Quinlan Quotes in The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)


Quinlan Quotes:

  • Quinlan: You'll need help.

    Clouseau: I prefer to do this alone.

    Quinlan: Yes, but if Dreyfus is what we suspect, he probably has an army behind him.

    Clouseau: No, of course it won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. That is why I have always failed where others have succeeded.

  • Quinlan: Come on, read my future for me.

    Tanya: You haven't got any.

    Quinlan: Hmm? What do you mean?

    Tanya: Your future's all used up.

  • Tanya: We're closed.

    Quinlan: You've been cookin' at this hour?

    Tanya: Just cleanin' up.

    Quinlan: Have you forgotten your old friend, hmm?

    Tanya: I told you we were closed.

    Quinlan: I'm Hank Quinlan.

    Tanya: I didn't recognize you. You should lay off those candy bars.

    Quinlan: It's either the candy or the hooch. I must say, I wish it was your chili I was gettin' fat on. Anyway, you're sure lookin' good.

    Tanya: You're a mess, honey.

    Quinlan: Yeah. That pianola sure brings back memories.

    Tanya: The customers go for it - it's so old, it's new. We got the television too. We run movies. What can I offer you?

  • [Quinlan fires a pistol at Vargas, not hitting him]

    Quinlan: That wasn't no miss, Vargas. That was just to turn you 'round, so I don't have to shoot you in the back. Unless you'd rather run for it.

  • Quinlan: That's the second bullet I stopped for you.

  • Vargas: Captain, you won't have any trouble with me.

    Quinlan: You bet your sweet life I won't.

  • Quinlan: I don't speak Mexican. Let's keep it in English, Vargas.

    Vargas: That's all right with me. I'm sure he's just as unpleasant in any language.

    Sanchez: Unpleasant? Strange. I've been told I have a very winning personality. The very best shoe clerk the store ever had.

  • Quinlan: That was the last killer that ever got out of my hands.

  • Vargas: How could you arrest me here? This is my country.

    Quinlan: This is where you're gonna die.

  • Quinlan: [leaving strip-club] We're wasting our time here.

    Dist. Atty. Adair: I wouldn't say that...

  • Quinlan: An old lady on Main Street last night picked up a shoe. The shoe had a foot in it. We're gonna make you pay for that mess.

  • Sanchez: What are you trying to do?

    Quinlan: We're trying to strap you to the electric chair, boy.

  • Vargas: [to Quinlan] What make you so very sure it was dynamite?

    Quinlan: My leg.

    Vargas: Your what?

    Pete Menzies: His game leg. Sometimes he gets a kind of twinge, like folks do for a change of weather. "Intuition," he calls it.

  • Quinlan: My game leg is startin' to talk to me.

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