Ralph Walker Quotes in Saint Ralph (2004)


Ralph Walker Quotes:

  • Ralph Walker: Father Hibbert...

    Father George Hibbert: What is it Mr. Walker?

    Ralph Walker: Producing a miracle is possible?

    Father George Hibbert: Like flying to the moon is possible, but it's never going to happen...

  • [last lines]

    Father George Hibbert: I was wondering what your running plans are for the future?

    Ralph Walker: Well, what are your coaching plans?

    Father George Hibbert: Depends...

    Ralph Walker: Well the Olympics are next year, and I suppose I intend to win.

    Father George Hibbert: If we're not chasing after miracles, what's the point, huh?

    Ralph Walker: I couldn't agree with you more...

    Emma Walker: [opens her eyes] Ralph?

  • Father George Hibbert: [as Ralph shows up for his first Cross Country workout] We run in Cross Country, Ralph... Run.

    Ralph Walker: How in Christ did I ever end up here?

    Father George Hibbert: I ask myself that every day.

  • Emma Walker: [Ralph has been caught gratifying himself with the public pool's water jets, and comes in upset] What's wrong, 'Doom and Gloom'?

    Ralph Walker: What's the most embarrassing thing you ever did?

    Emma Walker: What happened?

    Ralph Walker: [sighing] I got caught committing a venal sin in the pool. It was an accident, obviously, a technical oversight by the pool's manufacturer. If you want to blame anyone.

  • Ralph Walker: Claire has clearly decided to put up the Great Wall of China Defense on me. But I'm positive this whole nun thing is basically a way of denying her true feelings... understandably.

  • Ralph Walker: I can't believe I actually told them that I abused myself twenty-two times in the last week.

    Chester Jones: Twenty-two times? And I thought I was going to hell.

  • [first lines]

    Ralph Walker: Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 11 weeks since my last confession.

  • Claire Collins: Why don't you try rubbing your knees with sandpaper until they bleed, and then kneeling down in a pan of alcohol to pray.

    Ralph Walker: What grit sandpaper?

  • Father George Hibbert: All I have to do is hear your confession. Then I can absolve you of your sins, and guess who's pure.

    Ralph Walker: Father Hibbert, why didn't I think of that earlier? I could have been sinning all along!

  • Chester Jones: [exasperated] How can you fail a Latin test?

    Ralph Walker: I don't have the gift of tongues.

  • Father George Hibbert: The day I entered the seminary was the last day I ever ran.

    Ralph Walker: Why?

    Father George Hibbert: They told me Basilians don't run.


    Father George Hibbert: I should have joined the Jesuits.

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