Rain Quotes in Resident Evil (2002)


Rain Quotes:

  • [Matt and Spence are helping Rain]

    Rain: When I get outta here... think I'm gonna get laid.

    Matt: Yeah, you might want to clean up a little bit first.

  • [Alice points her gun at Rain]

    Rain: I'm not dead yet.

    [Rain takes the gun from Alice]

    Rain: I think I'll take this back.

    Alice: I could kiss you, you bitch!

  • [Rain and J.D. have just fought off a zombie]

    J.D.: I shot her five times. How was she still standing?

    Rain: Bitch isn't standing now.

  • Alice: There's a cure!

    [to Rain]

    Alice: You're gonna be alright!

    Rain: I was beginning to worry.

  • Rain: I don't want to be one of those things. Walking around without a soul.

  • Rain: Your boyfriend's a real asshole.

  • Red Queen: Even in death the human body still is active. Hair and finger nails continue to grow, new cells are produced, and the brain itself holds a small electrical charge that takes months to dissipate. The T-virus provides a massive jolt, both to cellular growth, and to those trace electrical impulses. Put quite simply, it reanimates the body.

    Rain: It brings the dead back to life?

    Red Queen: Not fully. The subjects have the simplest of motor functions. Perhaps a little memory, but virtually no intelligence. They're driven by the basest of impulses, the most basic needs.

    Mr. White: Which is?

    Red Queen: The need to feed.

  • Rain: That homicidal bitch killed my team.

    Alice: That homicidal bitch may be our only way out of here.

  • Rain: All the people that were working here are dead.

    Spence: Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around.

  • Rain: She bit me, man. She took a chunk clean outta me.

  • Rain: No pressure, guys.

  • Matt: [held down] You can't do this!

    Rain: [removing gas mask] Blow me.

  • Kaplan: [the team runs towards Rain after hearing gunshots] What was all the shooting?

    Rain: We found a survivor.

    Kaplan: And you shot him?

    Rain: She was crazed. She bit me.

  • Spence: [J.D. enters a code to open a secured door] You got it?

    J.D.: See how easy that was?

    Kaplan: [the door opens only to find a room extremely full of the undead flesh-eating zombies] Shit!

    Rain: [yells] J.D., no! Grab my hand and hold it real tight!

    J.D.: Don't let me go!

    J.D.: [the zombies pulls J.D. back; Rain lets him go] RAIN! FUCK! NO!

    [zombies chomping and devouring; J.D. screaming]

  • Rain: Why didn't you tell us about the antivirus?

    Red Queen: This long after infection, there was no guarantee it would work.

    Rain: But there's a chance... right?

    Red Queen: I don't deal in chance.

  • [letting blood from her wounded hand drip down onto the zombies below them]

    Rain: Yeah, you like how I taste, don't you?

  • Becky: I met your sister.

    Rain: What?

    Becky: She's not very nice.

  • Rain: You can't kill me.

    Alice: I don't have to.

    [Alice shoots the ice at Rain's feet, she falls in with the Las Plagas Undead]

  • Alice: You two made it! Thought I was the only one that survived. What is this place, and why is everything in Russian? And what's with the S&M getup?

    Alice: [pulls out a gun] You know how to use this?

    Rain: I campaigned for gun control.

    [Alice puts the gun in Rain's hand]

    Rain: No, I don't think you understand. I marched against the NRA.

    Alice: Concentrate. It's just like a camera. Point and shoot.

    [Rain fires at a marble pillar]

    Alice: Congratulations. You're officially a badass.

  • Alice: There's a child here.

    Rain: Your problem, not ours.

    Alice: All heart. You haven't changed a bit.

    Rain: I don't know you lady.

  • Rain: I'm coming for you!

    Alice: Good luck with that.

  • Rain: Where'd you find these guys?

  • Rain: My squads have already claimed thousands of innocent souls on Earth.

    Motaro: And I will claim billions.

    Sheeva: By now you'd be behind bars on display in a zoo.

    Motaro: If those bars could keep me away from you, Sheeva, I would welcome them!

    Shao Kahn: Silence! What is your report?

    Rain: Two of earth's best warriors have already been taken. Kabal and Stryker.

    Shao Kahn: Tell me, did you make them beg for the lives before you destroyed them?

    Rain: But, Master, I thought if I let them live...

    Shao Kahn: I have no use for excuses! Rain, this will never happen again.

    Rain: It will never happen again.

  • [from trailer]

    Rain: What are you doing here?

    Blue: Ice... Cream.

    Rain: You came here for Ice Cream?

  • Gabe: Boy, I'd hate to be your boyfriend! He must go through hell.

    Rain: Well, I'm worth it.

  • Rain: I just think that maybe I... I could've been threatened by certain things in the book.

    Gabe: Like what, you know...?

    Rain: Um, some of the attitudes towards women and your ideas on life.

    Gabe: You told me you love the book.

    Rain: I do. I do love it, yeah.

    Gabe: What were your criticisms?

    Rain: Um, nothing.

    Gabe: No, tell me. Tell me what your criticisms were.

    Rain: I was a little disappointed, I guess, with, ah, with some of your attitudes.

    Gabe: Like what? What attitudes?

    [Rain sighs]

    Gabe: With what?

    Rain: The way your people just casually have affairs like that, that's...

    Gabe: Well, the book doesn't condone affairs. You know, I'm exaggerating for comic purposes.

    Rain: Yeah, I mean but are our choices really between chronic dissatisfaction and suburban drudgery?

    Gabe: No, but, you know, that's how I... I'm deliberately distorting it, you know, 'cause I'm trying to show how hard it is to be married and...

    Rain: Well, you have to be careful not to trivialize with things like that.

    Gabe: Well, Jesus, I... I hope I haven't.

    Rain: Well, the way your... your lead character views women, it's so retrograde. It's so shallow, you know?

    Gabe: What are you talking... You told me you... you know, that... you told me it was a great book.

    Rain: Yeah, it's wonderful. And I never said great. I said it's brilliant, and it's alive, and... You know, that's not what I'm... We're not arguing about whether it's brilliant or not. I'm, you know... Triumph of the Will was a great movie, but you despise the ideas behind it.

    Gabe: What... what are you saying, now? You despise my ideas?

    Rain: No, I don't despise them. All right, that... that example was wrong.


    Rain: OK, isn't it beneath you as a mature thinker, I mean, to allow your lead character to waste so much of this emotional energy obsessing over this psychotic relationship with a woman that you fantasize as powerfully sexual and inspired when, in fact, she was pitifully sick?

    Gabe: Look, let's stop this right now because I don't need a lecture on maturity or writing from a 20-year-old twit.

  • Rain: I spent five days searching for the perfect word to describe the husband and that's when I came up with "apucious".

    Gabe: Apucious. I looked it up in the dictionary but I couldn't find it.

    Rain: Yeah, I know. I made it up.

    Gabe: Oh, really.

    Rain: Yeah. I thought it described him perfectly.

  • Rain: I don't think I'm ready to have a baby.

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