Rachel Porter Quotes in Paycheck (2003)


Rachel Porter Quotes:

  • [Michael begins to suspect that the woman with him isn't really Rachel]

    Michael Jennings: What's my favorite baseball team?

    Maya: What?

    Michael Jennings: What's my favorite baseball team?

    [Maya pulls out a gun]

    Maya: Who cares?

    [Rachel appears behind Maya and knocks her out]

    Rachel Porter: That would be the Red Sox?

  • [last lines]

    Shorty: You know what? I think now's probably a good time to discuss my commission, 33%.

    Michael Jennings: I thought it was 5.

    Shorty: No, 33 percent.

    Michael Jennings: 33 percent!

    Rachel Porter: He deserves it.

    Shorty: It was found on my premises.

    Michael Jennings: I'll get back to you. I'm gonna cash this in.

    [arguing continues, indistinctly]

  • Rachel Porter: Michael, are you okay?

    Michael Jennings: I'm all right.

    Rachel Porter: Michael, I don't know what you saw in your machine, but I remember a few weeks ago, you came back from your lab and you were pale. You asked me the strangest question.

    Michael Jennings: What?

    Rachel Porter: If I knew it wouldn't work out for you and I, before we were together, would I have done it?

    Michael Jennings: What did you say?

    Rachel Porter: That I wouldn't trade our time for anything. It's all we are: the sum of our experiences. Besides, some of the best things in life are total mistakes.

  • [Shorty enters with a pair of caged birds]

    Michael Jennings: I think I remember - are those OUR birds?

    Rachel Porter: Yes, of course they are! We bought them together.

    Shorty: Oh, you remember the birds! Well done! You could see into the future, and all you remember are, are Polly and Tweety over there. Why don't you remember something that would make us rich?

  • Rachel Porter: I want to save the world.

    Michael Jennings: I don't think I'm your guy. But would you settle for someone who wants to help you change it?

    Rachel Porter: Hmm, OK!

    Michael Jennings: Good.

  • [Michael and Rachel have entered the inner sanctum, where the computer is which, presumably, Michael designed or reverse-engineered]

    Michael Jennings: Let's take a look at the future before we destroy this thing.

    [Jennings looks intense, then smiles as he discovers that he innately knows how to place his fingers and palms on the devices. But his smile turns to a frown as he discovers the same virus message that Brown has been receiving: ERROR - 41. He taps at some controls, then whispers:]

    Michael Jennings: I bugged it! I rigged it, so Jimmy wouldn't use it against me.

    Rachel Porter: Then you can fix it, right?

    [He sighs and climbs down into the engineering section]

    Michael Jennings: Where would I have planted that bug? Maybe I wanted the motherboards. Whoa! Whoa!

    [He sees that Rachel has picked up a monkey wrench]

    Michael Jennings: We won't be needing this, okay? You're dangerous with that thing!

    [He seizes the monkey wrench and tosses it away onto the ground. Rachel's fingers curl against her bosom]

    Rachel Porter: You must have given yourself something to help you find it.

    Michael Jennings: I know. The only things left would be are the bullet and the, this.

    Rachel Porter: The crossword?

    Michael Jennings: Yeah!

    Michael Jennings: [He studies it] Look at this: 12-Down.

    [the clue is circled in ink and it reads: Used for changing connections in a circuit]

    Michael Jennings: Maybe it's here.

    Michael Jennings: [He counts circuits until he comes to the twelfth] Maybe it's a circuit diagram? I wouldn't have put it in the primary path. Twelve down.

    [By placing the crossword puzzle over the grid, he discovers the bug; and he looks at Rachel with sly pride. They grin at each other. The virus warning turns into a pleasing display on the screen]

    Michael Jennings: [In another room, Rethrick has been spying on them and has followed their progress]

    Jimmy Rethrick: Take 'em.

    Wolfe: Okay, Corridor 3, Level A: Jennings' lab.

    [Rethrick arms his pistol and starts walking]

  • Rachel Porter: Hey, I said you were okay, okay?

    Michael Jennings: Okay!

  • [Jennings sees Rachel at the party and is fascinated by her beauty; he leaves Shorty, who has no one else to hang out with]

    Michael Jennings: Hello. I'm Michael.

    Rachel Porter: I'm Rachel. Rachel Porter.

    Michael Jennings: Is that Miss or Mrs?

    Rachel Porter: Mm. That would be Doctor Porter.

    Michael Jennings: Doctor! Well. Excuse me, Doctor.

    Rachel Porter: [laughs] It's all right.

    Michael Jennings: What kind of, uh, doctor are you?

    Rachel Porter: I'm a biologist.

    Michael Jennings: Really.

    [Across the room, Shorty sees a waiter passing with a tray of hors d'oeuvres and gestures that he would like one, but is ignored. He grimaces]

    Michael Jennings: Do you work for Jimmy?

    Rachel Porter: [nodding] Mm-hm.

    Michael Jennings: So it must be very top-secret biology that you practice.

    Rachel Porter: [with a sly, sexy look] Oh, yes. Isn't everything?

    Michael Jennings: Let's go.

    Rachel Porter: Excuse me?

    Michael Jennings: I mean, I'm happy to continue blathering on and trying helplessly to charm you, but I thought maybe, you know, cut to the chase and just, you know, go somewhere.

    Rachel Porter: [laughing] I'll tell you what, Michael. I'm gonna walk over there and talk to a friend of mine. If you get the urge to have a real conversation, you'll know where to find me.

    Michael Jennings: Okay. Fair enough. It was nice to meet you.

    Rachel Porter: Giving up so easily? You don't believe in second chances, now, do you?

    Michael Jennings: In my experience, no, I don't.

  • Rachel Porter: I, um, I brought you some clothes. I thought you might need them. It's okay.

    Michael Jennings: Thank you. These are mine?

    Rachel Porter: You don't remember?

    Michael Jennings: No.

    Rachel Porter: You don't remember me, do you?

    Michael Jennings: Well, uh...

    Rachel Porter: These are for you.

  • [Michael is focusing on the Einstein stamps on the envelope of items]

    Rachel Porter: What?

    Michael Jennings: You know, when I checked this envelope out of Reddy Grant, they told me I signed in twenty items. But there were only nineteen.

    Rachel Porter: I don't understand.

    [He picks up a magnifying glass and examines the Einstein stamps. One of them has a strangely pixelated eye. The camera cuts to a laboratory in which Jennings is examining the stamps under a microscope while Rachel stands behind him. The pixels turn out to be Seattle newspaper headlines, such as "Machine Predicts Future" and "Stock Market Panic."]

    Rachel Porter: [frightened] What are these pictures of?

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