He shoots Kurt and Ram]

  • Ram Sweeney: [Veronica has invited Ram and Kurt to have a threesome with her in the woods - there is an awkward pause] So, should I just whip it out, or...?

  • Ram Sweeney: [praying in Heather's funeral] Jesus God in Heaven, why'd you have to kill such hot snatch?


    Ram Sweeney: It's a joke man. Geez, people are so serious.

    [serious face]

    Ram Sweeney: Holy Mary who art in Heaven pray for us sinners... so we don't get caught

    [grins and looks up worriedly]

    Ram Sweeney: Another joke.

  • Kurt Kelly: It'd be so righteous to be in a Veronica Sawyer/Heather Chandler sandwich. Punch it in, Ram.

    Ram Sweeney: Oh, hell yes. I wanna set a Heather on my Johnson and just start spinnin' her around like a goddamn pinwheel.

  • Ram Sweeney: Let's kick his ass.

    Kurt Kelly: Shit man, we're seniors now man. We're too old for that kind of shit.


    Kurt Kelly: Let's give him a good scare though.

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